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    My misus took pip for a nice little walk while I was at kickboxing with the little uns. She wasn't best pleased
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    Well was up and away for back of 7 this morning, the auld vectra indicates what my inverted baws was already telling me it’s f***ing Baltic! Wee hours drive and meet up with my cousin Johnny and jess’s litter sister sky, today is not about the numbers it’s about introducing the pups to their trade, it was never going to be anything other than getting them used to holes, nets, and the added bonus of a bit fur between their teeth, ferrets were quite green too only last years litter. First couple of sets, they struggled to shift the rabbits as they were 30 holers and ideally could have done with a couple of seasoned workers but as I said it wasn’t abour the numbers, we done a couple of 10-15 holers and got a few netted rabbits for the pups to hold in the nets by the time we were leaving they were anticipating the bolts, ended the day with 6 rabbits accounted for but I reckon big mick accounted for at least three below ground. chuffed with Jess she was 6 months yesterday and has come a long way since her leg break. Anyway slow and easy, until the next time.
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    Found a tiny private keep out pond to try so with whip in hand 1/4 pint of maggots gave it a bash , love these farm ponds out the way of clubs etc , it must be 25 yrds by 15 surround by trees wasn’t expecting much or fishing without getting snagged but it was a bite a go with the little fish . , a pinch of maggots every cast see the fish getting slightly bigger. Great fun for an hr until the mother of tangles
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    Block of 4 for the terriers .. £750 including roof sheets, barrels for beds and food and water bowls you attache to the runs
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    That looks just like the little farm pit l've been fishing this Summer. 25yards wide,40yards long and about 7 feet deep in places. Local wisdom has it that the pond was drained and the fish removed many years ago but it had been known as The Tench Pond. I started fishing it after spotting a shoal of little rudd. It was hard going , even these tiddlers were very wary. Only after a few visits ,including some biteless blanks, did it slowly unlock its secrets...
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    Came ready made, only problem is, it only takes one dog.
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    Just a few pics off my phone, a few miles locally this morning with the hounds behind the bicycle and then back home for a cool off and a foot bath in the stream before breakfast.
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    Its the best way to go imho to produce very versatile lurchers .A bitch i had bred out of the caithness dogs to a well known coursing dog called the beast. Well before the ban when pic was taken.
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    this was my lurcher x coursing bitch.
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    Mate of mine made one, Francie He's dead now
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    These are coursing dogs crossed with the more traditional type lurcher.
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    They need to cull all the ferals 1st or theyre just gona be diluted again
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    Got my own way today, cottage pie, rosemary and garlic roast spuds, asparagus and black kale, I’m now in need of a nanna nap
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    Could of sold a choc terrier bitch for £1200 an was in season not made the grade but did the right thing an could of done with the cash as needed new moto I'd not see a dog be used to pump pups out
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    Pay your money, if you want it, pay it, if not then wait. I bought a cheap pup Cos I liked the breeder, liked what he bred an wanted one, only cost me peanuts but then it cost me a fcuk load to go over to Ireland to get it, stay the night, take couple days off work to drive there an back an what ever else, but it’s what i wanted, an I’d go again tomorrow if it’s what’s I was after, make your lad happy ffs an out your hand in you pocket you miser
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    Cheese and biscuits with my mums home made chutneys... The Runner bean and the fig chutney she made from stuff up here... Proper...(as we say down here)...
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    I think someone is taking this Big Cat lark too far, come on Greyman enough is enough.....
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    Still one of my favourite things the man has said
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    I manage a small closed herd of fallow for a local College and the bucks are at it proper .Belching ,fighting and scraping .Had to cull one of the old bucks that had been pinned upside down against the wire .When I’d shot him the master buck ran at him and pushed him 5 m along the ground before he died . Last year he was fully palmated bu5 fish tailed this year .Estimated age 8 years .
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    That's the down fall of working dog's people paying big money I'd not pay no more the £200 for a pup an I still think that's a lot , when take litter from my bitch pups be free 5 pups spoken for good working home feed back an stud or pup back in time means more then pocket full of cash an I don't have a pot to piss in
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    haha , well in that , time to worry when they bring a cat or fox back , couple years back, my older sister came to visit me , she like a walk so took dogs out with us. Went by the wood not far from me , she not into hunting , but like my lurchers , was chatting told her you might see the odd munjack or maybe even a fox if we lucky and very quite , Buck been gone 8 mins or so , told her if on sent he be bit longer , but said dont worry he wont catch nothing, feck me he only came out of wood with a bloody dead cat in his mouth , my sister went bloody nuts lol , told her you get few feral's in there somtimes after birds and the odd rabbit , she calmed down bit then just about lol.
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    Cutting some steps in the bank...
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    Plaque off, available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProDen-Plaque-Off-Food-Supplement/dp/B0047VWPNI/ref=sr_1_5?adgrpid=55685782240&dchild=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsv7BRCmARIsANu-CQdioM0ctfYW6BDlhYhS5pXgOYny5bkjPoh75FBpykrV1SGvv8NMNzMaAvO9EALw_wcB&hvadid=259001158452&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9044886&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=17308973695246673279&hvtargid=kwd-295851421390&hydadcr=18068_1769632&keywords=plaque+off+for+dogs&qid=1601366601&sr=8-5&tag=googhydr-21 I first heard of this when I saw a 12 year old Collie with immaculate teeth, and it really does work. My vet says that lurchers and sighthounds seem to be particularly prone to getting plaque on their teeth, which is surprising as they have long jaws with plenty of room between the teeth. Her conclusion is that this sort of dog creates much less saliva than most other types/breeds (drier mouths), and I have to agree with her. The only lurcher I had which never needed any tooth cleaning had a much wetter mouth than most, and she never got any plaque on her teeth, even at age 13.
