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    As far as I'm aware, they've always done things by the book, and more. Not many people will give you a replacement pup should anything be wrong with your original choice. I've been there a few times, and david and sally always had time, patience and were friendly, knowledgeable about the dogs, and offered good advice about the pups. And the place was clean, the dogs were clean, and all the dogs were friendly and sociable. Something I can 100% assure you that you won't get with the majority of backyard breeders, most of whom won't have a clue. People can only speak as they find
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    As I see it you have 2 choices in this life. You can either stand up and fight for those things which you claim to care passionately about. Or you can take the easy option of sitting back and doing nothing. At least that way, when the time comes, all you have to do is roll over and throw in the towel. Personally I know which I'd rather do, but we each make our own choices in life.
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    Rolling around gathering Lincolnshire red rare breed grass fed beef a collection of steaks fully recommend. Along with the Norfolk large black pork fk the Eu il gnaw on our beef thanks you treacherous cnts
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    Jockeys are tough little feckers. Tremendous self discipline eating next to nowt for years. Flung off horses at breakneck speed. Multiple bone breaks over their careers. Most sportsmen are wimps in comparison.
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    A clairvoyant describing people who chew the fat on THL General Talk? Some crackpot far right arsehole?
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    Good point.. They'd more than likely get filled in On the flip side.. how many 11 stone boxers would get into the ring with a ton and half of raging muscle? Especially after you've taken a pointy one through your boat race and lost an eye.. For me.. that requires a fair set of balls!! Padilla getting rinsed.. again! I doubt many men would have gone back for seconds.
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    The mush are ther bud an went for potato and onion pakora
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    Just need the home made chips with onions and mushrooms
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    There are new regulations coming into effect from October with regard to the commercial breeding of dogs. I suspect these regulations have influenced the decision to pack up.
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    Every where is pretty much good from St David's up to Cardigan,i lived that way a few years back and i'd just set off with a small pack along the coastal path and only ever blanked once or twice and that looking back was down to not knowing what i was doing.Just about every rock you can catch pollock,pouting,mackral and sometimes bass from and there's dogfish,bull huss and conger under your feet.Forgot about the fine wrasse you get there and a few times i'd just kick off a limpet and free line it down the side of the rocks and catch some crackers..Iv'e caught bass under the foot bridge in cardigan and around St Davids up to Strumble head it used to be 2 hours before and after high tide for the mackral shoals to pass close enough to be able to feather a few and take a spare rod to chuck out a head and guts as many a big fish follows the mackral about..I still remember the first time i saw the north sea with a fishing rod in my hand after moving from your way and being fcuking gutted ain't even close to how i felt..
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    I would not use a greyhound for anything except first cross.
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    Terrier work has been under the microscope for a very long time... looked at like a cancerous cell..its been through the houses of parliament stormont and the dail, its only because like minded people behind the scenes who terrier work and all to do with wildlife management is their life took there own time personal expences and wrote submissions and met with the relevant authorities that terrier work when conducted correctly and within the law is actually in a better position than it has ever been.. just completed it.. thanks for the heads up Barrie you have and always will be one of the most savvy terrier men I have had the privilege of meeting up with on a couple of occasions...
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    Your spot on pal, I've seen it happening loads of times fellas thinking they could throw their weight around, then bang some cnut shoots them, fellas like that don't last to long over here.
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    If I was to go round acting like a bullying prick ,Dublin isn't the city id choose .
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    like them or loath them still an end of an era!! Atb
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    While back a clown was at it at a demo coming the c**t with the coppers at a riot or looting a muskha came out and ironed him clean out with a baton the man died there was uproar ....jail the copper , (he wasnt exactly a model copper by the way) hardly one person took the coppers side on here Now people want the coppers armed ?? Seriously ?
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    I think those lads that do the t t have more minerals at those speeds those no second chance or comebacks
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    Big Brother gets his nose into everything. Can't see as if they were doing much wrong. Perhaps some dodgy practices but no more than your average farmer. Shame really. THL will have to look for a new hate figure. Lol.
