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    oreet lads just a pic of a pup i kept back out of a litter i bred 15 week old tomorrow atb
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    Had a couple hours wi the bitch ont lamp not much doing 5 runs 2 caught I was happy wi that
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    I did say, "mess with shit and you'll come out stinking"
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    Bumped into some waxwings at strood Kent last Saturday, the light was crap but managed a few shots.
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    picking up team with a new boy
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    Hello, today I finished this knife with the pommel and a Norma 30.06 cartridge, preferred caliber of the future owner. 97mm blade from 1.2442, soldered guard from bronze, spacer from mammoth and a handle from sambar (total 120mm) pommel from bronze, as well. Kind regards Nicolas
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    If they get an injunction he can get it "leaked" from abroad hopefully
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    That's her queen victoria I am not f***ing amused poker face,hilarious,I might just go to Manchester if they deffo allow him to screen it BUT I think lawyers will be working away behind the scenes sadly.
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    He has just posted a pic of 3 BBC employees watching HIS undercover footage,he said the atmosphere was like a funeral,the biter got bit,they don't look happy
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    Kids must have had my phone and put a quick post up!
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    She looks a nice bitch mate , just got back in it’s a cracking night for it around here, I went with a mate but his dog went lame after it’s first run so it was down the grew, nice one
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    Liam my advice would be this ,season end almost up on us,stick with yas Young sapling working on good discipline retrieving some general training.yall bring that jukel better on itself being self reliant one on one will get yas a better rounded jukel ya don't need another jukel get em entered just timing and good preparation get it him in the spring and summer be a few young green stuff about then and the jukel be ready for abit easy stuff slow y steady away swill get a better finished jukel .atb bill
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    Hey Guy’s hope all is well. Was out again today with Mathew , who I met via social media ,he has been in Australia for about 7 years and hadn’t been ferreting in all that time, anyway long story short , Mathew stayed at my place, and in the morning we were out and about with the stinkers , and dogs, we managed to bag a few, Mathew went home with a feed of bunnies and a great day was had. PS video incoming
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    Plush interior?Bushing terrier?
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    Sorry fm but your wrong they're on exmoor and the quontocks
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    Only five but it was good to be out with a likeminded chap.
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    If its legit just pay it,its s merry go round to keep every one employed,money just changes hands,homes,food,gas,elec,beer,holidays,insurance,etc.it only stops with lazy unemployed b*****ds who dont contribute to the running of the country