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    Haven't posted for a long while on here but I'm really interested to find out what your local Rabbit population is like at the mo and previous seasons .. I've been ferreting for 30 years now and have currently got permission on 10 farms, 2 estates and a few odd jobs like horse paddocks/small holdings in the North Wales and Cheshire area's. Numbers on ALL of the said permission is as low as I ever remember. I feel I'm more of a conservationist nowadays and rarely use nets, preferring to bolt to the dog. My rimfire hasn't been out the cabinet in god knows how long. Some of these places are large keepered estates that have always been abundant with rabbits. Other farms that have huge hedges full of holes and some big old warrens, that have consistently produced good bags, season after season but your now lucky to see one or two. So, what are people's opinions? Do you think it's just this rhvd/2? Mixy has never been too bad where I am. How are things where you are? I know there are certain areas of the country, dales etc where numbers are good but is it now hitting there as well? I read an article the other day that said Scotland's rabbit population is down 80% over the last 30 years. Sorry for the rant but I'm honestly starting to get a bit depressed with it! Love my sport but it's hard getting harder and harder.
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    I'm all excited to see how good they are. Got them for a bargain. Can't see where the batteries go though .
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    Today the time we all dread came ,RIP Molly and thanks for the memories i'll never forget lass..
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    I didnt really just read a 6 ft 6 inch 20 stone man obsessed with football violence,fighting and confrontation say the words " ITS NOT FAIR " did i Max when will you get it into your canister that there is absolutely nothing in this world of any meaning to me that you can come even remotely close to competing with me at....you are not my foe or my enemy,we have nothing in common,you have no relevance to me......you spoke a load of shit to me but your arse dropped out when it got real....thats it done and dusted no problem....move on for f**k sake ! No actually i tell you what ok you are right....your not a coward.....calling somebody names on the internet from 300 miles away and then hiding under your bed threatening to phone the police if the person comes anywhere near you is extremely commendable,heroic even....you are a very very brave boy !.....happy now ?
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    Buffalo BBs! Didn’t take long. Farmer spotted this vixen going into cover this morning but I couldn’t get over as I was working. Small chance she’d be there this afternoon but she was. She must have been lying up in it for the day. Terrier into cover and out she flew
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    My collie greyhound x whippet greyhound bitch can’t fault her
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    Hi, check out my first trapping video, this is part 1, I hope to get the body grips out over the weekend. Go easy If you like it subscribe as I plan to put more up over the winter/spring! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFs9nnZuBVI&feature=youtu.be
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    Recently bought 4 DC50 Tracking Collars for the hounds I only need 3 so I have 1 spare if anyone interested it brand new in box never used. PM me!!
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    So, privately educated son of Diane Abbott MP has been nicked for assaulting a couple of coppers outside some government building.....namely, punching and spitting at one and biting the fingers of the other. He is 28!...... So, the whole “didn’t have the same opportunity’s and too young to know what he is doing” defence is out the window I take it?
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    https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8796251 Get one of these, Phil. I use it on a few of my rat permissions. Save yourself £££'s !
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    How much did they set you back, I could be tempted with them, I’m looking forward to a full product review
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    Swifty, Daughter of Jock and Dusty...
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    My pups a carrier not a chewer, so far anyways, but fcuk she will pick anything up an carry it haha even tried to retrieve the ferrets to there annoyance will sit an mouth things aswell but never done any damage to anything, yet but by fcuk can this things shift soil it’s like a Fcuking Badger the way it digs, neighbours ain’t impressed at all I still think she ace tho, proper taking a streetch tho as we say where I grew up, starting to look like a lurcher more an more every day. I’ll try an get some more pics when my lad gets in with her
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    Very true u wouldn't want a young keen lad to come on this forum they would soon knock him back I let it go in one ear ad out the other
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    So Saturday I decided to go up into the forestry and see if i could plug a deer. I checked the cam friday and fck me 36 pics 5 of them were me. I have been getting average 1500 pics a week. so i sat there. I had 3 magpies 2 squirrels and 2 blue jays came in. i did ponder going down to my mates field but thought cause of it being a weekend he would be sitting there. how fckng wrong can one be. i am gutted this fella rocked up. deer season has finished on the farmland but i still have til 5.12pm Saturday up in the forestry
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    Yesterday's planned ferreting trip was curtailed due to a combination of escaped Dexters and an afternoon spent repairing an electric fence unit. So this morning I was determined to snatch at least an hour or two in pursuit of something less lumpy than these two ignorant sods. THEY WEREN'T SO CUTE YESTERDAY! There are very few rabbits on my little bit of permission but the neighour ,despite being vegetarian herself, has no problem letting me skip the fence . With minimal gear stuffed in my pockets and only a ferret box and spade to carry I set off ,with the dog ,across her rough field towards a little pit where I knew there was a relable bury. Halfway there the dog went into pointer mode. A little chase ensued ,during which I didn't spot the bunny until it appeared in the dog's mouth. It clearly made the mistake of overestimating its pursuer and dropped into a squat ,rather than breaking cover and making ,what would probably've been , a successful dash for freedom. We found a rabbit at home in the pit bury. But,er,due to some substandard netting from me and the dog fumbling a catch , it escaped. It was an amateur performance. Though I prefer the term accidental conservation. A bit further on the dog gave another mark. There were only a dozen holes but half of them were under the branches of a fallen ash. I opted to struggle with netting them all. And it paid -off. Having got the frustration of yesterday's aborted mission clear of the system and with things to do at home ,I resisted the temptation to carry-on. I know; blooming part-timer.
