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    More like a summers day never mind a spring day , a young bitch first day on bike and meeting hounds , cursed myself for not using a pup after getting a mark of 0.6
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    It is mate, he is very good to handle at first I thought it was because he was in shock but even now he still lets me put cream on him and I gave him a bath with tea tree oil with no fuss.
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    Wanna try blowing up a worst invasive species than poxy pigs, they root up up your crops not your kids!
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    43 pages so far and the consensus is clear, sadly she is the tip of the iceberg and the one getting all the publicity, apparently we have already allowed circa 400 others back!
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    Haha Haha...f**k knows what's going on here...even a few of the sensible lads have started babbling lol
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    My Brother, me and our 2 Italian friends who along with their families treated us so we'll My lad and my niece at 3000m up... Top of the world!! Not a bad view when your having a beer.. lol Unfortunately home now and back to reality...
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    It’s far more worrying to stay attached to the corrupt unelected leeches
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    For fcuk sake don’t tell my old lady she’ll have me topped if she thought she’d get 40 grand ...
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    deep,deep,deep drainage of the mind
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    I’d want to get resurrected and join that party maybe god will be kind to him
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    I've just spent a week in main land Spain and a week in Tenerife, if you removed the Brits from the amount of people that were there they'd be on their bloody knees.
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    could of been mack....I dont pay to much attention to the wife if I can help it
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    full flat grinds want to look like this ken with grind below the spine
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    kin el mate. Your misses in nick?
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    Who the f**k just has a tannerite stash
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    Theres a pattern forming here,....sad ....lol...mind over matter,i dont mind cause you dont really matter lol
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    Seen the vid of rambo working and i would much rather use a harder type beddy with outcross blood than one like him to produce lurchers, but I suppose it depends what you intend on using the pups for.
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    Not quite a can in your back garden with a air rifle is it
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    And these at an American gun range we were born in the wrong country
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    Fury or wilder certainly don't want to fight joshua. Said after the 1st fight, there'd be no rematch. Wilder will have a couple of 'half threat' fights, maybe brezeale 1st, then retire. f**k knows who fury's going to fight next, but I bet it won't be whyte. Complete shower of shite
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    I am very surprised that even legal,what sort of person (apart from a redneck) gets up in the morning has his Weetabix then decides to blow up some hawgs with his tannerite stash
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    So glad your not a bias Brexit reporter we’d be on the slippery slide to hell with that doom and forever gloom report maybe you should interview a family that has lost a loved one down to an illegal scumbag so loved by the dem fake media ? Ok skip that fundamental issue eh mate feel sure thers plenty evidence let’s not forget the meth and fentinal moved over the border by the loved ones eh 2009 the border is fkn flooded and and dem fake bias ne ws that contradicts is bullshit news
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    Good healthy looking pup .
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    Yep that’s me but fk them eu slags and whatever the consequence
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    Ignore em our team.you have every right to say what you want.
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    Yes mate and wash and creamed it up twice a day, the leg was twice the size it is now I didn't Know if it was broken but he was lucky the toes fell off after about a week but all looks good now
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    OT Fuuck off and die The bitch ain't coming back and neither is Jesus. Are you just really that sad in life that all you have is to act like a moron? This site has gone way down in terms of fools signing up. Back in the old days they were amusing.
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    Nice outcome that is.good on you trev70
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    I've been doing this a long time but I still get spooked sometimes, odd noises or rustling I can't identify or see!
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    There is untold vids on pootube of yanks blowing hogs up there isnt,as far as i know, a law saying i cant do it here lol i have been meaning to try it
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    Lets Hope Nationwide stays put!
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    Good and come get this fukcing bbq lol .......
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    Poor thing. Good on you for rescuing him. Hope he turns out a good one
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    His wife set up a GoFundMe page to cover his funeral costs its made $40,325 at the moment that's some shindig at his wake
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    I think its the eyebrows
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    I'm trying to give up sexual innuendos, but it's hard...............oh so hard.
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    Theres a clip on youtube,some americans bait some pigs beside a propane tank,once a large number of pigs are beside the tank they shoot it only in America
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    My mate just got told today he has to get his social security (NI) replacement card the same way as people from outside of Europe. Whether this is true or just some cnut being a w@nker, who knows. But it's started!
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    this may help ...http://dcknives.com/public/grind_angle_metric.php
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    Please please fuuck off Our team. I can only ask nicely over the net.
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    Remember; if it's been living wild, it might be more prone to lay up or f**k off out of another hole and away Good man for the rescue
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    Thanks... I think?? Lol
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