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    Pot calling the kettle black there DC , your slagging the shooters most of which don’t get to shoot pheasants but get there sport from pigeon / pest control etc who by an large were totally against any ban on hunting .Plenty of us shooters did the march and demo’s at the time but there wasn’t a vote from ordinary people ( not that it would have been listened to given the present situation regarding the will of the people ) wether to ban it ! I don’t know one shooting man , and I include plenty of mates that do shoot pheasants that agreed with the ban . The decision to ban hunting had fcuk all to do with hunting and who supported it , it was a political concession by Blair to appease his party .. As for fishermen they were never generally bothered by the ban because they were shortsighted enough to believe they are safe from the anti brigade , were as most ordinary shooting people could see the writing on the wall , they don’t or didn’t think they would be vulnerable. They may be the last field field sport on the menu but on the menu they are ...grouse shooting will be next , another persieved rich man’s sport so not a problem we can just say fcuk them , then driven , same as , then shooting in all its forms from pest control to stalking , game fishing , another fcuk the rich boys before getting to the working man’s sport , sea and course fishing ..the biggest participation sport in the country ..by which time I’ll be dead and pleased I am .. Slagging of shooters and pleased they are going to be next is exactly whatChris Crapham and his anti mates want , but the biggest losers in all this will be the wildlife ...
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    I do hope this, along with the numerous game farms that have been targeted this year plus revoking of shoot licences on council land, at least begins to open the eyes of the gunmen to the battle that we are involved in. The CA and I believe basc are seeking legal advice and their are hopes that this can be changed. Drop the rich man poor man bollocks. Just like with brexit, unite and fight or loose all. Be a positive force, not whining about others.
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    Errrr........ pre ban......
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    Scorpion you are obviously green to terrier work, but we all started at sometime or other. Many of us don’t start our “pups” until 16 or 17 months preferring to hold them back. A pup matures an awful lot between 12 months and 2 years in their short life. Different animal between those ages. Have patience and leave them make their puppy mistakes for they are only kids at that age! There is far too much bravado in this game with people full of dismal wisdom that has been to the detriment of many a young prospect. Sometimes I think the dogs are more intelligent that than the lads holding the lead. Patience costs you nothing. Sometimes people at in far too much of a hurry to prove themselves right and they can’t be wrong when the dog is gone????
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    First class post Corkman . Cubs can and do make a terrier look well below it’s worth and in company you are onto a loser before you even collar up the dog .Only had one decent bitch on cubs and she was tiny ,my Tilly bitch . The only way to persevere with a larger dog is basically to destroy the earth they are in by trenching on and following tubes ,a practice I hate but have done when trapping the unfortunate cubs has come a blank .You wouldn’t believe how tight cubs can get in ,smaller than your fist . Like others have said ,this isn’t the time of year for starting a dog ,neither is hole ending in any shape or form . Let the youngster teach you ,if it’s bred right , it will know more about the game than you do . Let the dog find it’s own hole to enter ,just you and the dog in an easy place ,no fuss ,no pushing ,no bollocking . Forget any other entering practice mate ,you are just geeing the dog up needlessly .
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    Well nearly may just sat down having a brew at just after 9 when wife's mother says what them lights out side well it's about 4 geezers with 3 lamps about 5 dogs lamping . I mean come on a bit late in the season about 5 hours too early and more dogs and bodys than bunnies . They will be first moaning there's nowt about and as it's a warm still early evening whatever happened to mooching with the weather on your side good wind drizzle etc . And the noise my god it was like listening to an heated conversation in a pub .so lads it wasn't your careless parked motor or unlucky face to face confrontation with the police farmers keeper etc that will lead to your downfall it will be your racket and ability to light a field up like a football stadium and your celebrations like the crowd when your teams just scored . Just pointing out a few minor flaws to becoming an accomplished poacher moocher.
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    They will pick us all off one by one. Years ago I tried to get my fishing club to stand by Fox Hunting as I was on the committee and was on Wyvern Committee (Fishing Committee for National Federation of Sea Anglers) to no avail, they didn't want to know. Together we stand divided we fall. Cheers Arry
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    I f***ing despair. My country hates me.
