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    I remember a thread from 1976 ,a young Ray asking advice about his back that he had just strained shagging
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    Christ some of the old posts still have me chuckling BPR getting beat up by that disabled bloke for parking in a disabled space but that wasn't a really early post
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    Dog was bred in England mate, his oed is top secret u know how things are on here recently lol
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    I really don't understand this attitude..Tommy makes good money but not from the people who donate to causes he doesn't need to..the talk circuits are very lucrative and add to that things like his rebel media work his Alex Jones work and his interviews and his books and yes hes on a good number for sure but at the same time hes always raising awareness he doesn't sit on his arse all day and watch the money roll in the man is a workaholic he doesn't stop it's the nature of the game and hes clever enough to exploit the offers put in front of him,can you really blame him for that?
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    RFYL and his supermodel missus.......
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    To be honest I don't really give a f**k how the fox was killed or if he dug the plummer if he is telling porkies then he is only lieing to himself if not then fair dews to the old bitch.
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    . Was that called my next Facebook victim or something along those lines.
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    Tb25 and his supposed girlfriends which were just pictures of women off the internet...
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    Don't forget the small porsche... Best be careful or hell lick our heads in
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    Who was the fella that had a pet rabbit swapped for a watering can ?? and chartpolski meltdown over someone using pic of his dog in a stud advert on preloved
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    Bring back BAW and FTB lol Cheers, D.
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    It started just after the world wars when real men weren't needed anymore , and came into its prime when the EEC formed then changed to EC and later what we have now as the EU. It will finally come to an end and no longer be necessary when immigration stops, collie crosses are reestablished, Salukis banned from the earths surface, beddys and borders can dig earths properly, big cats can roam the land in peace and Tommy Robinson becomes Prime minister. Oh I forgot! peg guns have to be made legal and Sunderland win the champions league.
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    ITV just called her a terrorist victim FFS! so just for balance a bit of Katie
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    Is that a FACT? Because he was knocked on his arse TWICE in the same fight by someone that is NOT a very good 'boxer'
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    I think you make some good points. Not entirely sure if I agree with you but it's all opinions so nobody is wrong . Can't stand that work "woke" tho lol
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    My thoughts exactly....i always thought that eventually after enough pushing the average British man in the street would stand on shoulder to shoulder with each other and push back.....but it seems the best we can muster up as resistance at the moment is having a day out listening to some bod moaning about irrelevant shit ! I dont think its that we havent got the stomach for it i just think the establishment and society have done a job on your average white Brit,they have moved the goalposts of what is right and left,years ago you had to physically assault one of the tribes to be called far right....then more recently you only had to call them a name......now you only have to say you are against mass immigration to be labelled far right !!.....we have been utterly brainwashed with political correctness....political correctness is all about making society police itself and unfortunately a lot of us have fallen for it....give it one more generation of pc brainwashing with no response and i think it will probably have gone beyond what we can come back from.
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    Once again he wasnt with out before all this started but dont let that blinker you
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    Eh I would cos I'm a pervert
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    I doubt anybody be willing to shag her. f**k that.
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    Have a look at a couple of vids of them ferreting/lamping on YouTube bud. I had on in mid 80’s fast as fcuk caught loads but she did suffer from injuries. Atb
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    I dont know much about Lurchers im at the basic learning stage so dont take my word on it....but im led to believe a grey/whippet is like a 1000 bhp sports car with Vauxhall Zafira running gear.....in a straight line fantastic just dont try to twist,turn or stop.
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    oi mate....mate......its Valentines Day not Comic Relief Day Technically as in what ?....punch delivery ? balance ? shifting weight ? hip rotation ? closing distance ? .......id say he is poor. Technically as in keeping distance ? speed of foot ? using sheer unorthodox height and reach to score points.....id say he is very gifted. Fury is a one trick pony.....its just a different type of trick to the other big 2.......and to me its a far more risky trick than the other 2.....when you dont come out to try and get rid of your opponent you risk leaving victory in the hands and opinions of 3 daft old men and thats where he came unstuck last time out......take your opponent out and you dont have those type of problems. Its what separates amateur boxing ( point totals )......to pro boxing ( effective aggression ). Fury has done fantastic since he stopped standing and fighting opponents,when he stood and had a tear up even with much smaller men he got put on his arse so he has done the right thing and utilised his size on the move.
