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    well I hunted them two ways one was on horse back coyotes love eating cow crap so I would take my hounds everytime I moved or checked cows they would follow the horse and ignore the collies only problem is if they see a hare then they are gone for a bit but come back after there snack. I would hunt them out of the truck in the winter I only used a dump box once and a while with pups the dogs would only jump out after a yote . The problem here as anywere is finding good dogs I went thru alot of dogs to get that hairy buckskin dog. The black dog named Mindy in the first pick was good she was always on the neck she was stolen. The white one named bond was full of fire straight greyhound off the track she was just to small I gave her to a guy when i got out of staghounds the middle dog in the back of the truck was saluki staghound he was fast could run for days but was scared of teeth. the big dog on the right is stitch he was a yote dog deluxe single handed killing machine I sold him to Dan Edwards on here. the bulldog knuckles was used as a kill dog when I ran gyps or jumped two yotes he was also used on cattle some to help the collies he was killed by a bull. the white dog in the last picture was Morris the moose He was alright he got to big and heavy. He fell thru a frozen snow drift and broke both his back legs. The last dog was forrest he was a grand old dog but thought he was to ride the world of porcupines that eventually killed him when some quills migrated to his brain. I usually dumped from far away to watch the dogs run. the Balck dog in the new picture was a stag whippet named Cookie she went to Blue collar on here to run rabbits She was to small for yotes. The last picture is Stitch Mindy and there pup Jack
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    What age people start taking there pups out? These 3 I have are only 14 month old and 16 Month old, they already caught good bit game and doing well
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    Newly-acquired used. Tnb kit fitted. Trigger sears polished. Hitting spinners at 55 yards four times out of 5. Beautiful rifle.
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    I thought of this movie earlier today.Me and my dad spent many hours watching this.It gives a glimpse into redneck culture.
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    Heard a while back mention of sharpening with MDF wheels but never really paid much attention. I recently thought i would give it a go and turned up a quick MDF wheel on the face-plate of my wood-working lathe. I clamped a makeshift guide to the back of the lathe and worked with the wheel turning away from me. I was blown away by the results! Super sharp paper slicey edge straight off the wheel. Decided a dedicated MDF wheel sharpener was high on the list of must haves so started gathering bits. I was lucky enough to pick up an old 8" Makita bench grinder on ebay for £25. Everything else is made from scrap bits so that was all the outlay for the build. I took the guards off the grinder, swapped the switch and the power cable around so the on/off switch is effectively now on the back so the grinder can be operated with the wheels running away from you. The knife clamp is made from an old door hinge welded to a bit of rod off of some other power tool, hence the nice grippy knob on the end. A 6mm hex bolt through the hinge clamps the knife in place. A cutting of hex bar slides up and down to alter the angle of grind and locks in place with another allan bolt. Once set up to the desired angle the blade can be sharpened on both sides and both wheels quickly without altering anything. The MDF wheels are loaded with grey polishing compound and jewelers rouge respectively. P1100602 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100612 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100604 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100605 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100606 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100608 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100610 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100611 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
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    I put some Putanges out on Friday at a client's property and returned this afternoon to find the culprit was an albino, the first that I have caught. Makes a change from the black ones with orange patches
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    I was that chuffed with the young dog I didn't give the number 13 any more thought.
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    Hello and welcome mate
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    The birds we used to pick up down the taxi rank had soft beaks, but they couldn’t pass as young
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    If you go on YouTube and type in Video leak police . You will see what the cops have to deal with.
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    Came to my local pack couple years ago. They like the port
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    If ya were closer I would give ya mine mate
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    You can’t put off the inevitable mate, practice practice and the boys can join in to
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    The crown is my favourite fx really, and I was going to get one. However, when I realised the ability and versatility of the impact mk2 I had a bit of a rethink. Still might get a crown though.
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    Get the terrier and your boy out with headtorches n catapults at night and knock the dreys they behave differently at night when pushed out the nest.
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    Nothing wrong with asking ! don't ask don't get
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    Aye need be alive or I’d just carpet the place in snares tbh, we live in an area almost bordering the reds an a load locals wanna try an help em out, if I can make a quick easy to set trap them I’ll pass em out an see if we can make a diff
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    That looks nice mate
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    Nice shooting bud
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    Had a couple of young greys at weekend but caught their dad overnight. He’s been well fed
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    Dropping bar lock does away with all that springs shit. Same wire as he used for the treadle to door.
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    A good read that cheers Nice shooting
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    Could possibly be a young kid asking ?.
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    Been up the NCH Kennels this evening, hounds and Kennels looking well Cheers, D.
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    My digging/fishing partner was diagnosed with cancer during the lockdown and they were on it without delay,he's had no delay in treatment in any shape or form and is doing very well due to there quick responce..My old neighbour who is 93 has recently been into hospital and now he's home he has been getting a extra career in to help him and he's doing better now than he was pre lockdown.Iv'e not been working for a week or two but back to it next week and i'm no big earner but because i'm not to stupid with my money and don't buy shit i can't pay for straight away i'm not in deb't.got savings behind me and i'm so much better off than i thought i was going to be when all this first started.. Do you know anyone personaly max that has been affected in treatment for illness,put in a money crisis or has made themselves mentaly ill as i sure don't and nor have i seen it in anyone i know....
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    Had a few over the yrs, not dead yet
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    All pups in new homes just ended up keeping the one . Granite
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    Just rabbits, day or night, whippet/collie/greyhound
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    Bull mastiff greyhound with touch of Alsatian
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    Just got back from the fishing comp and a bit knackered but I know there would be a bit of Fungi about after this drop of rain the last week. So went for a short mooch , good job would have missed these. 26 Ceps and a feed of Field Mushrooms and Chanterelles, well chuffed. Cheers Arry
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    Welcome aboard foxy. I can't open your link so what was the outcome, did you see the light and get a pcp. I just don't have the patience or skill to be a really good springer man and would not dream of taking one hunting but admire those who are good shots with a springer such as Pianoman, Bigmac, Si Brown, Mark Williams and others. I guess I am just happy with my pcp in both sub12 and fac. Phil
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    The IMBRA Trap
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    pups munching on sardines
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    The 4 bitch pups will be 4 weeks old Monday
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    Well They Finally Here Bitch went 4 days over due but she had them early hours yesterday morning 4 of each made up with them atb cbx
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    Mines a right thieving little cuntbag but the best one to date was my father in law just done a load of grated cheese like a.whole block turned his back for a moment and my dog just had the lot in seconds my response was it's his fault for leaving it in range. Can be funny but can be the most annoying thing going
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    Cheers Peter, she's a f****r for stealing food, had a few Sunday roasts away
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    Bitch is in season..... Fanny like a blood orange
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    Dogs not so sure about that one GL. Cheers Arry
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    I put a couple of pics up on here a few weeks ago,guy i know in the states,knew there was a cougar on the property,stuck a single trail cam up,had totally clear very good pics of a cougar over a period of a few weeks,i have had a trail cam in the uk for maybe 8 years? so its not as if they are new technology here,i was in maplins earlier even they are selling them,Aldi sells them now and again,yet theres not one totally clear pic taken across the whole UK as conclusive as the guy I know took within a couple of nights of hanging up his cam on a trail.
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    Hunting is not a blood sport it's a sport that's in your blood ! Happy hunting
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