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    well I got a flyer today so went home filled me flask and grabbed the semi.. didn't fancy sitting about watching crap on tv so headed to a nearby perm with a nice little copse, its overgrown as f and a nightmare to get on anything but thats why I like it there! when I got there I poured a coffee and had a look at me phone and instantly missed a perfect chance the first down was an easy retrieve but the second was a nightmare, I gave up after about 15 mins of looking and put it down to not being dead although it dropped like a brick, dropped a few more on the other side of the wood but same problem, had a look could see feathers all over but they had flown and dropped in a silage field! I shot another in exactly the same area as the first elusive one and could I fcuk find it... I was fuming, I was shaking bushes looking up trees! thought it was some kind of acid flashback and had I actually shot them cos it was like they were disappearing down some kind of plug hole then I caught a glimpse of something that didn't look right on the deck about 20yrd away from where I was looking... result it was a nice warm pigeon, so I looked up at the tree it was shot from and found my bearings and where id been shooting from then promptly found the first lost one!! result.. I'm not mental! part of the jungle modest bag but enough for a couple of nice pitta salad sandwiches! if anyone knows of any Brittany pups coming up give me a nod, best dog ive ever had... rip ralf, he'd of found them!
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    That’s funny .... but I’m just too pissed off to laugh . I’ve just been on the BBC Licensing website requesting a refund... I told them I no longer have a TV and want a refund. I’ve not long paid it in full . Let’s see what happens.
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    That's just 1 journalist imagine what the bar bill is for the whole corporation
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    im pretty much on the same page as shovel leaner.. I dont do any other social media except this site and I grew up in a rural village in north Yorkshire! the only foreign kids at school belonged to the family that had a Chinese restaurant in town and two polish brothers who's both parents worked, that said my parents are both born and bread Manchester so I spent a lot of time with family over there and was told from an early age not to trust the pakis, this isn't the way to bring your kids up but they had there reasons! I'll freely admit some of the stuff Tommy says makes me cringe and doesn't look good... but that said he is and dose bring matters to the surface that everyone else is playing ignorant to or trying to cover up, wether he is on anyones payroll I dont know but what I do know this county needs more people like him to expose the bullshit that is going on behind closed doors!! people are people and it dont matter weather your a mp or bright green with spots everyone regardless of creed or colour is accountable for there actions and should be punished accordingly
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    Yep all depends. I think it made a difference with my busher working along side another one. My lurcher seemed to pick things up by himself. The only thing I think was a help was the distance he ranges and how he hunts open land in the day. I think he definitely picked that up off other dogs. Lamping wise I prefer to take them solo. Think the owners would benefit from a mentor more than the dogs. I know I did. ATB with the pup.
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    Yes but, it's not just the BBC, they're all at it - anywhere that takes in tax payers money (especially government and the NHS) couldn't give a f**k. ............. All of those execs could learn a lot from some single mums that are forced to work to a budget.
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    In a boozer,like a geezer,drinking blackcurrant liquer,champagne,and flaming sambucas...…..
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    skinner .from austrian bohler n690 stainless red g10 over black g10 liners .handle
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    Taken today Ardmore distillery, and Tap O'Noth Aberdeenshire.
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    Counter protests by certain left wing groups are already being organised .
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    I wish I could be on this planet long enough to figure out how things work Glyn but I won't haha I just stick to the blood I know and hope it works.
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    Yeah we all know but to actually watch your pants begin taken down is another thing
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    I know the guy who uploaded that if I see him around later I will find out what the crack is.
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    The thing is we are all aware shit like this happens,but we don't really focus on it as theres loads of stuff going on in everyday life that masks it and subconsciously we don't give it a second thought,but when its presented to us on a plate like this we realise its a blatant slap in the face so f**k them and their licence,they no longer have the monopoly on home entertainment.
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    You tried to hard on the wind up fella ... it was good for a while but you’ve blown it now .......
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    It’s a huge big gravy train. Tossers like Sweeney , mock and ridicule the working classes while spending our hard earned brass on expensive lunches ..... time for it to end !!!!
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    Went to put my first Squirrel feeder up tonight lads and thought it rude not to take the Pro Sport along with us. Once the feeder was in place, myself and Kaiser settled in by some small conifers to wait and see what was about the big sitty trees. Full leaf suit on and these were taken with heart/ lung shots to 41 yds, instant dispatch. atb Mark.
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    Very nice that mate
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    Very capable looking knife. Nice Job!
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    Update on the video getting pulled No conspiracy I'm afraid..a friend has spoken to rommy tobinson the uploader of the video and it appears that Tommy asked him to take it down as it's not supposed to be out yet.
