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    I don't understand why everyone seems to want to start from scratch when there are enough lurchers out there of various descriptions doing every aspect of uk lurcher work to buy pups or breed from.
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    I had this cocker that used to constantly be chasing my pheasants around the woods at roosting time . It belonged to a couple if doctors who lived nearby. I caught it one day and chucked it in the back of the Land Rover . I thought whoever owns it will be looking for it and I will have words with them . Sure enough a phone call was received and they came to pick up their dog . I told them they were lucky it was me who was keepering now and not the old keeper , because it would be under a hedge now covered in bluebottle eggs . I read them a bit of a riot act and reminded them of their responsibilities as dog owners and they stood their and listened and I could tell that they were hating every minute of their bollocking . But I never had that cocker in the woods again . Fast forward a couple of years and I’m in hospital having an operation on a slipped disc . I’m sat on the bed waiting to go under the knife and in walks my anaesthetist......guess who I honestly didn’t think I was going to wake up .
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    Still growing like a weed just over 15tts and 8kg in weight smashing the raw 3times a day
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    I cant understand why people call him a peddler, if he wasnt breeding litters the genuine deerhound xs would very nearly be a thing of the past. I say fair play to him.
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    If the working reputation of the Deerhound lurcher rested at the feet of Platt then that would be a fecking sad day for the Deerhoundy type lurcher.Its decades since a decent working Deerhound entered the field,the shite he owns is part and parcel of the decline in Deerhounds and the litters he throws into the cesspit of useless workers is more akin to the expectations and limitations of modern lurcher ownership than his dollar breeding.The facts are that the best working Deerhoundy,s now are generations of work to work to work,with border in the mix.Mongrel to mongrel bred with only one ambition and Platts ambition for the breed plays a very small part in that.The very best Deerhoundy lurchers resemble the type typical robust worker of olde,there are a few about,the typical KC useless shite resembles the Platt litters bred to forge a dollar and suit the modern lurcher owner.
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    Ha ha I have heard a lot of stories like that , was a good day I enjoyed it got rass whiting and mackerel mother lads got codling crab flat fish etc ,
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    Buy an old ambulance, they are usually fitted with blown air heating for the back and various seat mountings. Also if you feel ill you can drive yourself to hospital.
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    It says a lot about the current crop of heavies when you can argue over whether Hughie Fury is world class or not! I doubt any of them wouldve been worked class 30 years ago... For me HF hasn't got what it takes to move up, he should be beating the likes of Povetkin now if that's the case... the likes of Dubois will come quicker and leave HF behind imo
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    as I have said before there is a reason why certain crosses become rare.
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    Had a day up high with the kids today, a sort of ramble/recce
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    easy for stormyboy to do when he buys these two of me....lol
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    lol...good read that mate.. at the beginning of this little story I couldn't help feel that this is the kind of start to a story where here in the uk some stupid English twat thinks its a good idea to go up Nevis or some other similar peak...only to need to get mountain rescue out....cos there only wearing flip plops ...lol
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    Can't wait for the rain and windy nights to come in hopefully not long now
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    My lad asked me if I was out tonight as it’s hit September and I wasn’t actually going to bother as I thought it may be a little hard work with not much wind and the noise of the stubble on fields snapping and crunching but it’s not often he wants to go out but I knew he was toying with the idea so I said we would go for an hour. Exactly as I thought, a little too much noise but we managed to find a squatter for the pup. First time lamping first slip and first bunnie for him so well happy. Retrieve wasn’t perfect as he f****d around a little with it 10 yards away once he’d caught it but it’s all new to him and we’ll keep working on it. My lad looks like he’s already asleep on pic . He has played 4 football games this week though
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    A couple of 3 or so years ago my pal bought a boat from Manchester and i drove my pick up from Norfolk to pick it up,we put a new floor and repainted the boat over a couple of months,first time out at anchor i chucked up every where,this year we've had 3 or 4 boats and we've been out in silly seas in them without any bother with me chundering,first time at anchor on a calm'ish sea i was sick within half an hour,I bought some "Stugeron 15" travel sickness tablets and dropped 2 on the way to launch the boat.An hour later we were at anchor and we had a 5 hour session catching loads of fish without a tickle of sickness from me and to tell you the truth i was pleasantly in my own little world for a while as they are very valium like.I'll deffo be taking them again when were going to anchor up as they do really work.
