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    RH you got me thinking and i think your right they are getting a look /type this pup reminds me of his great grandfather a dog born 2001 i gave to Limb , in the middle around the same age , 16-18 months 3 years and 11 years ,
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    young triffid......don't get to close when there older...
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    Your, to fussy I know the picture is not the best but if she had a dab of makeup she would look a little like Venus Williams or Halle Berry, if you want to see rough birds go to Coalville on a Friday night the Fccfing lot of em look they have fell off the corner of a Church.
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    Perhaps a simpler, more honest route would of worked...
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    Haven’t been on here in a good few year, here’s my bitch anyone else running deerhound collie greys?? 3 yr Old this yr, 27tts... proving her self a lot
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    no contents
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    I was born to shoot a 22, it was my third arm or even a sixth sense I was out day and night the Pheasants never had a chance [not at £2 a brace when money was good], got nicked at Wansford on the A1 in 1965 a random car check , Fine £5 , caught coursing on Ramsey Fen , the gun was in the car Boot and belonged to the driver ,it was 1967 £10 Fine with £2 costs, then 1973 shooting Pheasants and Hares at Great Ponton Six Months nick , when I was in the Cells the Judge sent for me to his Chambers and said that he was wrong and changed the term to Suspended , laughs and smiles all round and me and Circuit Judge Syme shook hands and has I walked out of his Chambers he said " Michael the World has changed if you appear in Court for any Firearms offence !you will get at least 4 years . Whithin 5 minutes I had grown a Halo and Wings and never shot a 22 again because I ain't Black and Daft.
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    It took me a f---ken year to get 308 posts,but they were all about dogs and hunting.
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    No, I couldn't guarantee that
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    Dillydog i can't honestly say now and its not a case of rose tinted glasses Butcher was as close to the perfect type for me back then but we dug him dead on the 6th of feb 1988 the photo was taken a few years before and is the only reference i have , he was a bit heavy chested as where a few of that old nuttall blood , the bitch he was mated to was a much neater type i do remember that,the pup has about 20 lines back to both of them and its still fingers crossed he'll do the job
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    3 weeks ago I took the greyhound for a walk in the neighbourhood,we hadnt gone 50 yards when we were passing a thick hedge,The bitch grabbed a cat that was hidden under it and ripped it out on to the street foothpath ,firkin thing was screaming (as i suppose you would with a dog clamped to your neck) I tried to seperate them and the cat dug its nails into my jeans ,i dropped the dog lead to get the cat off in panic and the bitch legged it with the cat out onto the road carrying the cat up the main road in front of oncoming cars ,i was fecking disgraced ,a bit too old in the tooth for that kind of excitement now ,The bitch then ran into a garden where the lady of the house was having a smoke ,and dropped the cat on her lawn ,ffs ..i did some apologising and had to come back to take the body away ...dont talk about bloody cats ,The bitch is now muzzled when we walk
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    It's amazing how quickly all kinds of wildlife will come in when a pond is added to a garden, I made this small pond and put six shubunkin in, lost one this year the rest are still going strong over five years on
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    Just had a read of it myself and it’s an eye opener for sure. When the hunting ban came about these people realised that anything is possible and won’t stop till it’s all gone which is also very possible. The hunting and shooting community in England and Wales must be the only minority group that the government don’t mind shitting on.
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    CASTER'S CLIT??????????
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    I remember that dog with Limb
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    The difference wasn’t Messi at all. There were winners in the Barca team all over this pitch . Liverpool simply put aren’t capable of dealing with massive intensely high pressure games . Thats the difference . Winners get into a habit of winning
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    Earlier Delswal posted this 》》》 Replying on these blogs, whether it be a thumbs up or down or a 2-3 paragraph reply voicing your concerns or opinions only serves to increase the traffic to their blog. It's a win-win for the blog, attention is what they want, I'm not entirely sure which route to take to fight back, but one thing is for sure I will not promote their blogs with any form of response. Maybe just maybe, the likes of B.A.S.C and countryside alliance should unite and challenge these self-opinionated interfering jobsworths, after all, it's not like there are not enough funds floating around to mount a counter legal challenge to their actions, or at least jump on board and have some input into the new licences. It's about time our subscriptions went to good use and not just be footing huge pay packets, with a few free magazines and insurance thrown into the mix. Rant over...........atb .........Del I say that basc is not fit for purpose. Now basc would say that my coment is undermining their work but i would say that everything that they do is done in a submissive belated attempt to grandstand their substandard performance. They claim to be the voice and protector of country sports! So are they doing this ? ? The answer on everycount, every time is a big NO!! If football teams don't perform and get results the Manager gets sacked . This goes for any company that doesn't perform the management are given their p45. I AM SO IRITATED that basic just say stuff like .... they didn't know that natural England were going to suspend the General license, ....... so if their business is to protect the sport, the question has to be why didn't they know and what were they doing whilst the antis had their agents working for their anti agenda within NE ? It's about time that all of the top basic people were hoofed out , new people put in and this sort of dont rock the boat nonsense stopped. The antis are aggressive and active. Writing up articles about making pigeon pie and reminiscing about past shooting days or that twee picture of old Ted standing at a five bar gate with his pipe in his mouth watching the sun go down ain't going to cut it. There is the motto of the 3 Ps..... piss poor preparation = piss poor performance.
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    Cor Bet it’s clit like a erect Mars bar
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    She could have one of her bollocks removed that might solve the problem. Cheers Arry