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    i went to bed bill,im up at 6 every morning ,lol i wont reply again i dont think as you dont matter to me,your opinion doesnt matter to me and your spelling doesnt make sense to me ,you dont know me from adam but yet call me a liar ,so you sit in your own pool of destitution and carry on,,...this x mass im going to have a nice holiday break with my family around me ,the fridge is full,the wallets nice and swollen,my son yesterday just passed his last exam in college and is now a qualified electronic engineer ,as is my other son ,my daughters got a good job too ,and the reason i tell yoiu all this is to make you understand how completely insignificant you are in the realms of my life lol..so Bill have a happy x mass if its possible ,but you seem a bitter ,jealous man that cant debate with ANYONE without insulting and spouting dirt..good luck with the rin tin tin crosses,and dont be bringing other peoples dogs into this when they dont take part in you nastiness..Slainte
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    Some nice traditional looking collie lurchers here.. http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    Two of Dans offspring to my Collie bitch Liz. Regards Collie John.
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    Had him out again today but the places for him were empty
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    Taking a shape..... First time seeing it today
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    If you can't think what to get,don't get one.not yet anyway. Don't get one just for the sake of it.there chavvy as f**k.
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    Well since no one else has started a thread i will....,, merry Christmas to each and everyone of you and your families another year has passed us all by its been an absolute pleasure interacting with every fckr on here. Cracking gang of lads who keep me somewhat sane and also miss the UK at times have a jolly festive break enjoy your quality time with friends and family i raise my glass and tip my hat to you all merry Christmas
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    I can't think of a single thing that is that important that i'd want it tattood on me. Yes i like dogs,hunting and all that but if it's that important to you why do you need to shout about it.unless you want to let everybody know.most tattoos are for that reason. Tattoos of your kids names,like what the f**k is that about.is it meant to try and prove you love your kids more or what.? Get a camera and take photos.its always better than some cartoon like face similar to your kids but not really. R.i.p tattoos.attention seeking plain and simple.whats the matter with greiving quietly.the conversation always starts with "yeah got this done the other day" and you just know your going to hear some bullshit sob story. Girlfriends/boyfriends tattoos. shut the f**k up. Tattoos on girls.bit council estate innit,don't mind a little nose piercing though.
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    Young dog, yet to click but won’t be long
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    At this present moment he’s writing L and R on all of Diane Abbott’s shoes.
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    pip would sit there till she nearly caught fire then go and sit near the door to cool off then come back lol
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    Ken is camped outside Sandringham... Waiting on the 'Biggie'
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    sam not the best dog but we had some fun,
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    Few of the home bred youngster. Hunter 9 months old. Never measured him but around the 26" mark. Great attitude and a pleasure to rear.
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    Piss off max haven’t you heard kings got high blood pressure??
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    Held to account for what? Record employment. Since the day he was elected they have been trying to drag him down and screw the American people. Similar to the anti brexit lot, they knew delay and uncertainty was the major issue but they would rather have businesses effected than admit that democracy wasn't going their way. Nothing actually happened with trump, even if he did ask Ukraine to investigate a rival does it really matter? Really? The senate won't remove him but it don't matter, the political left must keep kicking and screaming and stopping him from getting on with his job. The same people were no doubt hoping North Korea would launch nukes so they could blame trump. Just let him lead and campaign for the next election. The same scum are outside Parliament screaming 'Boris isn't my prime minister'.
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    If your response to the ac thread was as quick as it was to me you would have saved us 40 odd pages of bullshit !!! Don't take it personal.
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    Afew mounts I have been working on over the last month or so due to work commitments I haven’t been in my workshop much but hopefully I can spend a little time in there for a month or so. As always thank you for the support and kind comments and a peaceful crimbo to all members cheers RR
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    I've drunk a few pints in the Pica dog (The Greyhound). Bought my first Lakeland off John Cowan and my second off Cyril Tyson. Cyril became a personal friend of mine, and must have been in his mid 50's when he'd pick me up from my home and take me to the newly formed Cumbria Terrier Club. He'd feed me half pints of light touch all night and it never cost me a penny.... I was 14yr old at the time! lol. I'm 58 yr old now and live on the other side of the world, but still remember the pride I had when my two old terriers where awarded working certificates and me only 15 yr old at the time. Good memories.
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    Kim my old reverse threequarter, Dan,s Grandmother. Regards Collie John.
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    Real corkers Jigsaw,....grew up with similar types.....my kind of jukels... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    I asked my mate if it was OK to put these up, so no bother he said, all 1st x collie greyhounds
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    What size is the french looks like the old stuff from Paris jhon claude bred if I'm not mistake
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    These are going to be mine
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    Nice 18lb yesterday out of a big gravel pit. DC wouldn't mind getting on some them BARBEL up your way in few months then get u on Trent or dove after June
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    A video off this channel popped up in my recommended videos the other day and been watching them all since......probably been on here before but thought I’d share them for anyone who hasn’t seen them as it brought some old names and photos to life for me. Some of the best terrier men this country has produced are on it so well worth a watch part 1...... Part 2...... 3....... 4....... Two videos on Bert Gripton are worth a watch to..... Enjoy
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    I think it was a mix. There is a new generation of voters now in the North. 30 plus years old, hard working with a decent standard of life. They can see that a Labour government will hurt them and their income. The Labour Party in the north draws votes from pakis, idealistic students, rich idealists and died in the wool tory haters that rely on hand outs. The hard working class are turning Conservative I believe from talking to 'man downt pub'. I speak to so many people who were once left wing and idealistic, now they have a half decent job or run their own business, face sending their kids to a paki school, see issues with mass immigration they didn't see before and worry about their kids future. They earn good money but it's all spent on living a half decent life, keeping their house in good order, running two cars they need to work, enjoying a summer holiday once a year. They have opened their eyes and can see that to give anyone else extra, for nothing will have to be ultimately paid for by someone....these same people saw the mass unemployment and hardship at the end of the last Labour government
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    Well done, for sticking with your breeding program John....ya always gotta go,... with your heart.. Merry Xmas to you and yours...
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    Staples out last weekend so with the ferrets sunday
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    Dan,s Sire And Dam. Regards Collie John.
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    Thats lovely fellah.. I really miss having a pup around the place.. http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    Early eighties I think, she turned out to be a really good bitch and did everything asked of her.
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    Have to say Rabbit Hunter the stuff you put up always looks top quality
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