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    Interesting dogs
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    Influenza has a vaccine, which is used for the vulnerable. Influenza does not spread as easily or as quickly as covid (at least that's what I understand from scientific evidence) Influenza is (in the main) seasonal, covid has spread, infected and killed through the summer...and is spreading quickly (if stats are right) now, so it could mean flu and covid will both be very active at the same time. Flu has been around for so long we understand it medically so can deal.with it, no one knows what covid is or is going to be, how to treat, if there are longer health issues after you have had it etc. There was a spike in deaths of approx 40k from last years figures during the summer period and whilst covid was at its most prominent, again this seems strange if covid has no bearing, regardless if there are other underlying health issues. There are no financial.benefits for anyone, outside of the medical research/development industries that I can see, I maybe missing something but no one has given any good reason on a commercial/profiteering angle to why this is good for the "ruling elite". I agree that depression, loneliness, anxiety etc is a terrible side effect of the measures put in place, it is extremely sad. There is certainly complete uncertainty and lack of real leadership now, but...as I often say, surely we should all take responsibility of our own actions instead of moaning that the government are giving us correct guidance... You agree there is a virus and it can be dangerous to some, no one knows the full figures yet as it hasnt finished, there is no reference point we are in the middle of it... I just find it strange to throw out conspiracy theories with nothing to back it up other than a few local.people who have it but feel fine... or it's only killed people who were dying anyway... I dont think anyone actually knows very much yet, and calling people plebs, or sheeple for doing exactly what you are doing..(wearing masks, washing hands etc) as that is all 99% of us are doing. We are all in the same boat mate, feeling our way through something with zero experience of it and only a bit of common sense to work with..
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    My Mrs took a black terrier of mine for a walk when we first got together.... Let him off the lead and he disappeared.... I was working away at the time... She had the sense to ring my mates.... Who spent 3 days looking for it.... Found him in the end minus his chin and looking like a bag of bones then she took him to my vetthank f**k she knew the craic and didn't stitch me up Proper cnut of a dog, but we used to have some fun Rip Big Bud...
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    A pretty nice picture from today
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    If they come anywhere near my farm they definitely won’t be getting a foothold, they will be getting leathered !
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    Third day this season ferrets getting back into it and young silver jill coming on well. Another no problem day long may it last it wont obviously, any way the Dandie put a couple up when was walking the fields with the terriers. Ended up with 39. PUD
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    Winters definitely on the way stav, wanted to go out last night with the new toy but opted for the pub instead no way was I playing out in the wind and rain:( sunny Scarborough yesterday
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    Winter is definitely on the way, when I got there just before 9 you could see it had been cold over night and I had to get the winter coat out, there’s a lot of birds around the farm but at the minute they are not straying to far during the day, I’ve moved some feeders further out and also put a couple out that I know the deer can knock the tops off ( before Hugo’s dad arrived) to get at the wheat, as me and FH might be having a trip up there next weekend for the fallow ( but I’ll keep that to myself) after feeding we walked the boundaries, not seeing a lot of birds which was good, little Hugo’s makes me laugh, I lost count of how many times he fell into the mud today and he never shuts up, he’s at the age now where he wants to know what everything we see is, so we have a little notebook so he can write down what we have seen, I hope he doesn’t show it to his teacher and she asks him who was responsible for the spelling
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    Perfect example yesterday, there will be thousands and thousands of blokes like me (who have been using a mask and carrying hand sanitiser etc etc) looking at the protest in Trafalgar Square and then watching the police used batons against those people. And like me they will be thinking “Hold on, they let tens of thousands of coons run absolute riot around the globe for two weeks and never lifted a finger” ?? Its that type of blatant bollocks that gets people saying “f**k all this” Its why nobody cares what the government says.......they are creating the situation
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    i think putting a match dog over this bitch will make handy all rounders .
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    I’ve noticed that the birds seem a bit more interested in the feed rides over the last week or so . The drop in temperature has focused them a bit more . They just seem to be everywhere at the moment, so much natural food about . And the stubbles are a big pull too . There is nothing worse than a bad neighbour/keeper. You have to respect each other’s boundaries, otherwise it’s a recipe for a punch up . I’ve had “ cheap skate “ f@ckers , trying to pull my birds , don’t put any birds down themselves, they are millionaires, and want to pull our birds and have half arse walk about days with their mates , at our expense. No f@ckin way !!! I got an axe and went over and smashed their feeders and told him next time I’d bury it in his swede . He got on the phone to my boss to try and get me sacked. My boss sorted me out a raise , at the next syndicate AGM .
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    Broken glass set in cement on wall tops where I grew up Cheers, D.
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    Had a look out this afternoon after work, little bitch worked great, marking well and steady, also got my young hob ferret bolting a few. She is 6 months now.
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    Back in the day,..we used whatever jukel that was available...they had to work,...we made them work....it was emotional... Nowadays, we breed what we want from a massive gene pool,...the hunting life is so much easier..
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    4 month old bitch bred that way, her mother is coursing bred but used for all sorts, not an out and out hare coursing dog. Makes a much tougher and more versatile animal IMO
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    Another nice morning on the moor....
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    4 months and between 2 and 5 grand fines for knocking a pig but you can throw statues in Bristol docks with absolutely no come back......amazing !
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    I'd shoot them all before they grow up and start rioting looting and mugging everybody.
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