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    Was out on a shoot this morning and due to the sun shining and a wind to dry anything out we didn't really expect to find but we showed willing and you don't find feck all sat at home with dogs sat bored in kennels,so we set off and as we checked and walked many places and hedge rows and blanked.Well we had one final place to check and we'd had one out of there a month or so back and yep that was empty as well,but you don't just check the holes you know and i let my old( 12 1/2 years old) plummer bitch work the rest of the hedge row and she squeezed into a tight little place and settled at a meter on the box ticking away.Half hour and were through to lift the dog and shoot the fox which is the smallest fox i ever did see as it goes but feck it size don't matter unless it's a whopper eh lads..
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    Selective breeding is much quicker than Mother Nature and without man we wouldn’t even have a terrier. It is the most unnatural thing for a dog to do, but through years of selective breeding by man we have a strain of dogs that wants to go to ground and work in total darkness often facing quarry larger than itself, that is some achievement and we definitely haven’t wrecked anything, just tailored them to our needs, even if the odds are against us.
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    Cant make head nor tail of this inbreeding linebreeding genetics x y chromsomes stuff il just take a chance and breed them as close as possible and say prayer for them everytime they go ta ground if they stay till dug to my prayers been answered and if they walk well they have a bed in doggy heaven.
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    well I got a flyer today so went home filled me flask and grabbed the semi.. didn't fancy sitting about watching crap on tv so headed to a nearby perm with a nice little copse, its overgrown as f and a nightmare to get on anything but thats why I like it there! when I got there I poured a coffee and had a look at me phone and instantly missed a perfect chance the first down was an easy retrieve but the second was a nightmare, I gave up after about 15 mins of looking and put it down to not being dead although it dropped like a brick, dropped a few more on the other side of the wood but same problem, had a look could see feathers all over but they had flown and dropped in a silage field! I shot another in exactly the same area as the first elusive one and could I fcuk find it... I was fuming, I was shaking bushes looking up trees! thought it was some kind of acid flashback and had I actually shot them cos it was like they were disappearing down some kind of plug hole then I caught a glimpse of something that didn't look right on the deck about 20yrd away from where I was looking... result it was a nice warm pigeon, so I looked up at the tree it was shot from and found my bearings and where id been shooting from then promptly found the first lost one!! result.. I'm not mental! part of the jungle modest bag but enough for a couple of nice pitta salad sandwiches! if anyone knows of any Brittany pups coming up give me a nod, best dog ive ever had... rip ralf, he'd of found them!
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    think the doggies won't to go for a walk short drive and set off up hill
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    It's a pleasure roosting and flighting with mine now he's had a couple seasons at it. Knowing your dog will find the bird you just shot and be back immediately while you can focus on the next bird coming in is great. A lot of dog for 30lb.
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    bumped in to some wild goats
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    What you on about ‘hard up’. This is Flynn’s profile from fbook...
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    this level of training can be difficult to achieve, but with experience anything is possible. (note the concentration on the dogs face)
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    skinner .from austrian bohler n690 stainless red g10 over black g10 liners .handle
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    Went to put my first Squirrel feeder up tonight lads and thought it rude not to take the Pro Sport along with us. Once the feeder was in place, myself and Kaiser settled in by some small conifers to wait and see what was about the big sitty trees. Full leaf suit on and these were taken with heart/ lung shots to 41 yds, instant dispatch. atb Mark.
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    Been toying with the idea of a cocker as it’ll be a lot more manageable for my mum or dad to take for walks and stuff if I’m away, the Brittany I had was to much for them.. it was good as gold for me but use to drag everyone else all over!! just been offered one by a mate who drives a 360 on site, from working stock and 7 month old £350! think I’ll have a look at it this week Cheers si
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    If it sells off here I will put 10% of procedes as a donation to the fishing comp charity pot.
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    Taken today Ardmore distillery, and Tap O'Noth Aberdeenshire.
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    You should never wait until the line shows signs of being too close as you are already on the downward slope and don’t use an out cross that is too far from your own type or you may undo all you have strived for . My own breeding experience included a mate who started with similar breeding to my own ,even used my first stud dog but bred to the Nuttal side rather than the Wheeler that I preferred . He maintained the size using a son of my Razor,a bull headed Nuttal type dog to all intents and purposes called Sand .Subsequent breedings were up and down within his type ,not my style but he produced workers .His type however were ideal outcrosses to my own and I used 3 of his dogs within 30 odd years . We agreed not to use mine over his as it would of been counterproductive .He used another lads blacks as a further outcross over his bitches . The first litter I had to this outcross were all dogs ,not what I wanted and I gave the whole lot away and so bred another bitch almost on the bounce to the same dog ,which produced 2 bitches 2 dogs of which I kept the bitches .They were like peas in a pod and went on to work well both living and working to a good age and producing 15 pups between them .Put to my then Fly dog ,the bitches were a bit more balanced than he was and produced steady workers .Subsequent matings to the Wheeler style studs I bred produced strong bold types that had a bit of brain to go with it ,something I’d not encountered .
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    Well I bought a cheap entry level eos350 and a couple of lenses for a 100 nicker.
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    One of kg ,s I snapped few yrs back
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    Old dog doesn't get on with the pup(why not let the pup go then) Dog for sale 2 many in my kennels(why the feck get them all then) Split with bird have no option but want a good home and £500 (dogs shit and want to try cash in and get a few party bags) No time due to work commitments never seen anything (meaning never been out of back garden) The list could be endless
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    Good job catweasle didn't get her pregnant,that would be some fugly kid
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    my bitch ....8 wks to 8 months