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    Go beating on a Saturday, get yourself known, some keepers will suffer a lurcher owner ....
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    Neil Beacon Bred First Cross. The dog is 7 years old and it has been a first rate rabbiting dog taking hundreds of rabbits. Best coat I have ever seen on a first cross, mouth like a crockadile, very biddable, bomb proof with stock just a pleasure to spend some memorable days around catching a few rabbits. The most robust 1st cross I have ever seen but with plenty of pace. 100% marker the dog never lies.
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    When we get a break, from the trapping and rabbiting, I like to have a walkout on the pheasant, and partridge shoots. You meet all sorts of interesting folk, and if you act respectfully,... the invites to have a run, ....soon come in..
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    Retrieving my last bird today I poked the gun in the earth. Fortunately it was empty but it happened so fast I only just noticed! Check out the muzzles. Stay safe folks! SD.
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    Bleddy hell SD, you get better looking every day New glasses?
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    Rabbiting is all we do and the dog is my mates. Personally for ferreting I don't see he lacks anything he ticks all the boxes. The dog is very kind natured and possibly it would not take other quarry possibly a fault in some peoples eyes.
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    Some just got an ingrained hatred of th, including one of my best mates , we started on the same path but I wasn't for yes m'lord etc , lost any passion for guns , love working dogs and realised I always had..missus found me local shoot through her cleaning work, so take the little dog beating as he's mustard and hope they got a vermin issue, I'm staying put now for kids and sanity be nice to meet some decent sorts down here and let the bitch fly....
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    Biggest estate I go on the keeper isn’t a fan of lurchers but after seeing my dogs he lets me take one dog on a one strike basis (as in if he catches the dog chasing his birds or out of control then dogs are banned) and 5 years later I am still allowed to take one dog! Ask him and see what he says...you’ve got nothing to lose and by the sound of it a fair bit to gain. Good luck.
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    Was going 2 say that good way 2 get in saying that I spent 6 year beating on a shoot even got 2 the dizzy heights of head beater ,got ferreting shooting but no lurchers so bollox to it
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    Yorkshire’s like a swamp at the moment and there more to come this weekend:( don’t think I’ll be venturing out. built a wall the other day and me labourer was pushing a barrow past, slipped in the mud and fell through the fcuker Couldn’t bring meself to bollok him as he was blathered from head to toe is sh1t
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    Looks like the bloke from the chinky round the corner to me
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    Aye coz his 8 yr old daughter driven down to the park in her car
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    Can you draw pigeon heads on water ,just asking like
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    What it was bred to do hopefully joking aside if it's to hot to lamp walk it under a good moon stick to the cover and no lamp or a dark windy night let the dogs use there nose and instinct you will be surprised at what you bump into or catch
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    Your probably right phil perhaps I didn't come across the right way
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    Always looks happy. Musty be all that Aciiiid. Oops that's blown it!
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    Did you own a fire engine?
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    Most terriers come in all shapes and sizes. Same as most terrier types come in shite and good working ability. Just taken on a pup sired by a good first cross Beddy Greyhound, Haven't a clue from what lines, all I know is that it does what its meant to do
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    I know A couple of people that have got there selfs on land through joining a shoot beating team showing how adaptable Lurchers can be as retrieving dogs An showing how well trained they can be it’s opened up door ways to land to run dogs on But I suppose it’s comes down to if you want to join the beating line ive a couple of little to reasonable spots to lamp an ferret me an a mate we share all our decent spots between us both were both in agreement that we won’t take anyone out no more that’s not in our very small circle on them or open mouths were they are ones a large farm that’s permitted the rest are free lance what ever you do fella permitted or free lance choose ya friends wisely don’t shoot your self in the foot being sound with people we went down that road doing night out with people An there dogs to find they had been dropping back on our spots when it suited them to have there own running An bringing there mates along f****d one of our decent spots that we could get a full night on up well An truly it was a very hard lesson learned I tell people now that know me I don’t work dogs I walk them that’s it I used to get all the local dog lads asking if I wanna lamp but it was always to find mine or our spots out for there own devices
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    I see the dog men got the biggest chunk of that write up as usual. They should be more concerned about the 1st case of a hare found last month with the rabbit haemorrhaging Virgus 2 disease that kills them in a matter of days which as been found in six counties of Ireland. Bigger problem than the dog man.
