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    I got some double pegged borse and purse nets spare in the shed, Mk 1 box needs calibration and a spare collar for you Keith Let the man guzman chapo help you out, he's a good lad, sorted me out in the pastwe will have you out and back at it before you know it.... Soon as she pups I will let you know. Atvb D.C
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    Interesting listening that G. I bought 'The Missing Lynx' about two months ago. About Britain's lost big cats and other megafauna, that once existed in britain until relatively recently. Very easy for big cats to exist very happily in today's britain 'without' being seen. And let's be honest, half the members on here, including the ones that will NOT believe it, walk around without really seeing much anyway lol
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    Sons got the bit between his teeth at the moment, had this 27lb common last night after work, back on site for 7am this morning he’s doing tues and thurs nights plus weekends at the moment
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    The Galgos.
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    Never thought the day would ever come that id ever get back out doing whats in my blood and that's getting back out there with dog n ferrets, ive pacified myself dragging my old ferret hutch out the shed , and boy did it bring back memmories , good old days, anyways still in good condition ive tarted it up, plenty of room for them to play, but I lacked a dog, and the prices way out of my reach, but then I got a pm from Daniel cain , showing me the dam n sire of his pending litter, nice sound dogs the pair of em, a nice little mooching partner and pal to me, I cant thank him enough, and cant wait to bring the pup n stinkers together , not just has he offered me a pup, but the pick of the litter how lucky am I cheers keith
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    Been up on the west coast of Scotland for a few days. Took the dingy out chasing pollock, great sport on lures trolled through the kelp. They don’t half pull back.
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    Neighbour used to chuck bread out last thing at night and think she was feeding the birds .Shot several and nipped it in the bud .b*****ds were coming along our gutter and down the wall .
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    It was running wick in my garden and all neighbours for years from a field at the back but about 3 years ago they all just dissapeard within a few months, i shot a good few but i think council must have done a proper job on them with poison, none about now thank fukc
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    I'd like to go back far enough that it was a time when most had a home and small piece of land thay had to work every day just to exist and the pass down to the children so they could survive. Horse and cart with haystacks In the field waiting to be brought In by the near community as well as your family. No wars and a nice community spirit Dont know if it ever was but it sounds good to me
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    Because shoplifters are normally feeding a drug habit and in a liberal left leaning world which we live in, that’s all of our fault because we choose to toe the line and graft for what we want we should also fund the poor little crack head , but the man with the sense and intelligence to be able to pop out and feed himself and his family for free from the land, is a bit of a risk to global left wing dreams of making every single one of us totally state dependant self loathing, grass on your neighbour type of citizens
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    You really are a plum
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    Salmon garlic butter thyme Cajun sizzle
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    Penryn harbour early doors. Cheers, D.
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    Pull em? It will round em up an put em in back a truck
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    Just a joke fella, in all honesty though I feel that this thread will be alive for a very long time.
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    Dont think the 3210 had a camera
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    They wernt created as workers but had workers in their breeding. Mr Hinks was a dog peddler through and through. Ive had one and would never make the same mistake again. Bit like Alaunts, all muscle and no guts. No maybe not quite as bad as Alaunts
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    Made a multi purpose kitchen knife with a canister Damascus blade made from an old chainsaw chain. Patterned the spine and fitted with oak handles.
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    Microwave food is banned from here go back home heathen..... Home grown, oven, fried, BBQ or feck off....
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    That, for me, is just about The fukking quote of this whole thread. That absolutely nails it. And is thus absolutely terrifying. And now, because I'm SO fukking bored, I feel my skull is cracking with it. Because I've not had the simple companionship of a mate, and maybe a pint, since I can remember. Because I'm practically losing what ever's left of my fukking mind, to this daily drawn out drag of utter fukking tedium. And, because I don't care if you read it or not. Nor do I care if you start cat calling, If you read it. I want to relate a true story. It involved me. It made a big impression, on me. It taught me a Lot! This one's for me. To give me distraction for a few minutes. It's also for the calm, quiet people reading all this stupidity, without getting drawn into the troll fest which it is. Like I say; Scroll on past, if you don't like my style. For anyone who's sitting comfortably? It was a good Twenty Years ago now. I was sitting at the bar of my local boozer. I turned my head to survey the people sitting at the tables. And there, by the window, were three paki's. Now, believe it or not, even just twenty years ago, I saw these three brown faces and, because I was probably just as normal and average a bloke as you'd find, I gave the slightest nod and offered the hint of a smile. Etiquette. I was conveying; " Hullo, strangers. Please feel welcome in my world. " But, the seething glare of absolute fukking hatred I got back clearly returned the message; " You fukking KUNT!!! You lay those filthy eyes on me one second longer, and I am going to fukking Explode, full fukking nuclear, come across there and rip you to fukking pieces!!! " Now, I'm not exactly ~ never have been ~ one of you self suggested " 'Ave It! " lads. I turned away and concentrated on the glasses behind the bar! Ruined My quiet pint, I can tell you! Oh, and this central sand nigger? Jesus fukking christ!!! Big, bald headed b*****d. Biceps like my fukking chest! Chest like a tank!!! And, this kunt was just so palpably Seething with Hatred! Scary AAF!!! End of the night, last orders has been called. Mohammed the Man Mountain gets up. It's now clear that the two scrawny shit weasels with him have been whispering to him all night. Looking back? He'd obviously just graduated from some training camp. This boy was pure fukking evil! And he was in my pub. And I, along with every other white kunt in that place, found my self huddled in a bunch, like scared sheep, in the