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    For the 1st time in a long time I have seen a wildlife programme on the tele, BBC believe it or not, that I enjoyed watching. As the topic title. Probably due to the subject matter, it would be hard to make weasels boring no matter how hard they may try. One thing they missed though , several actually but one glaring error unique to these beautiful little predators, the death dance. Stoats more than weasels do it. Anyone else seen it?
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    Life is only easier if you have lived a worse life. You don't miss what you've never had. Some people are glass half full and others half empty and I'm pretty sure it's just how your wired up. I never wanted for anything growing up and my parents were great to me and my siblings, I know people who have had an awful upbringing and yet they still plod on happily in life after shit that would probably have tipped me over the edge.
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    This is the best that ever came from Unplugged. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? the best of that session IMO, stands with Leadbelly. Around the time that I eventually gave in and became a "grown up"!
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    I've struggled since childhood and have my ups and downs but as ive got older my kids definitely help me out. I focus on them and nothing else really matters to me.
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    was a good decision by his corner. he was shot. retirement now from boxing for him id say.
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    He’s man enough to carry it off or he uses his wife clothes so not to get his own dirty like when he’s hauling goats
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    High vegetation,ponds of water,rough ground and everything else you throw at them doesn't bother them one bit
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    I've just dried out cracking day out again Stav, can't beat it (no pun intended) , those birds will be up and about once they dry off, plenty about. Shotgun dried, cleaned, oiled and a good rub down with Napier
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    The bag is 2nd to the day imho, friends banter and laughter .Main thing is you enjoyed it Stav atb
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    Yes mate here’s a bitch he kept aswell, atb At
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    you were involved in the piss taking when you came out ... the whole site was a piss take ffs cant you remember ..
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    stewie == i`ve said it on here and in pm even said lets talk face to face your digging at the wrong people , i dont want keep going over it because its boring as fook the people involved at the time hav`nt got involved this time because its the same old boring shit they`ve done with you in the past ..you said some pretty shit things about me made a few threats called me a few names even after it was cleared ,, read em back that make you any better than the people your moaning about ...? i`m done with this now ..
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    The dog looking like shes done some time and got shredded.
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    f****n yaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!! What a fight. Very close. Thought Taylor deserved to nick it.
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    Just reading through this thread and I can categorically say it was not sid who had anything to do with putting mugshot /name /address up on your/our little site. f**k knows where all those shitty accusations came from? On that site we all had a good bit of banter nothing malicious and not a bad word or falling out from any of the members apart from Stan banning me lol Sorry Stan for the irate words lol This is all from about 4 year's ago so I may have got some of the info wrong. I think I may have sent the mug shot of you to sid as he already knew what you looked like after seeing you at the 1st comp. I honestly can't remember if it was sent to me or I found it after someone gave me the Info on where to look, either way both sid and I stuck up for you after you telling me the true account of what really happened for you to get arrested and staffriffraff on here backing up your account. I will still say you were treated harshly for what happened to get you caged but, to bring all this shit out now after all this time in the way you have only thing I got to say is go f**k yourself. After reading your posts on here, you are one selfish c**t and selfish I can't stand. Instead of running to the hills like a prick, why didn't you try to get the poor girl some help, it's not like you didn't know she needed it? I see you sent me a pm or two whilst I have been catching up on this thread and writing this but I'll tell you now, I'll not even open them to converse with you and to be totally honest I think you are f****d up in the head or that's the way you've come across! Best thing you could do is leave this site for a while, grab your thoughts and come back a better person under another name, it's up to you
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    I'm in touch with my feminine side lol
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    i love and still do narvana mate.i even named my middle lad kurt. but alice in chains singer layne staley is definately up there im quite sure.. such a massive voice from a very slim lad..
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    ,Two dogs of mine I had not sure if it uploads , took photo from me old laptop see if it works atb tony
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    Lol, always the way, nice to see a bit of meat running about though....
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    If I had the quarry to go at I'd be looking into getting him over here, what a cracking pup. There was a pup like him in Teflons lovely litter of kelpie crosses that stood out to me too and I was gutted I didn't have the work for him too.
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    Would appreciate a review of them if you do get them
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    True Ant although id say Pricey should have retired a few years ago tbh .
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    Price needs to pack the sport in. He's a liability to himself. I never feel comfortable watching him. I always fear he's going to get seriously hurt. Time to go back to the day job Mr Price.
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    in didn't think you would walk around with a pink fleece jigsaw..
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    The thing that surprised me is how independent they are,they have no qualms about being away searching out of sight from you,and on their own terms too
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    Not sure but the aegis material is not as good as the older Goretex stuff
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    I used to love that show on netflix
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    don,t waste your money there nothing special
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    Yes, it really is a bigger problem than probably 90% of the population realise
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    Those two make 15 off a 160 acre patch in the last 15 months. There is a disused railway line running through the middle which they use as a motorway
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    No no NO, it's making you feel a tad down/irksome. It is NOT making you DEPRESSED LOL
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    That’s a nice looking dog mate
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    my 5/8 grey.3/8 dog didn't fully mature till 3yr old.he's flying now he done something very subtle at 3yr old in the garden.and i knew straight away.. you are spot on shark paitence...
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    There,s no ac blood in them dog ed, someone is having you on
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    Last day today. Heading back in the morning
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    you..you daft cnut lol
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