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    I use Lynx body spray for protection against women and young girls. So far it has worked 100%.
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    I hope this is the right place to post this.I bowfish during spring and summer in the same swamps I dig in the winter.Hope y'all enjoy.
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    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/29/coronavirus-test-covid-19-home-antibody-kits/ Very informative article on testing in the UK. Covers both the antigen and antibody tests and when we'll likely be able to get them.
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    I've absloutly no time for nerve in a dog, you say "prey monster" I understand you and agree your right in that aspect a dog with high pray drive on a sleeve is basically just a pitbull in a spring pole. This is such a complex conversation with many aspects of it many different types of Mali you can relate to like lurchers depends on the game u hunt and ground you work sorry If I lost u in translation hopefully you get what I'm saying And to be honest I don't want a PP dog barking at strangers or been aggressive... That's what a guard dog does a PP dog should be neutral to everyone with a on/off switch no point haven a dog that goes for all strangers u have to keep locked up when anyone comes over anything kicks off the dogs in the pen Guard dog's and PP dogs are completely different although thy look the same there mentality is different if any of this is confusing to you of anyone on the fourm please pull me on it I'll be happy to explain
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    Yes your right about the sleeve, I've sent Mali's all over the world for police and sport there's the key word everyone misses "sport" while working the sleeve the dog is in pray drive witch is sport a lot of dogs when get the sleeve walk off the tail wagging, I've always wore a full suit and this might sound extreme but a hurleing helmet also when working the more serious type dogs as I've seen to many times a dog switch a grip in a bite and seen so many lads left in a bad way. I'm just gonna translate this in hunting terms for lads on here so here it goes You have lurchers that are mad to get off the lead when thy see a fox will turn it inside out snapping at it every turn will tackle it and grip it but soon as thy feel the sharp end thy will jack on it and stand off Mails are the same some are all teeth and bark and even bite but soon as thy take a kick in the ribs thy will stand off and bark My advise to anyone buying a mail now bear in mind thy rage up to 5k fully trained is bring a trusted decoy with you to test it similar to bringing a mechanic to buy a car, look he can take a gamble on a lurcher if it jacks it jacks no one is hurt and your only down 200/300 depending on your situation a good / bad Mali is the difference between going to bed with your family safe or going to hospital yourself I'm not a wealthy man myself and 5k would be a decent amount for me right now it's just not a gamble you wanna take sorry If I went a little off topic to keep it short you can get a decent guard dog for 200/300 just to patrol a yard that will bark and bite. If anyone is looking for a good Mali thy can message me I'd be happy to help, I dont breed or sell them anymore not looking to profit anything I can just point u in the right way is all and answer any questions you might have about the breed.
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    I use this bigger Parson type Russell for bushing all game here,not a digging type by any stretch but good for what I do.He has bailed a couple of good fallow recently.Also my only terrier than can handle the Eastern brown snakes,Worlds second deadliest land snake, without dying,very agile dog with good self preservation instinct.Very hard terriers don't live long around here.
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    Finished this today ......
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    This is a chainsaw trouser belt 2inch wide. Bridle leather.
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    Why are lads looking on pets 4 homes for a worker anyway .
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    It doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he's doing what you ask of him and you're both having fun.
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    My bandog types don't just guard the yard, they will act as natural body guards as well, having a lazy, laid back,easy to live with temp.I honestly can't see the use for Mali's in domestic situations.
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    Few mixed breed bull running dog crosses from Oz.
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    My JR bitch is approaching retirement so I looked on all the sites to find a pup to bring on and could not believe the prices for JR Pups of which not many of them are actually JR,s .... I eventually ran a wanted advert on here , to which I received 2 qenuine replies . One reply has resulted in pup from excellent working parents at a working mans price
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    I have one here, I'm quite fond of her, great ratter, she earns her keep. Atb j
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    I have a plastic version that cost me £6 and it’s brilliant, once you have the site set to your own requirements you will struggle to miss, also brilliant if your elastic breaks in the field as it’s a quick easy swap have killed plenty with mine
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    He’s turning out nice
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    My terrier doesnt go out until theres frost on the ground. Dam wiggle sticks dont like being disturbed by terrier.