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    I think the other thing to remember and gnash already mentioned....is other substances that are being taken...he already mentioned diuretics ...also insulin is another ...wich of course is one very serriouse hormone....and not forgetting recreational drugs on top....I remember I few lads from my home town dying young mid 40's...folk on the jungle drums saying its cos of steroids....whilst they may not of helped...drop a gram of Charlie everyday in to the mix....and your heading for trouble...
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    There is a certain element that get the gear up em & think they are invincible,just like there is a certain element that get on the drink,and think they are the best man in the country,or a certain element that suddenly get hold of a few quid & start looking down there nose at people...a c**t is a c**t whatever they do & whatever way you slice it but most people I know who take gear are very well informed about what it is they take,where they source it from & do it for reasons that are not violent at all - they want to see how far they can push themselves & love the buzz of getting stronger & stronger & pushing more weight,it's for mental stimulation & it's a lifestyle they enjoy,you get fools in every sport/hobby,that's just life
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    Just a little bit of advice, don’t put any pictures on line of any birds until we all know where we stand on this
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    Picked this up on eBay a pro q BBQ smoker I’ve wanted one for a while I did look at the Weber Smoky Mountain But this one was more versatile as you can use it as a bbq as well as smoker holds 301bs of meat. I cooked a shoulder of pork today 8 hours and made my own pork rub. Quarter Cup of Brown sugar 2tbl spoon of ground salt 1tbl spoon Ground pepper 1tbl spoon onion powder 1tbl spoon garlic Powder 1tea spoon spoon cayenne pepper 1tble spoon smoked paprika shake it all up in a plastic box and apply to the meat over night I’m quite pleased with the out come considering it’s my first proper smoke.
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    Good luck Phil - I hope you get a common sense reply mate I reckon NE have probably had their phones diverted to voicemail on purpose so that they don't have to deal with the flak
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    Im not worried at all about shooting, my main problem is telling the missus i cant get out of her hair for a day. Il lock her up.with this packham fella she will shove a pigeon up his rear end and make him her biatch just so she can clean the house why im not in
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    I wish someone would tip a 1000 rats in his back yard and then secretly film his response!
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    feck me socks....your hair has gotten long
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    Well petitions been accepted ,just got to wait for them to publish it,yet another civil service cock up.How can u cancel the existing licence but have nothing to replace it ,ffs .Lets make instant criminals of anyone trying to protect their livelyhood and make sure theres nothing they can do about it. Who came up with this idea " Morecombe and Wise"
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    Each to their own though one of my old mates who is now turned 50 and won every body building competion going and is known world wide is one of the soundest lads you could wish to meet and I found him to be worlds apart from some of the people being described on this thread.
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    Not all of us Dan - I only shoot air rifles but, I know a fair few shooters that don't want to see a ban on any field sports. ......... I don't want to see any of it banned - crack on as you are and enjoy it.
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    Another attack on the genuine working class hunter and pest control...meanwhile lord hooty gets free reign to blast as many fat chickens thrown up by beaters as his fat lab can pick up
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    A couple more pics of today’s first cook up the pink around the edge is known as the smoke halo god I smashed into loads lol.. Balaur the height is 103cm and diameter is 43cm the reason I know is I asked the seller before buying, These all come apart and the difference to the Weber is they have two doors one for your charcoal and one for your water I used pear wood Chippings which I sprinkled on the coal from a load of wood I got for my wood burner when I chain sawed it up.
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    Not wanting to hi jack anybody’s thread and certainly not telling my gran how to suck eggs, but anyone who fancy’s a go at a bit of knife making may be interested, my boy picks up the old cutter blades from site and brings them home for me, the steel seems pretty good and they take an edge like nothing else I have used, made this little one after watching some Inuit types cutting up meat with a half circle blade, it slices through anything like butter even cut the dish cloth in half when I washed it anyway total cost 00 small bit of antler I found in my pocket after a visit to the garden centre and an old grinder blade, couple of hours on my £20 Aldi belt sander/grinder and away we go
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    I wanted to wait till at least one of my kids was there and settled which will be within 3 years,but f**k living in a country where the politicians take the piss out of us,if we don't get what we voted for I will f**k off sooner,they are blatantly taking the piss out of us big-time.