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    At the start of the season I had 4 bitchs1 was going 9 year old 2 going 7 and another going 4.my plan was to breed the old bitch mother to the other 3 and the youngest daughter but unfortunately I lost the young bitch and that has put a big dent in my kennels.now hopefully I will still breed the old bitch but will also have to breed 1 or both of the others as I can't rely on the old bitchholding or raring pups as last time she had 2 and both died.hopefully I will get at least 1 litter and pups will be split among g ourselves and the man who has the stud dog.its funny but by just losing g 1 it f****d up my kennel so better to be looking at them than looking for them IMO.
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    I watched his Oxford university speech on YouTube, I then got my Mrs and daughters to watch it , it shocked them and educated them . In it he explains where he comes from and why he does what he does. He came across genuine and passionate. The Stacy Dooley video he shows was also shocking. My wife and daughters haven’t got a racist bone in their body’s . But now they understand what’s happening with radical Islam . Something they never got to know from MSM . It’s thanks to Tommy Robinson.
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    A very keen pup watching on ,it finished in the dark
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    Cracks me up when you see these middle aged gormless looking ugly c**ts walking along with their little thai bride all proud to have finally started their own little family do they think we dont know the only way they could get a bird was by buying one out of a catalogue !
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    I agree Apache but it can be a fine line, I feel over dogged during the Summer and then in the middle of the season I feel under dogged
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    Get a non ped or mongrel Whippet.Russells and Whippets get along without much bother.
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    It seems to have kept her with a decent pay check up until now for doing a job she ain’t got a clue how to do
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    Took the whippets for a look today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XNYiLnwbDk
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    anyway 5 foot dig today and i'm off to wash the mud off
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    A friend of mine asked if I could refurbish his s type rapid stock and as he has had a hard time in life I couldn't/wouldn't let him down . My mate Pav serviced it for him free of charge (good man alan) 1st pic is it sanded down and after several coats of Danish oil and a sanding between coats I'm pleased with the result . So it will be back in his possession at weekend
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    I think he’s going to show undercover gained evidence of blackmail and corruption, and probably a high level conspiracy to silence Tommy, who the elitist establishment see as a very dangerous force, but far from achieving this , he has footage which will damage the BBC . I hope it’s not a massive anti climax , I would love to see a massive backlash against the Beeb .
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    Hopefully you lads get a few more good days out and harvest a few more enjoying the pics and write ups.on that topic if ever you guys ever get to come down my way some time rabbiting all year round ferreting,airgun shooting,deer,pigs never ending and a few coldies
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    Basically Just that there's a lot more to come and that the documentary has been sent out all over the world so any attempt to silence it in this country will be in vain. Also that hes in the process of taking various people and agencies to court for wrongdoing against him and he hinted that he's going after the TV licence...think that's about it,till Tuesday when he will be releasing more.
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    Fcuk ! On your third pig this week ! You are like a good quality garbage disposal system ...
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    I don't for one second think you don't already know, the legend is a dog IMO that just wants to graft no matter what. Maybe he (or she) is already sore but needs must and you've got a job to do and this particular animal will go and go regardless. Perhaps it's the old faithful that puts a dig right time after time when others have failed. Perhaps it's the terrier that finds the game when it's given the other the runaround for a few hours and it's dug itself in tight. We've all got our own ideas of what makes the perfect terrier, the best way I could say it is you'll know it when you see it.
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    Top man, support British farmers where you can. i have a few Oxford sandy black ready in a couple of months, never tried them before so be interesting to hear what you think of the taste.
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    the dog in my avater would kill foxes for fun he had a knack of breaking there bottom jaw and ripping there throats out he wasnt everbodys cup of tea as he was a nasty b***%*d but i liked him and he done me well died to ground in the end , ive a dog here now real gently sort of dog but show him a fox and its a dead fox , we were in Wiltshire yesterday doing a bit of ratting had 143 rats then ended up digging as dog had gone to ground ended up with 4 from 2 digs tidy day in the end
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    My good mate who is the hill shepherd sorted a day out for us today, great day for hunting and all dogs done brilliant, real hard going for them 2 out and 2 shot ,happy farmer ,as he gets murdered when lambing on ,,got another farm to do next door next weekend ,happy days ,