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    Prices of poultry used to be silly, and certain breeds would be latest craze light Sussex would be £30 plus pol Orpington up to £50 Myself for few eggs I'd wait till a egg laying farms clearing out an buy them £1a bird
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    There is some great footage on that YouTube channel. Some nice ones on dog shows, terriers etc from yesteryear.
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    I would rather be able to carry a HK 9mm tucked into me skiddies bad ass gansta style then go johnny wick on any mofo who tried anything
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    I have a paintball blowpipe that is excellent for scaring cats out of the garden, unfortunately the paint balls don't break because of the soft fur but it makes them jump and they clear off. But you can no longer buy them and I have been told they are illegal. But how mad is that you can buy a paintball gun and quite powerful ones but not a toy blowpipe. Cheers Arry
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    Spring is on its way. Black Thorn Blossom out. Cheers Arry
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    Like that here now,the bulldog I had was trying to grab people at 3 to 4 months,died a couple of years ago but I got 2 pups when I put him over my pit bitch,best guard dogs I've owned.
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    Freezing out this evening but had a few hours out and managed a nice little sea trout. Fair play they go til the very end. Took a good rest for him but I made sure he was 100 percent before he shot off back into the depths. Will be looking at fishing for them back in the UK when I'm home.
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    Bit of an update here on the fishing. Weather getting colder and been fishing mostly at the harbour, so not anymore trout, however today we are going to start targeting the rivers again to get a few trout in. It's harder fishing now with the wind coming in, when it's still the mullet are straight on I, when it's Choppy they go to deeper water so we went to a river called the murrel yesterday. A huge expanse of water straight from the sea mouth. We were after trout but funnily enough caught 2 mullet. We kept these 2 for the table, and cooked them up with a few beers and a film later in the evening. Hard conditions and as you can see this is a huge river system and very deep. Yesterday was also very weedy. We had a fish each me and my mate so called it a day. Filleted the fish to make sure it cooked though and went down nicely with a tinny. Also fished at low tide the other day and had a few of these blenny looking thing but they still take a chunk of lamb no problem.
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    ive had one 13 years. Used mainly as a marking dog while ferreting using nets very steady. Worked cover well good finder decent little mooching terrier and a decent ratting dog. Caught on occasion fur and feather easy to live with.A pic as a young dog.Not kc there is lakey in there and way back border.
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    beddys make excellent jungle busters and there noses are second to none ,but then again mine aint kc and carry fell blood in there make up ,yet my first x beddy/grey lurcher is kc beddy and is as hard as nails and jibs at nothing but it is a line that goes way back ? but for a terrier id go for a hybred ,ats the best with your search.
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    The best advice i can give you,don,t source a KC Bedlington,look for a Beddy/Fell that is more Beddy than Fell.They bush to an high standard,are extremely versatile,hunt at speed and will work large expanse and tight locations with ease.Any decent bred working mongrel terrier will suit your purpose better than a KC Bedlington.Im possibly one of the Beddy,s biggest fans,especially as a grafting animal,id source another terrier type before a KC Bedlington,all of the time.
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    Few ye don’t want to mess with, At
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    2 young bitches out of brian .at the minute there doing very well on the rats .
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    f**k sake. He's a kid with a whippet and an interest in legal terrier work. Just answer his question or don't, what's the point of the kangaroo court? If any of you were as careful and paranoid as you like to make out you wouldn't even be on here.
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    i made a good few of these
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    Pup out helping the local keepers, atb At
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    Went back up armed with the camera today, at first only a few so went for a walk and came back. It was not like yesterday with all the heads sticking up today was more a mass orgy of Frogs. A right din loads of croaking And this one croaking. These two sat in a mass of spawn. Cheers Arry
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    Do many lads on here use their teckels for tracking wounded deer? What's involved in training? Do you have to break them on hunting other game etc. etc. Thanks for your help. I put this up bon the Deer section as well. Thanks
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    Sorry for the quality of this picture.My father shot this with a bow.Then we pulled the string and came right to us at which point I harpooned him(mop handle with broadhead attached) It was attached to a rope with a big ball on end.We chased him down pulled him in on the rope with him kicking and screaming like a toddler tantrum.22 pistol point blank.He measured 12ft4.We sold him to pay for our trip and kept the head mount.
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    Nice mate it's all about being out there if you shoot a few that's a bonus well done
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    This is a bull whippet with a touch of kelpie, not thick set pretty racey. Defiantly got the whippet take off
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