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    With these medal head tragedies you lot are sharing next time I see a youngster with a medal head that'd be better off left all I'll be able to think is "Well, that'll certainly get run over next week so I'd better flatten it now!".
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    I was finally able to get out stalking. I love this time of year, stalking at first and last light with time in between spent on the beach... Anyway, I had a bit of luck and the freezer is no longer ‘critical’. I saw dozens of does. The bucks just weren’t active, every one I shot was in cover, none in the open like the does. Im sure you’ve all stalked a deer before so I’ll just post a few pics of one of my favourite times of year.
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    On the upside, you won’t be short of a take a way or an underground Majong spieler ! Lol
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    Mate from work came across this on his daily exercise during lockdown, decent find and turned out fantastic
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    I found that Jimmy Docherty not a bad lad when I was chatting to him, friendly enough like. It was only at his farm in a day out with the family and I had a right bit of craic with that little black Pygmy that works for him.....lol
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    My lovely granddaughter survived her heart operation last year and made a full recovery .that alone was magical .but since then I have gave my daughter and her family there first pet .this was given to me on fathers day .best pic ever
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    The elk was so so but the ribs were deadly
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    Blackened sask rub on elk joint and ribs. Doing a plain rack of ribs to get honey garlic sauce later all going on the smoker
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    That’s what happens when you have 15 people in a two bed house
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    He’s full of shit anyway
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    On the bright side, Dido; I'd rather put up with three million plus chinks than one more fukcing daesh recruit breeding unit. Yes. I Know the burden of housing them will fall to Joe Soap. But, they're going to keep bus loading foreigners in anyway. I know which lot I'd sooner put up with.
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    You could genuinely be prosecuted for that banner if they thought it in any way stirred up trouble. Put 'white, gay, loud and proud' and you might get away with it
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    Your quite right... ....but..... You forget about the rules of Liberal top trumps. Each minority is ranked in order of power. For instance Muslims come top. They can oppress gays and women. BLM comes before Christian religions. In fact Christian religions are almost bottom of the pile they can be oppressed by almost anyone except atheists. The only catholics that have power card and move up 2 places are if they are non British with Catholic roma gypsies moving up 3 places. Get with the program you fascist.
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    Fury was just too big/heavy for wilder, and realised, after the 1st fight, and studying him a bit more, that he simply isn't good enough. If wilder had fought someone that was even half decent, wasn't 70 years old that had FAILED a medical before the fight, or was prepared to trade with him, he'd have been found out years ago, which is exactly what his trainers, promotors etc already knew. And the ONLY reason that fury got the 1st fight, was the fact that wilder's connections thought fury was washed up and posed no problem. This 3rd fight, if it does go ahead, will be like the 2nd, unless fury's head has a bit of a mental wobble, which is very possible
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    The whole black lives matter thing gripes me to the core .Black lives don’t matter to me at all .May matter to the chiefs in Swazi land or the drug lords in Afghanistan but here in the uk to me they don’t matter and that’s that’s crux we are up against . Wasn’t me that invited them here but I’m expected to co exist with them ,wasn’t me that enslaved their ancestors then educated the kids but still I’m expected to treat them as equals .Wasn’t me who invaded their lands under some pretence but I’m the one along with the rest of our white nation who has to put up with their shit and occupation ,their brutality,paedaphilia and terrorism . We have been f****d over for too long by government that dosnt govern but submits to minority ,by police who run scared to fulfill their sworn oaths and by everyday Joe who dosnt want to upset the cart by standing up for anyone who has the conviction to dare criticise .
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    You keep saying OUR GOVERNMENT who the fk are these people you speak of... the people who already rape and pillage the honest people of this land so they can have an audi 2 houses that we pay for as they get there ego stroked on tv... dont you worry about it there fk all down your way to invade except a few turf bogs and a couple a donkeys ffs.
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    I wouldn’t like to be that close to a horse when you fire that
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    But it won’t happen will it .We all have houses ,jobs and a mortgage not to mention the firearms cert ,the shotty cert ,driving licenses and common decency .The opposition have f**k all ,never have never will ,nothing to lose so they keep pushing . We want a decent life without hassle they want what we’ve got ,our lively hoods ,our food ,our lands . They don’t want to work for it ,do things the right way ,they want it all ,right now and we have it . Whats it going to take before we man the f**k up and take back our lands ,our freedoms to say what the f**k we want ,our identity where it still exists and the right to hate who the f**k we want . I sincerely hope we wake up and smell the f****n coffee soon or we just as well dress like wee willy winky ,not wash and shag kids . The choice is ours ,not our grandfathers ,not our kids but ours before it’s too late .
