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    First sign if the sun and he back in his sunny spot yup there THE CHAD
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    If one good thing comes out of it it’s that we slow down on all this globalisation shite and start investing in our own young people and making things ourselves.......we used to make things, the very best things then we farmed it all out to the third world and dumped generations of our own people on the scrap heap. We even imported the 3rd world to do their jobs so that they couldn’t even get a job driving a f***ing bus or cleaning a hospital, actually being a doctor is unthinkable ! the world needs to be smaller, much smaller !
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    Thora turdberg is an autistic child that has been utilised by a Swedish green energy company and others to further there agenda to force everyone to drive an electric car, have you ever wondered how a 15 schoolgirl suddenly has the funds to sail a yacht across the Atlantic to confront president trump drive around in a new Tesla motor and has a team of minders in the crowd to stop any awkward questions being asked
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    My bitch, she took to the kelpie side
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    Be honest Casanova ....I bet it's the first time you've been any where near a wet pussy
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    My bloody cz has been doing my nut! When I aim it it waves about like a garden cane! Off hand shooting is a pain with it, especially on Charlie. So I went out yesterday to get to the bottom of it and for comparison took the Marlin 22 out too. After struggling with the cz off hand at various ranges I tried the 22. I spy some sheep muck about 100 yds, lift the Marlin up. Take aim, no waving about, guess some hold whallop. Sheep poop gone! Compared, the Marlin just wants to sit on target. The Cz does not! Back at home I study the two rifles. It soon becomes apparent. The Marlin's weight is more forward than the CZ! In other words the CZ isn't balanced. The CZ has a heavy action, the Marlins is lighter. The CZ has a thin tapering barrel, the Marlin has a straight heavier barrel. So I put the SAK back on the CZ, I hate mods, did I ever tell you how much I hate mods.... anyway it makes little difference which is why I took it off in the first place but it did do something so I thought I maybe on to the issue. I needed more weight so I unscrewed the front of the mod off and managed to get about 28g or 1oz in English of large lead shot in there, love lead me, did I ever tell you how wonderful I think lead is....I screwed the cap on which also crushed the wonderful lead enough to stop it moving. Shouldering the rifle next did show a lot more improvement so this morning it was back to the range to make adjustment and sure enough it is somewhat more steady now when aimed off hand. The only caveat is the rifle is heavy and I am fat and unfit . I don't want to change the rifle chiefly because of my bedding the action and a very floating barrel has proven the rifle very unfussy ammo wise. It'll shoot anything (so far) stuffed in it! Ok it may not halve a playing card at 200yds but I stopped doing that years ago now anyway, got boring. So until the next Charlie session....talking of which ole' slinky is still about, bless, I don't mind her really, she has out smarted me many many times so good luck to her, I'll still keep her on her toes but I salute her. I set my camera up Friday over a crow I found. She has not took it but checked it out a little. She was looking at the IR! I noted the time! I will keep feeding her too, little darling.
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    Why don't you lads in the know, stop talking in f***ing riddles and just name the scummy cnuts??? Instead of hiding in the shadows, thinking of yourselves... Knowing what you know, and saying f**k all.... Puts you in the same league as them in my book.....
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    Thats it mate yes he,s been around rats but still thinks they are a play thing just flings them around....he,s full of it just dont seem to have an off switch we,ve only just got him out of chasing shadows,and i mean literally launching himself at the wall f****n idiot ! If im not wrong your lads got one aint he....i remember you put a picture up of it in the motor,a pal of mine takes him out occasionally and sent me a pic that reminded me of yours....dont worry im not a stalker or nothing it just stayed in my head as that was just about the first picture id ever seen of one Im not sure how good he,ll be at doing what he was bred for im sure he,s convinced himself he,s actually a little bulldog ......but he,s a whole lot of fun out on my mad countryside rambles !
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    My family. Have posted picture before on a Bedlington thread but don't have many. A great uncle and aunt. Late 1940's or early 50's. Team Valley area of northern England. Coal mining community.
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    Yesterday 106 canny morning. Pud
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    Last day for us today .unless we have callout. Hope all you guys have had a good season. We have had a belter of a season ,all the young stuff have been flying .unfortunately we lost 2 of the group .one lurcher and 1 busher.hopefully have some pups soon also .brian is 9 years old so need to be replacing him for next season.
