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    My other pup Wheaton bull deer grey
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    As far as I'm aware, they've always done things by the book, and more. Not many people will give you a replacement pup should anything be wrong with your original choice. I've been there a few times, and david and sally always had time, patience and were friendly, knowledgeable about the dogs, and offered good advice about the pups. And the place was clean, the dogs were clean, and all the dogs were friendly and sociable. Something I can 100% assure you that you won't get with the majority of backyard breeders, most of whom won't have a clue. People can only speak as they find
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    Rolling around gathering Lincolnshire red rare breed grass fed beef a collection of steaks fully recommend. Along with the Norfolk large black pork fk the Eu il gnaw on our beef thanks you treacherous cnts
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    10 Peaceful traveling Folk have been arrested for the Murder of a Copper , of course they did not do it and they are a Persecuted Minority , How much longer is this shit going on for ?
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    My Collie Cur Sid, he’s coming on well and he’s a pretty steady pup. Regards Collie John.
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    Just got paint it and put mesh on job done well in press with it
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    There are new regulations coming into effect from October with regard to the commercial breeding of dogs. I suspect these regulations have influenced the decision to pack up.
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    And what exactly would be wrong with that. Brilliant outcome if you ask me.
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    like them or loath them still an end of an era!! Atb
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    Sire, and Dam to the pups. Regards Collie John.
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    He’s 5 months old and has far has I know everyone upto now is happy with theirs pal, my mates litter sister. Regards Collie John.
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    As an ex squaddie and somebody that has patrolled countless cities across the world if I was still serving I would happily patrol the streets of Britain to help clean up the filth that’s infesting the country ... BUT I know for a fact that all you would be is a presence with no authority to do anything, our politicians would see to that and the feral scum would soon cotton on and then squaddies would be a new fun target for them .......
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    That’s a terrible idea I always think. We ain’t like the United States, we don’t have a culture where we are brought up around guns. If you watch how American police officers conduct themselves and how British police officers conduct themselves.......it’s very, very different. Most every day British coppers shouldn’t be trusted with a clip board never mind a Glock ! That said, they don’t deserve to be killed and injured just doing the job of trying to keep a lid on the tsunami of f***ing pond life infecting the UK. Its the people above the police that are the danger to the police, politically correct liberal shites.
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    It’s a case of work all your adult life and pay your taxes and when you can’t do that anymore hurry up and die.
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    Given the fact most British old bill cum in their pants about out of date road tax, who seriously.......I mean actually think this through........who seriously would allow these Billy no mates types a f***ing gun to wave around ? It don’t even bare thinking about !
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    Jockeys are tough little feckers. Tremendous self discipline eating next to nowt for years. Flung off horses at breakneck speed. Multiple bone breaks over their careers. Most sportsmen are wimps in comparison.
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    I hope every hunting person (men, women, children, grannies and her cat) care enough to take the time to complete the questionnaire. The indifference from hunting people is at times frustrating. We love our rural pastimes yet we are very slow to respond when needed and at the same time our opponents are actively chipping away making it a very one sided argument. Then when laws change lads throw the toys out cribbing that they weren’t informed etc. If you have close relations with an address in the area I suggest ye start digging out the family tree and get busy.
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    23 inches, flying machine, little headf strong but handy on the lamp.