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    My mates dog animal of a dog no reverse gear be 8 this year atb longers01
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    It's massively changing. We live on the edge of the pennines and the pakis have certainly found it this year. Fckin hundreds of em carrying bbqs, curry pots and flying carpets onto the moors everytime the sun shines. Imagine being a white person and seeing a scene of British countryside, a village, a sea side, a TV programme....anything....and thinking 'that will be improved with some coons and a tribe of ragheads' Fckin madness
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    2 hits so far but no prize
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    They speak Welsh in Patagonia as well but everyone knows that surely
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    Non max it's fact I get your ashamed to be white British and with it's traditions and values I get that yet you slag lads that are patriotic that have values and morals about there country and how it's going that I get but what I really don't get is how your fans can sing the name of a paedophile and stick up for him because he plays for you or watch women and kids getting abuse in the street and do nothing but watch i suppose it's not fair to get involved and the way you have spoke about white women what's up max if you couldn't pull one you should of pm ray (bird) would of put you right
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    You survived because all the germs get killed by the microwaves. Even Max could have worked that out.
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    You don’t know how happy I am......I think he has imprinted on you now ! Lol
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    To reiterate what breeze said look to be doin grand Jacob..
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    Communists use language and psychology as a weapon. Their constant vilification of enemies is a form of psychological warfare. It puts America and Americans on trial. The verdict is always guilty. Facts don’t matter because the Left does not want to resolve the problems they complain about. They use those problems to agitate and provoke, hoping conflict becomes unavoidable and thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their hatred is tactical. Obama’s favorite Harvard professor, Derrick Bell, devised Critical Race Theory, which exemplifies Lenin’s strategy as applied to race. According to Discover the Networks: Critical race theory contends that America is permanently racist to its core, and that consequently the nation’s legal structures are, by definition, racist and invalid … members of “oppressed” racial groups are entitled—in fact obligated—to determine for themselves which laws and traditions have merit and are worth observing. … Bell’s theory is in turn an innovation of Critical Theory, which was developed by Marxist thinkers of the Frankfurt School who were affiliated with the Institute for Social Research, founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1923. The Institute’s left-wing scholars were mostly Jewish and fled Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s, relocating to Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York. Critical Theory, which discredits all aspects of Western society, rapidly infected the minds of newly minted college professors, who then spread its poison throughout the Education system of the USA
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    You won’t hear f**k all honest from any main party in the UK, them c**ts are all from the same kidney mate. People always say it’s not worth voting for nationalist parties but f**k it, they said “Leave” wouldn’t win the Brexit vote and 17 million people said different.......
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    Why would supporting the same team as your father etc be a Sunderland thing ? load of shite
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    Just listened to Katie Hopkins she talks a lot of sense and isn't afraid to say it as it is
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    Going to write same on my truck back see what happens .Cant be right that BLM is ok but WLM is illegal .Going to test that myself .We are a nation of f***ing cowards ,getting trod into oblivion . We have educated the black man ,the same black man that has never invented a single fecking thing ,is born lazy ,has learnt to play the race card at every opportunity in a land where the natives are too week to say f**k all . We are being attacked from two sides from within our own lands ffs .Who,apart from Enoch Powell would have put money on that 50 years ago ? Unless there is civil unrest very soon we will be too downtrodden to f***ing care ,a very sad state of affairs .
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    If you read some of the nazi depositions from the Nuremberg trials, when Adolfo hitler asked his senior advisors how they could get the German public to support a German invasion of Europe they replayed its simple you create a common enemy and brand anyone that doesn’t support you as a racist traitor, strange that the same ploys are being used today and working,
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    You can’t disagree with the Marxist movement in any shape or form , to do so will equate to you being a racist , it’s pretty well thought out and designed so it’s ideals cannot be discussed or contradicted
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    You can't really compare them though mate. Carnera was a part time wrestler/circus strongman
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    I don't dislike him ,I just think he's crap ,I also think AJ and Wilder are crap too ,does that make me racist ?
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    Yeah, great analogy that. Having only one arm, as opposed to being tall. Yep, makes total sense
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    I agree with you about the state of the heavyweight division. fury will go down as a great of this generation. as an all time great like you put in an earlier post we can’t judge until his career is over. Think I jumped the gun about on my other post saying all time great
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    Don't know if anyone follows that old country blood page on Facebook but there's loads of decent pics of all sorts on there
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    hi lads i have a pure aseel bird for sale, 18 months old, mother and father first generation imports, inbox me if your interested.
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    That’s quality, give me that over the game shooting any day
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