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    Is it any Wounder y the dog game is the way it is today with so called dog men feeling the need to video and take pictures of everything they do out in the field and posting them on social media and other live sites for everyother f****r to see what there up2, it’s beyond me there’s no need for it all, call me old fashioned but I remember the good and bad days out in the field and it’s all in my memory stick in my head and that’s how it should be
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    f**k sake don't get any water on it...or feed it after midnight.....
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    Hey guys. My missus recently finished a piece so had 20 prints done signed and numbered. Still a few available for a tenner plus postage. If anyone wants on drop a pm. High quality professional prints these are.
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    heavily over rated.probably the best player to ever step foot on a rugby pitch...
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    Your a strong minded fella Keith, an I applaud you mate, I also did applaud you since I started reading your hunting posts. You've got the grit an determination to keep going bud, Ruth would be proud off you. We all care about you Keith, your not alone bud.
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    Specimen of a human being and one of a rare breed that transcends their sport and made people like me who don’t follow rugby sit up and take notice. Hard not to be moved to some extent seeing his peers pay tribute to him...
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    Bet he got an arse full off splinters trying to sit on the fence over this one, he,s a pest controlling anti ffs you could not be any bigger a hypocrite, why even bother putting something like that in print next to your name, trying to appease everybody but pissing off all sides I would imaging, needs a slap just for being so stupid
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    probably the best rugby player of all time.and now the rugby world cup is on.i often think what an amazing player he was. the stats are amazing. At 6 feet 5 inches (1.95 metres) and 275 pounds (125 kg) 19st 6lb,, Lomu was exceptionally large for a wing player. Blessed with great speed (he ran 100 metres in under 11 seconds) and power, he was difficult to stop and often ran over opponents. He held numerous World Cup records, not far from 20st and running the 100m in under 11 second's.. what a machine he was.r.i.p jonah lomu.
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    lol been around the block a few times like me mate , I got arthritis bad nowadays but still do a bit got a good young lad on the shovel or id be f....kd.lol no more terriers when what have av gone but I never be without me lurchers and it always be a beddy x .
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    Daystates are over rated , over priced crap shooters are still having problems , even after all the bad reviews from shooters like myself . We all know ever brand will have problems, but it’s how the company deals with problems and daystate are the worse Trouble with some of the AA pcp guns , some of the barrels start having rust pitting on them . Seen quite a few and even my own had it My choice would be HW 100k any day of the week . IMO the best pcp made , I said it before and will say it again, even better than rapids
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    Eeeerrm nope, don't think so mate
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    Cheers for the lads, have just shown my little lad. Bobtheferret - went to do the first set with about 20 to 30 holes in it in the middle of the field and some cheeky poacher had beaten me to it, little round pegs lol. Fair play to them . Bolted 4 or 5 out of it though then we went to do another set and i let my lad net it up and I just put my long net around it just to show him. Had quite a few out of that one but to.tell the truth Bob it's over run with them and then I went and fetched my dog and bolted a load for him. I will.post a few pics up later. We got 30 odd in the end and had a brilliant day. Not sure if any of you read my post a while back I was rehoming a big ferret for someone on here but decided to keep him for myself although never been a fan of big ferrets and I never thought I would ever say this but he is probably the best ferret I have ever had. I do a lot of sandy sets which are quite deep and he goes straight to the bottom and clears it out he doesn't half shift the bunnies and I would never part with him and i took him out with us today, the kids have named him Big Bert lol. I wish I had a couple more of him. I am going get my Mrs to set me up a YouTube channel and start posting some videos on there just ones of me and the kids.
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    Interesting little video for a wet night. SD.
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    Gn stopped his Kc kennel prefix rillington in approx 1984 plus his lakelands were the same prefix. After this his dogs were not registered and he was outcrossing and breeding from these. He did back in the day use a few gutchcommon dogs and a eakring bitch lady lena owned by j piggin in a breeding. Some people have carried the breeding from these original dogs in their lines to this day. The bedlington gene pool is a small one.