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    One or both of us is definitely mellowing. We haven't fallen out for years. How often do folk listen to others in an argument? Mostly never I reckon. I think on here I have only had my mind changed three times. Once with you when you were on about libertarianism, I thought you were talking rubbish until I read up on the subject. Once with gnasher about boxing and once with Darcy when we were all up in arms about a lion being shot by a trophy marksman. He pointed out that farming lions is good for the economy / employment and good for the lion population in South Africa. The rest of the time I stubbornly bang on about my bigoted world view lol.
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    I'm not a big fan of padilla but seeing him in one of his last appearances in pamplona showed how much he has put on the line. Less than a month before he had his scalp opened up.
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    Michael Dunlap broke his pelvis in a crash and went out 2 weeks later and won both superbike races at his home race meeting.
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    Evil Knievel now he was tough bastrud.
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    No, it definitely wasn’t me. Lol
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    Making them sick as been happening years buddy when I first got raided in 89 they did that along with taking everything even emptied the freezer then the cnuts switched it off with loads of dog meat still in it but now with DNA etc things have become a lot more low key( unless your a face book warrior )if that's what your in to which isn't always a good thing as it attracts cnuts that want the gory side and not what true terrier work is about
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    Can happen to anyone of us at any time!!! Except jobi he seems have it sussed out I’m going be listening closely to his advice ... Ive heard of lads that been caught near an incident dead animal no evidence they was there.. give their dogs something make them sick all evidence in it they need So f**k knows lot of conspiracy theories!!!! Best way keep yourself safe...... don’t even leave a fag butt on Scene that’s how bad I am!! When I smoked of course
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    The sett was freshly dug they found a carcass and some blood plus his van was seen in the area
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    ffs Shoot it then let the dog catch it my dogs still probably miss it
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    Named Chiko but became known as "the Beak", on account of his finding ability
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    I agree with what you say ,we are pissing in the wind trying to keep our way of life going ,you have to go about your business discreetly and have a little smug grin occasionally,,,, but trust me Barrie is no anti ,he's fought to keep terrier work going for years ,and he must be in the top 5 terriermen this country has seen ,so cut him some slack .
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    I can tell you they moan if they come, and you got a fourten lol
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    We launch from the side of the river,which is just a couple of hundred yards from the sea.It's a firm short steep shingle bank and we've a break back trailer with a good winch on it so it's easy.But it's light enough and well balanced enough to be able to be pushed across a firm beach by two people and any car will tow it,were not ones for paying silly money to get into the sea so we'll give it a go anywhere really ,i have a little avon inflatable as well and i know what you mean about space and that's why we went out to work our way up to this one and the space on it without it being a big boat is brilliant and 4 could fish off without to many problems..
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    And what exactly would be wrong with that. Brilliant outcome if you ask me.
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    Also youd have a copper shooting a unarmed person through fear. Imagine a copper being cornered by a group of dickheads spoiling for a fight . He pulls his gun to try scare them off , they dont care and all of a sudden hes put a bullet in one of them
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    It did in our house growing up,if my parents found out I'd been smacked/caned at school you could guarantee I would be getting another clip. I did say one of the main findings after the London riots was a lack of discipline in the home so the kids ran wild and took this into older age.
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    The face of policing has changed here from the RUC days definitely and that can only be a good thing coming from a catholic area but that’s a whole different thread but it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re still armed and go about their day to day policing duties while having a piece strapped on their hip and nobody blinks an eye at it.
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    No mate been busy with other stuff ,be next year now I think My kid managed to get the Greyhound lined to that Deerhound dog out the imported stuff for me while I was Offshore .
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    Your probably onto something there tbh mate. I watched a documentary about the London riots and one of the main findings was there was no discipline in the home and so the kids just ran wild and took this attitude into older age with them.Same as the kids at school now with no fear/respect of authority,school was a good laugh and we all got up to capers but nobody looked forward to the cane,especially in front of the whole class .
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    Nice afternoon for it Billy, have you been splashing out on a pick up mate ?
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    Because the requirement to be armed is a very very dangerous thing to couple into another thread on here the insertion of a firearm being present escalates any situation I guarantee that within a month we would have instances of coppers having weapons taken from them in a brawl and used against them firearms should never become the norm , they should be an escalation
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    No they don't my mate was one of the first to be convicted by using dna they matched pollen /blood outside the sett to his spades and also they had portable DNA kits when they raided his house which they used also in court
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