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    just hacked my way into a swim I cut out a few seasons ago but not fished....had my bait in the water 5 mins and rewarded with a nice fish
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    Saw Dave Platts at a localish country fair the other week, and he had that dog "finnegan" with him.... Lovely looking animal when I ran my hands over him, while Platts was in conversation but just too big and heavy for my liking. In agreement with Tomo... 3/4 bred would IMHO a better choice
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    The accuracy of the .177 HW 97 is top drawer. I was waiting for a rabbit or two but saw this squirrel at a lased 38 yds high up in an old oak tree. Out like a light. About 40 minutes passed and a rabbit slowly raised its head in a weeded area 43 yards to my left. The rifle was already cocked, just the tiniest of " snicks" and the safety was off, shooting off Primos sticks, building the shot and - This is where all the practice pays you back. atb. Mark.
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    Got to laugh at the 11th generation claim, a man with tried and tested stock who only bred when he need to would prob not live to see 11th gen . Bred like rats for 1 reason
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    I bet hughie wish he had Aj money. Facts are max , everyone wants to see Aj fight, only travellers and you want to see hughie.
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    Yeah he was darbo I saw a few one was a cull maybe entered to early one was decent on all ediable but nothing special and one was a very good bitch a 3/4 bred took a good number of foxes owned by a well known terrier man and big gear as well all s/h which she was mainly used for
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    I got one of these in my MK 7 Transit. Fits just right in the corner behind the rear wheel arch. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mobile-Camping-Toilet-Portable-Travel-Chemical-WC-Outdoor-10L-Flushing-Potty-Loo/292772866001?hash=item442a9f67d1:g:LpwAAOSw1w5bxMMu Have a look at this stuff for insulation. It's light, only 35mm thick, but has the same insulation properties as 210mm of rock wool. https://www.selcobw.com/triso-super-10-multifoil-insulation-10m
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    That’s a wide swipe fireman fot the best part of four decades I’ve supported Celtic sadly an element of our support isn’t just content to lord it over our friends who support rangers for s week or so after a win it reverts to potato famines, hunger strikers and songs about places they’ve never been no wonder we get humped in Europe .
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    Omg you cant be serious
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    A old mates cousin had one a 3/4 grey 1/4 deerhound mid 90s. Saw her a few times on big open fields on hares she did ok. I think A Baron was from Gisburn way.
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    Looking really well mate atb longers01
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    I guess that's that then lol
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    Very long silk cut that mate. Lol Cheers Arry
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    That’s a shame, I’ve bought a few bits and pieces off him for the past couple of years, he’ll be missed, as will his services.
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    You only came on here to stir the pot fs, here fellas is why the place is still divided, this loony attitude
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    Was going to say something similar but was trying to keep it short. Lol. None of the current crop are the full package and if you take away that single thing that makes them good they all become very average.
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    Look well the lad like the little brindle
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    Cheers not sure bud mix of beddy whippet and grey summit like that I'd say he's only small about 21,5 he's a bad case of little man syndrome tho
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    Hughie has proved a few times hes not a world level fighter. Just doesnt have that extra go in him when he steps up. Could still make a decent career at domestic/european level
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    I might go out and get a box of each and compare them. I got them off me dad when he gave me the lr. And he said to me thats what ot likes to be fed on
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    Doesn’t matter how well you market something if it hasn’t something about it it will fail instantly. AJ might only have a punch but he used it to full affect and it carried him a long way just like TF used his skill without having a punch.
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    All u crabbers ought to take the time 2 talk to the man and learn summat
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    he must live somewhere upmarket. we are still bartering with carrots and a turnip here.
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    Picked him up a wee cocker and he's been running my wee brown bitch quite a decent little team he has going, he's choking to get going this season, those kits he had off you last year will be well worked this season 🖒🖒
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    Pity you don’t have it know anybody with a greyhound bitch, breed ye own
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    shame max aint got a grey bitch that's sister to that marathon dog he had.....whats its name half brother to England expects.....
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    Sounds like the boy from crimebodge on you tube well worth a look
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