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    Well lads she has her good days and bad days but at the Minute mostly good chemo tablets 14 a day which make her sleepy all the time and has to have scans every month for 5yrs . There not going to give her the all clear yet told her that will come after the 5yrs is up Took her up the street today with one of my granddaughters to do a girly shop as she calls it lol had to go back and pick her up only lasted an hour she was shattered bless her but it was nice to see her with her make up on and all dressed up and with a big smile on her face (just love her smile but then i would im her dad lol) Im there every day asking what she is like (do her head in some times i think lol) But she is getting there slowly she had to sell her business(cafe) that she had only opened a few months before but its like i told her she can all ways open another when she is well and fit again . atvbjimmy
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    apbt and a working terrier completely different animals , one is surrounded by men , held back or egged on , rested treated, in a safe environment, could even have the towel thrown in for it , Brains not needed ...the other is on it's own pure drive, in the dark lack of air , tight even the hard earth can take its toll on their body , although help is on it's way it could take hours , no little ring to walk across more like a 3D puzzle with its prize on the move ,it may be facing something way out of its weight range more aggressive more suited to that environment ....there is only one game dog and it has f**k all to do with fighting it has more to do with brains and heart .....as such I see no reason to cross them if it was done leave it there in the past
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    The plan for tonight was to go back up the shoot to try and catch up with the foxes that played me for a fool on Friday night, but as it turned out that it would be a solo trip I decided just to have a little walk around the sheep farm. I decided to take the.17hmr with me, on arrival it was very windy and snowing, after 5 minutes or so the snow cleared leaving a very bright moon, I set off to the top fields in search of rabbits as the farmer had said he’s been noticing a fair few about, as I got myself to the top gate that separates the sheep from the wheat there it was, a fox on the muck heap, I suspect it was on the rat hunt, now I know it’s not many peoples first choice fox round but at 70 yards it’s more than capable, with the crosshairs just below the eye I let one fly and down it went on the spot with not even a flinch, texting the farmer to let him know he informed me that there was a lamb in the heap, so I’m guessing that’s what it was after. Now full of confidence I set off after rabbits, the moon was bright so longish shots were needed as there was no chance of creeping up on them, I managed 11 and was asked to leave them in the fields as the farmer said “ if they are eating rabbit, they are not eating lamb” I did take 2 for someone who asked for a couple, one of them was mid munch when the lights went out and another one was shot at 115 yards in the head with a strong side wind, as you can see this little round isn’t affected by wind as much as some people think it is and they certainly do have some stopping power for a small round ( if the picture is a bit much please remove it)
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    A youngster that’s still very green but happy to be out
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    Sometimes for the only reason knowing to whom are involved ... She made a few folk happy today and started a day off that will be remembered.
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    Couple of years ago not far from me 4 lads got chased by farmer & Car got stuck in field So they abandoned car & ran off leaving the car. Farmer went to burn it out & luckily he checked the boot first coz when he opened boot there were two lurchers cowering in in there!!! He took dogs to a local rescue & torched the car. I would rather be nicked than abandon any of my dogs. Atb
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    My god my legs ache,walked bloody plenty of miles today and i'd say easy over a dozen through wood,boggy wood and even boggier woodland and across a few open fields travelling from wood to wood. Everyone had a good day although the number of squirrels wasn't half of what we expected but every dray seen was shot well out and when they did show themselves at times it sounded like the somme with some lead flying upwards and squirrels coming back down and the lads got through some slabs of cartridges, ground game was not allowed which saved a bloody good few ( far to many imo )munties but hey ho.We all had a grand day anyway as good company, a bloody good bit of banter and guns is a perfect mix,66 squirrels, half dozen or so pigeons so roll on the end of shooting season next year..
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    I got an ebay parcel delivered yesterday frim China. The Mrs left the house, and said she aint coming back unless I chuck it in the bin. Left parcel in the front room window so's she'll see it if she decides to come back
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    A good working terrier "underground" has to take the toughest dog on earth for me. Everyone to their own.
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    Lawyers should never ask a Georgia grandma a question if they aren't prepared for the answer. In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. He approached her and asked, 'Mrs. Jones, do you know me?' She responded, 'Why, yes, I do know you, Mr. Williams. I've known you since you were a boy, and frankly, you've been a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife, and you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You think you're a big shot when you haven't the brains to realise you'll never amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you.' The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what else to do, he pointed across the room and asked, 'Mrs. Jones, do you know the defence attorney?' She again replied, 'Why yes, I do. I've known Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster, too. He's lazy, bigoted, and he has a drinking problem. He can't build a normal relationship with anyone, and his law practice is one of the worst in the entire state. Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three different women. One of them was your wife. Yes, I know him.' The defence attorney nearly died. The judge asked both counsellors to approach the bench and, in a very quiet voice, said, 'If either of you idiots asks her if she knows me, I'll send you both to the electric chair.