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    Can’t agree more, I could do with a mentor! Most of what I learnt has been by looking on the net or talking to people at the shows etc. I know a few people who work their lurches but id be more concerned of the bad habits it would pick up than the good ones! cheers for the reply mate.
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    Surely he'll need permission off Manchester council to hold the screening , and I cant see it been granted with the beeb been based there , going to be interesting to see if he can pull it off
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    At least save the bitterness until after the English have slain the dragon bud,but well done on being the other non English poster on this section about how well were doing ..
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    I went to Great Zimbabwe, what's really interesting is that the truth about it is so hidden. During white rule it was said to be phonicean and now it is said to be of black African origin. Neither regime is to be trusted and, no doubt, tampered with the archaeology to suit their point if view. It leaves you to make your own mind up, a genuine mystery. There are few enough of them left. With regards to the original post I am about to go back to NZ for another adventure. With the wife for the first half of the 6 week trip then she goes home and my mate comes out for some serious hunting and fishing! Not sure which I'm looking forward to most, showing her around and seeing what she thinks of it or getting into the bush
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    Why you getting yourself wound up just cos your teams shite dont take it out on me lol
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    Hope theres more to come cos thats aload of shite. Folk have been moaming about that stuff for years.
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    You Cannot. Wait. To get. The next. Post. Up Cheers, D.
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    Need a pilot dog mate Cheers, D.
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    Never bought one and never will. They only get away with it cz the government back the extortion with the promise of a seat on the BBC board after their political career. Few hours a month and a huge backhander. The BBC have been living off this lie of being the best impartial channel with a worldwide fan base. Not any more. Also yanks can watch BBC without paying for it while we get fleeced. I Very rarely watch television these days. I pay for nowtv and Netflix. Which technically I need a license to do so. Trying to cover all angles. Well they will never get a penny from me.
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    It was a video of that sweeney running up a £220 lunch bar bill on expenses
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    You should never wait until the line shows signs of being too close as you are already on the downward slope and don’t use an out cross that is too far from your own type or you may undo all you have strived for . My own breeding experience included a mate who started with similar breeding to my own ,even used my first stud dog but bred to the Nuttal side rather than the Wheeler that I preferred . He maintained the size using a son of my Razor,a bull headed Nuttal type dog to all intents and purposes called Sand .Subsequent breedings were up and down within his type ,not my style but he produced workers .His type however were ideal outcrosses to my own and I used 3 of his dogs within 30 odd years . We agreed not to use mine over his as it would of been counterproductive .He used another lads blacks as a further outcross over his bitches . The first litter I had to this outcross were all dogs ,not what I wanted and I gave the whole lot away and so bred another bitch almost on the bounce to the same dog ,which produced 2 bitches 2 dogs of which I kept the bitches .They were like peas in a pod and went on to work well both living and working to a good age and producing 15 pups between them .Put to my then Fly dog ,the bitches were a bit more balanced than he was and produced steady workers .Subsequent matings to the Wheeler style studs I bred produced strong bold types that had a bit of brain to go with it ,something I’d not encountered .
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    f**k me, that just had me laughing - I wish we could still have comedy like that
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    Who says the dogs sent to America Glyn would not work to a higher standard in Europe if they are not tested there?
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    Good luck Mark, F/W or HW going to be used
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    Should have held on till just after the footage has had its screening mate,i think theres a few will follow suit,its clear they are laughing their bollox off and spunking the cash like its going out of fashion on their "executive lunches".
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    I only know one line of dogs King, if I was new to them I wouldn't have a clue mate.
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    Put in position today lads. My first attempt mind, so have patience yer set of twats. I see a few squirrels around this area, so i`ve set the box here. See the flags stood on edge, well if you look at the poly tunnel there are two small trees in buckets, that will be where my blind will be - approx 22 yds, if that proves too close i can easily set up further back between the tunnels. ( I like to get close if i can ). The feeder box is approx` 6 ft high, with a log screwed into position. Waiting game now. atb Mark.
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    Because the "force" is strong in them ? If they're the only blacks out there and presumably they're mating like to like, IE two Nuttalls together then they're going nowhere further genetically than Brian did. It's just the same genetic make up going around and around, once they're back in Europe the lads could sort the wheat from the chaff again..........
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    hey RH if you ever feel over dogged this summer give me a pm lol
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    Not after your ancestral history, i dont care what race you are. I was more interested in were the bell idea came from
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    You never had a mesh chewed through your nets not used enough.. like most lol
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    Big brother.......things are getting serious!
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