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    19" and 28lbs, kind of sums up the enigma that is/was the working Bedlington. It would take a brave and dedicated man with a long term plan to use a dog of such a size with the intension of producing working terriers. A better prospect for producing lurchers, but the risk being that such a large dog had much smaller ones in it's make up. I know that they were famous dogs in the kennel of one the most respected terrier men of all time, just find Bedlingtons an odd/fascinating breed.
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    Dunno looks like he’s got touch of jaundice ?
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    Well I'm free balling it ,far too hot for boxer shorts so you might see my sack hanging out my shorts if that's saucy enough for you lol
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    Well one last night a peace an quiet I’m gonna get a few hours kip before i start me daft o’clock mission to go collect the pups let’s hope this journey goes as planned
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    Been amazing so far. Eating drinking and gambling. Went to see the david copperfield show. Mob museum. Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower on the strip. Gun range this morning and fired a desert eagle, uzi ,ak47 and an ar 10. Going to to an adult themed cirque de Soleil tonight. Currently having a beer in 30c heat watching Bellagio fountains
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    Oh I say it's tough ! I have had enough ! Can you stop the cavalry ?
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    That pale cnt couldn't even stop the cavalry
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    I like your honesty mate honesty goes a long way Are you going to use him to breed your own replacements down the road if he’s ticking all you An your mates boxes for what you need be a shame to let a dog that you knows reliable at the job pass on without getting something out of him
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    Will keep you in mind then. Cheers. Am in killie but know folk that know you, mink n his boy. N I worked wae borthwick tae.
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    Agreed Maggie dealt with what would've broken Britain, unions went too far, but it was a war and nothing good comes from it. All heavy / medium industry is fecked , shame about the steel, globalisation put pay to it in the end, cheap labour and materials , government tends to sell out a bit quick these days, one of the things that swung me on brexit was the fact that any EU country could bid on UK contract and if we won our own contract they would still bring in eu labour , mental... Provide skills and services for your own , and sell them to the world end of....
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    I've used my lurcher for beating, however I've always kept him leaded where I know theres deer. What would your dog do if a deer popped up on a shoot?
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    He was an awesome player and a big personality on the pitch - he didn't mind it rough but, he knew how to play like a gentleman at the same time. This is a good article - I like the picture of him helping Mat Dawson up https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/article-3323480/amp/Jonah-Lomu-rugby-freak-broke-heart-loved-feels-like-death-family.html
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    I got a couple of places like that, one is a shooting estate, other is NT. Four bits on each, drive between after four or five fields. One is keepered obviously and he's seen me on there with the dogs on leads daytime. The tenant farmer is a mates relation so the keeper accepts me as long as I give 48 hours notice that I'm lamping. Not many rabs on there but lots of pheasants and deer. Cheers, D.
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    Exactly all these names coats and peddlers fecking joke good workers that all that matters
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    He didn't relocate that - he just said that so that he can throw one up a vegan anti that he's got his eye on 2 seconds after the camera went off, he was playing whack-a-mole with a spade
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    Got to be honest, I find it quite laughable really the amount of bullshit written about bedlingtons being 'just earthdogs'. 19 inches and 28lb how often would that dog have been used to ground? Lol. Everything I've read about bedlingtons says they were 'unparalleled allround workers', not just eath dogs. Might that be why there is, and was, such a size difference?
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    There is no free half the Rabbit was fair caught and the wire has gone around its rear leg [common] and the chewing was done by small teeth .. MAGPIE JUST STARTED
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    Yes, this suet pastry is pretty dense. There's a few of you on here that given me ideas for new ways to try this now
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    My mate does a game and kidney pudding for our January trip up north every year.......it weighs a ton and it’s oven cooked so the suet pastry goes crispy......top notch...
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    Going to have a go at that Jon looks deeeeeelish My mother used to make leak pudding the same way but mix the leaks and suit together think flower takes a part in it some where along the way lol (you can use onions if no leaks ) its nice on its own but slice it up and fry it in the bacon grease in the morning after you have done the bacon its to die for atvbjimmy
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    I remember a pic of a old caravan in a garden and I’m sure the animal silohette had ear tufts ?? There was a sighting of something lean black n fast by Monmouth dual carriageway in week
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    It looked to me that ,that Rabbit had been started on before the Buzzard had arrived because Fur or Feather the Buzzards like to pluck first
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    easy to do , eat hot or cold ,
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    where do these people come from ..
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    Try cocking the rifle first, then filling. This can happen if you've let all of the air out of the cylinder.
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    I'll look that up - my missus likes spinach so, it might get me some brownie points
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    greek spinach pies another good one ..
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