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    Urban fishing in Cardiff Town centre today......
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    Wouldn't like to be a rat with the pack out? PUD
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    That the 3/4 spaniel 1/4 Terrier ? Not seen it in a good while , do you find that the 3/4 spaniel is the right mix ?
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    First pair in together for this bitch...
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    A quick look out kill 55 in the bag
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    Had a few carp out of here today , nothing big but nice day ...
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    Would agree wholeheartedly Fred I travelled up to Northumberland with a pal, to meet up with and have a walk out, with a well-known Spaniel enthusiast. Unfortunately,..the gundog guy turned out to be a bit of a miserable fecker, so, rather than upset him, I neglected to get my old camera, out of the Tesco bag... Shame really, cos both cur pups caught plenty of fine rabbits and, even mugged a brace or two of hares Cracking wild and wooly type of place, ideal terrain for a mouching jukel....I would love to return some day http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    Nice type got any more pics of him?
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    Mona & pups from previous litter..
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    Fair doos jig, them pups look better and better as the weeks pass.... Put me down for 1 when you put the saluki over 1....that would be a mix I'd like to try
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    That colours does not show blood spatter easily blackie atb bill
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    I don't hang my basket strap around my neck, i much prefer it like this over the shoulder. SINDASOX
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    I've done a bit of thinking and I might keep the dog pup as well,had them out this morning and he's really appealing to me as he gets older...steady and obedient and I think he could well fit in with my family,the darker of the two is the bitch pup
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    See mate, can’t waste your time on this bunch of f***ing heathens.....you post something really good and relevant about helping the world survive.......and all these c**ts spot is an opportunity to get off their tits ! We are wasted amongst these people ! Lol lol
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    just bought this to add to my semi auto collection. this is a FN FNAR in 308.these things are tack drivers. i have always wanted one and now i will have it. few folk over here are starting to offload their semi's as the liberals are 'going' after them. trying to locate a scope to drop on it
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    I buy them in packs of 40 for a tenner in cost co use a set about every 8 weeks in winter up to about 3 months in summer I discard them when they are down to around 70 percent power left as the trigger time starts to slow down after that and you start missing stuff, I normally have about 10 cameras out so can cost a few shillings, but still cheaper than golf and it’s like Christmas every time you check through the footage
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    Had another nice clean day g with her earlier. She coming on well
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    I bred my Greyhound bitch to a mates Deerhound dog,she had 8 pups last Monday with first and last born dead so now have 2 dogs and 4 bitches. I'm keeping 2 bitches and the rest are being gifted to mates who will graft them .
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    Had a bit of luck today. SD.
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    What a load of b@ll@cks !!! Shovel leaner
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    I try not to over think anything, at the end of the day they're green pups that don't know their heads from their arses. I always show my pups dead game, not to often but enough to let them know that particular scent is associated with fun. Once you do make the decision to enter the pup it should be a simple matter of finding the right earth to let him find with ease. I usually let my pups mark a few before I make the decision to let them go. This has worked for me for the last thirty plus years so I'll stick to it. Try not to over think your pups mistakes,the only thing I won't accept is outright cowardice, IMO there's no coming back from that but pretty much Every thing else can be worked on with positive re enforcement or just giving them plenty of time to pick up experience and learn from their own mistakes. Edited to say There's nothing that will get your pups ready for the biting end, don't beat yourself up about stuff like that, the only thing that will teach your pup that getting to close will get him bit is getting bit itself. It's all about experience and time, time to learn and time to mature.
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    Just goes to show that anything that comes out of Gouldys mouth should be took with a pinch of salt.
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