furthest corner from him. Me, with my Pit Bull. Women. Men ~ including the few resident " 'Ave Some Of IT!!! " lads. And, this kuntz popping balloons that were hanging off the walls, from a recent party. Fukking great. Because my Pit had seen, up close and personal, what a 12 bore did. And he was terrified of bangs! So, even He's shitting bricks! Not that he would otherwise be bouncing at the end of his chain. Eager to get a kebab. This was real life. Not a fantasy. And, this kuntz berating and screaming at us. We're all pressing together, farting. I don't remember a word he said. But, you can bet your life it was how he despised us. We were filthy kuffer infidels, drinking. Our women immodestly dressed. The whole nine yards. No One screamed, " Fuuuuuuukiiiiin Avve Iiiiitt, Yooo Kuuuuuuunttttt!!! " and rushed at him. No one. Because, this was a normal, local boozer. On a week night. Not a fukking forum. Twenty Fukking Years Ago!!!!!! I'm on a f***ing pension now! That horrible kunt won't be too far behind. But, look; They had their feet under the table Then! How many more of his sort are coming in Daily? Battle hardened. (Literally!) Fed Absolute Hatred, for us, from their first breath. And now being escorted in, by Our government. They're coming to kill us. It's that simple. The nigger Niggers just want free stuff. But, the Sand Niggers are hard wired to see it as their Holy Duty to cut our heads off. Three possible futures: They rise up and slaughter your kids. Some fantasy government emerges ~ led by " Wilf ", I s'pose? ~ who deports them. They rise up and slaughter your kids. There. That killed some minutes As you were then, lads. Arguing endlessly among yourselves. Calling each other shit or sneering down from your lofty, keyboard equipped tower. Even The Millwall can't save us now. I actually think Wilf's boat tickets idea is the only answer. Because, otherwise? In (probably less than) Another twenty years? These kunts will be slaughtering your grand children in their bedrooms. They'll make Mau Mau and Night of the Long Knives look like a pinata party. My fukking god, I feel better for that! Just SO sick of sitting here, reading infantile shit and trying to kill a long day between about three forums. Off to feed my dogs now. As you were ..... Kick off in what? 10, 9, 8, 7 ....?
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    veg and tomatoes given from a pal out of his allotment ,so knocked this up for tea. flavour was fantastic from the fresh tomatoes.
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    A good way 2 establish a bond is 2 let them bite ur bollox regular
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    im shortly going to pick up my kits, its crackin the flags here but ive got a nice cool environment for em here , I will most likely get a nip or 2 , couldn't care less I will soon sort that out, plenty of handling eh lads
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    Your only 5 minits away from me don’t be struggling moving ferret hutches about drop me a pm I’ll give you a hand if it needs moving again
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    im well aware theres a certain amount of botty bashers on here matey, as long as they leave my back passage alone, all welcome
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    are you still in staffs ? i`m guessing you did`nt get a move to be near your daughter if theres owt i can help out with i`m an hour ish away if your still at the same place ...
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    Sardines just add salt add grill
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    Bit of a glut of Runner Beans so the Wife made Runner Bean soup and I made some Bread still hot and the butter is melting. Cheers Arry
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    Do you eat bones and all like whitebait?
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    Father and son team, looking forward to getting my young dog going this season. Regards Collie John.
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    fingers crossed these two carry on from where they left off last season, this will be their first full season
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    I got that pissed off with buying different rolls of bands, when I finally settled on one type the next roll I bought wasn’t the same as the 1st ie too much stretch , So I opted to go back to tubes... Dankung 1745 looped throws the 10mm lead perfectly. Can’t see me changing back to flats in the near future.
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    I was pleased when the missus pulled his name from my hat because I do worry about the elderly over the winter
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    .I've got one here, 13 now . Collie greyhoundxbeddlington whippet. She was a very sharp bitch in her younger days, good nose, turn on a sixpence and a very committed strike. So committed in fact I could hardley bear to watch when the rabbit was close to cover when in pursuit. Sadley had to retire her at 5 years. Hit some sheep wire as she struck a bolted rabbit . Broke a bone in her neck. Carried her 1.5 mile back home,she was paralyzed, vet said leave her here ,give her a week if she's not up by then she's not getting up. Went back on day 6 , vet came out looking a bit glum, gave me the bad news, I said where is she, he said she's in that room there , as I was walking towards the door I could hear a scratching on the door. Opened it up and she was on her feet, swaying about like a new born calf standing for the 1st time. Vet couldn't believe it, reckon she must of heard my voice!. As she got a bit better she actually caught a,few rabbits she put out of cover on our walks with the the lurchers . I would probably have taken a litter from her except for her injury, didn't want to chance it , her not being fully fit as,it were. Intending on a new pup early next year if I can find the right one, most likely be my last lurched or it will probably outlast me.
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    Heck thank you so much Mr and Mrs Stavros.... especially Mrs Stavros, I really like her xx ...living legend my arse.....
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    That’s near Leeds isn’t it ?
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    Cheers I went for xm30s. As my first forray into thermals (apart from my long johns!) didn't want to go too mad. Taking it out tonight for 1st time. Scott Country are doing an offer where you get a free spare battery so went for that.
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    Spring powered not C02 but I would recommend this. Not something that I would have purchased but a lad at work bought it new and when his lass found out he had to to get rid. As accurate as the person using it but a very useful gun to have when walking the dogs and out after ferret food or the occasional very close range opportunist rabbit kill. I don't have the skills to use it on live quarry now but did at the time. It came with the pistol scope but never mastered the technique of using one on an hand gun.
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    A couple I owned over the years,...... Pups off of TLs Shadow,..... The red dog, was one decent dog too
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    wheaton /bull/grey... should fly this season.... Lost all her puppy fat now, slowly getting some shape...
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