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  1. did you miss the post above bud
  2. thres nowt wrong with starting your dog on myxie as thats what i did also have a look at this then you will learn how to do them yourself http://ferreting.biz/Ferrets_Ferreting/Pun...ing_Rabbits.htm
  3. yeah it does look like it has mixy as its coat is a bit scruffy
  4. i could picture sbs and fk with sbs chasing fk around the field with a stick
  5. with a size10 toecap boot hehe
  6. yeah he didnt want to be out in the frosts and snow a bit too much for him
  7. i know he used to use comps at school, to get onto this site but surly he should have one at home and he dont come on at weekends either. perhaps his parents banned him from using the comp as he was on here more than doing his homework or perhaps it was just a fad with him and got bored with ferreting and all after all hes a kid
  8. hope he pulls through he was a good laugh
  9. no he isnt, he was last active 4wks ago yesterday
  10. perhaps hes been abducted by aliens haha only joking, perhaps sbs knows as there are friends right?
  11. yep its ligit as its in the landrover owner international mag
  12. im uisng jeyes at the mo but looking into trigene as it kills the parvo virus (i think)
  13. coney catcher


    theres a article in my landrover magazine about this stuff some bloke in a 110 drove to france on it
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