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    I went to the last one to see what it was like never having been to a meet before. tbh found it a bit strange seeing hares being run with a crowd present. Guess it's just what you're used to. The Police Range Rover upside down in the big ditch still makes me
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    Thats all well and good but he is completely irrelevant in the political world so in terms of advancement and change how is he a force to be reckoned with ?....he's a popular bloke on the internet yes.......but so what ?
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    This is very sad, the Abbeyfeale Harriers work very hard each year to organise and run this festival and I'm sure they have made a valuable contribution towards the Irish Cancer Society over the years. The antis would prefer to see people die and suffer from lack of funding that could provide supports to cancer patients and research treatments and cures, rather than see a fox hunted We live in a very strange and sad world, where vermin is considered more important than sick people Why do people listen and bow to the pressures of an ignorant loud mouthed minority like the antis rather than the common sense approach of the silent majority?
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    Feels like yesterday and a life time all at once
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    I have to laugh when i see people digging Joshua out over his choice of opponents..... Wilder and Fury wouldnt fight him because they're supposedly fighting each other so they are out.....Whyte turned the fight down so he,s out.....so what is he supposed to do ? Look at who has fought who already ( facts ) Of the current crop of top heavyweights Joshua has fought 5.....Wilder has fought 2......and Fury has only fought 1 So lets dig Joshua out
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    I've never shot a mole but I heard of a woman who shot 28 on the trot with a 410. Apparently she got nervous that she would mis. I have shot a frog in a marsh ditch, a mouse on an indoor range (moving target) , a trout in a stream with a 22lr and a big spider with a matchstick in my bedroom (when I was a kid, with a 177 webbley junior air pistol).
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    Dog for next year. 9 month. Enjoying life indoors while boundary wall done. Im not enjoying. Hes a needy f*@ck3r. Getting on my tits!
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    Think ther be far more remainers who have seen the eu for the crooks ther are and become eu haters than “misled informed Brexit voters “ that’s a media bullshit fairy story lol
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    I heard about this on radio today, disgusting, I tried ringing in to have my rant, why should my taxes be paying to keep a person like that here, let alone the unborn fathered by isis. she openly admitted no remorse or regrets, and that she wanted to return as she knew her and the child would be looked after, basically benefits all round. As far as I am concerned she should rot in the hole she chose, she gave up her British passport and all rights when she left to marry an isis fighter.we don’t need folk like her in this country, I’m not convinced we shouldn’t send her family to join her out there.
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    That was stiffed by a hard hitting lurcher me think
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    Just shoot the cnut in the guts!
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    See you took my advice Cheers, Down
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    Buck was only 37"tts in them days!
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    2 years peeping and joined 2007 Cheers, D.
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    Cant be much of a dog if a half hearted kick in the chops is going to back it off
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    There can be only one! Cheers, D.
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    There was some good ones the first offline offer to Stan I think then doodles restocking his golf course and the lad with the laser control on rabbits there's been some good ones
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    Iol,....oh right Smithie, i didn't know you were a regular user of the traditional wooden full barrel trap ?
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    Where's the compassion lads...she's only a poor young girl pregnant and scared.... a nice council house, couple hundred quid a week in benefits, free NHS, etc is the least we can do for her......ffs
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    Makes me laugh,,,they were runaways ,,,how the f**k we know there parents didn't groom them and sent them over,,,then went to police my kid has run away with crocodile tears ???? Just saying
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    I have a horrible feeling I may have bin sober Feck it never again
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    Im sure he does being that he helped build stonehenge
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    Thanks that's the first stock I've done and I'm very happy with it. I want to do another now think I've found a new hobby.
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    That looks amazing the stock work you have done yourself. I bet it will look grand once it's all together. Looks like it's gonna be an amazing gun in the end after all the unnecicery sh!te you went through. Fair play to you!
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