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    Some head on the middle un
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    We the same as a family mate we love em, we got dogs that live in yard( they do get in house) but the Scottie lives in house, an a better house dog iv yet to meet, she do try when out with the grafters but it just don’t come as natural to her as them but she don’t complain an keeps at it an enjoys it an gives us all a good laugh in process
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    A lot of English don’t last long here because they go cold turkey on all their rules and regulations, someone telling them what to do, where to park, wether they can or can’t put up a shed, lack of rushing around like head cases, people who DONT give a shit if you double park, your cars less than 5 years old, the doors held on with rope. They can’t get their head round 14 year olds flying about in tractors or that the world don’t start until after 9am They can’t deal with the way everyone drives to the pub and home again, nobody thinks their cat is a “real baby” and that dogs just live out and run about. Personally, I love it.....beyond words. London and the surrounding areas are so far up their own arse and uptight about everything it’s horrible.
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    As do many I’ve very unsympathetic to mental health as it’s a coastguard route for those who have f****d up and don’t wish to face the consequences imho those who make it easier to plead this way are nothing short of enablers also
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    Read that back to yourself ! Lol lol
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    It's not or never has been about how hard a terrier is,it's about how it works it's quarry and just because you don't believe it don't mean it don't happen,the otter was hunted for many years this side of the pond and folk didn't loose terriers to often while doing it...
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    Anyone that's mentally devoid enough to actually listen to what a 15/16 year old schoolgirl has to say about anything important/relevant, with what's happening with the world, need a serious word with themselves
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    Dont be sucked in... She's a puppet...... Who ever is pulling the strings is earning big from her act
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    Walk out this morning
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    Nothing will happen to them shits But all the hunting men should do somthing Before this year is out to Return The thanks it’s not hard to find out cars vens and jeeps that there working with And so call men that’s in them its like this Ther lads in the hunting game telling them everything as well and buying dogs off them Ther well up on the law and know every hole in it But Ther 1 thing they didn’t know Till now they are 3 hight up men in the law That Are going to put names up on here for every one and numbers of what they are driving’ around in because its the only way that They will get it shit off Ther own kind and bring heat To them and hunting lads or should I say rats that do go around with them Showing them houses and marking them we have it all here every trick in the book that they do Cans bottles and som other bits we won’t tell them everything because ther on this site as well But it’s time to show so call hunting men for what they are big rats and when we have them in a room on ther own they sing like canerys We could fill 2 note books in 5 m .. the hardest part is to get them to stop rating even on ther owne brothers thats the kind of shits we are dealing with now days If you don’t Know any lad very very well don.t tell or show them anything about your dogs or your mates dogs If ye only know what I know about what’s going on in this hunting game ye be All thinking hard who ye chat two Have a good summer and don’t show yere dogs if ye can lads Good luck
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    Aye gnash that’s me, my lads constantly out with his, an if not it’s usually with me, we dogs proper busy but I like it like that, an like you say the character of them is great, need to be in middle of what ever a going on
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    2 young bitches out of brian .at the minute there doing very well on the rats .
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    this question has been asked many times on this forum , there are plenty of answers if you go back through , i think you can type it in and it will find it for you. but heres a pic of one sire springer dam bitsa lurcher unfortunatly she saw no work as she died at about 1 year old. her obediance was excelent , her dummy retrive was excelent and she was marking rabbits to ground at 6 months, but thats as far as i got
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    Few pics of my female ferrutail
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    Sorry for going slightly off topic Jigsaw but I thought a reply to this would sit better here than as a P.M. Thanks for the compliment Silversnake. I definitely know what you mean about their attitude e.g. the fence jumping in that they certainly can't see the point in bothering with some things. My first lurcher was a beardie x greyhound and her attitude was similar. I thought she couldn't jump for months but she was simply saying, "why bother when there's a hole in the fence three yards away or a slightly shorter section of dry stone wall over there." I've found it is possible to make a kelpie do something you want when it doesn't want to but they'll keep asking, "Are you sure?" Re the temperament of the dog pup Jigsaw: I've been saying for the last twenty years, every time somebody tells me that kelpies are hyperactive and don't have an off button, that mine are all calm and easy going and very low-maintenance dogs...and then I got Ned. He's not two yet so there's plenty of time for him to calm down and find his adult temperament but he's SO bloody positive about life it's draining. He always reminds me of Buddy the elf in the film Elf with Will Ferrell, especially that bit when he tries to cuddle a raccoon. He has no understanding that there are any humans or dogs who don't want to play with him and be jumped all over. Absolute nutter! We have two friendly black cats in our road who like him and literally wind themselves around his front legs whenever they meet so his super positive attitude to life makes him assume that every cat is the same and he can't work out why every other cat runs away from him.
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    Out yesterday for a mooch No action just a nice pic
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    When she found the date was set for June 2020, Ms Abbott broke down in tears, exclaiming that 7 years was too long to be held before a trial.
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