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    A fantastic player yes ... athletic muscular fast and mobile yes ... but the best player ever no chance ... if you class him as the biggest winger ever he scored 37 tries compared to a small winger like Shane Williams who scored 58 tries so straight away he can’t be the best player ever ... to be fair he wasnt even the best best NZ player ever when you compare him to the likes of Richie McCawe who played a 148 test matches and was in the winning team of two world cups ... Alun Wyn Jones has just played 130 international games And captains wales so surely he has to have a better record than Lomu .... his health unfortunately cut his career short and whilst I loved watching him play he was nowhere near the best ever ........
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    Surely it is for a lad at almost 20 stone?
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    Totally agree bb lads are trying to make out the article is wrong but without that complete fcukwit there would never of been an article. Nobody can do as much harm to hunting than those in its ranks.
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    Cheers mate sire at the top dam at the bottom the dam is a bitch I bred
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    each jobs another job done it`ll all fall into place soon enough ..
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    That’s Obviously a toy falco off never ending story .....
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    Me and BB go out together maybe once a week together and his 50 is a better image than my xq38 but the 38 more than good enough for what most need if not much price difference between the two id spend that little extra but when I got mine the difference was about half the price or just a little more. Suppose it’s just what you get used to, If you have had good from the start you won’t want anything less but if it’s your first you may be happy with what you get just don’t look through anything better or you’ll be left wanting more
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    That's what happens if your terrier gets caught down a badger hole and they take turns on it JRTxPatxWestiexBadger and, no feckin fathers day card
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    I know if some fecker like lomu ran at me at that speed they could have the fecking ball gladly
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    So did Eddie Hearn have a hand in the lomu hype train???
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    So if we suss out what club has a midget as a mascot we will know which one?
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    Fcuk Fijians they all lazy cnuts
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    An incredible athlete. Put in perspective; at the time, I believe the world record was just under 10 seconds for 100m. That was for an athlete a lot less than 20 stone and training everyday to do it. Jonah was a leviathan, capable of running like an Olympic sprinter.
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    Mate I wouldn’t hear the end of it if i did! I’m surprised her in doors didn’t make me put me slippers on cheers fella you to mate
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    Didn’t he make Will Carling cry like a little girl.
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    A few were open, gills still almost pure white I think I’ll give them a miss they can go on the compost with the clippings
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    Brilliant player, beast of a bloke and great role model, rip.
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    I have just realised what happened, they were quietly sitting in the bar reading the hunting life.......then she happens to click on one of Max’s football prediction threads and woosh!!........piss all over the show ! Lol
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    Bloody iPhone phil wanting one but the laser range finder has a long ir line when range finding , it can give you faulty readings . Say a rabbit is 50 yards away and the laser hits a bump or even longer grass then it might read 40 yards . Had it happen many times with the add on range finder
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    im quite sure that qualify's as post of the day shaark.. fact..
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    I like that, the water balloons are the best one
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    Great in daylight or darkness, I also have not used my thermal for a while, I'm also considering buying another 008 to live on my 17hmr
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    Wish you both many happy seasons together ,any pics of mam,dad
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    Quote:- i wanting one the the or splash is to big for my liking Not sure what you are saying here Mitch ?? Phil
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    I had a Border/Bedlington terrier from George...most expensive dog I have ever purchased...
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    Nice one dar like the way you done the pouch, sits nice, what’s the draw like on that red stuff
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    A small handful of air gun pellets in an old 35mm film canister used to be my magpie call when I was a lad , 177 or 22
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    I told the neighbours of the tortoise house I was going to take them all and release them in magtopia
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    Could be a monkey. I opened up one of the turds and found a peanut, a wing-mirror and two wiper-blades.
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    Very very good looking!!!!
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    Tomo back in 91 that Spirit bitch I had we used to call her the Luck Dragon off Never Ending Story. Pop that pic up ' she was the double
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    Trust me, I won't get carried away, it's only rugby lol Not a huge fan of it, but like seeing ireland, scotland and wales do well
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