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    Here's my bull x pup. 11 weeks now. Hopefully he will do me proud.
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    Iv met a lot of dogmen who have the highest standards of morals ,ethics ,honesty ,proper good people who it is a privilege to know ,and Iv met a few that made me feel like I need a shower .
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    This is going on the wall in the beaters shed.
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    https://m.(!64.56:886/story.php?story_fbid=2387443941284516&id=1102362473126009 Yokel
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    Thought it was mind lol Must of been new gun syndrome Any way set about changing the lamps around and the lamp mounts put the t20 on the impact and put the t38 on the ultra then i went to see TX ETHAN (little hunter) and we set a time for the old perm he came to mine and off we went it was a bit windy but we set zero on both rifles mind he has not lost his touch lol a few clicks and the ultra was on . we then set off for a wander Ethan went one way i the other i came across one rabbit but it kept moving and darting behind tree,s and fence posts i got a shot away but clipped the tree it jumped about 6 foot and took off like a rocket lol ill get you another day we met back up and went for a smoke and Ethan some thing to eat he did not get any thing ether we set back off again and right at the back of the water tower field i got to with in 42 yrds laser.d with the range finder i went prone took aim and sent the jsb on its way it hit home and over it went i was like a kid lol been out 4 times with this bloody impact now but finally put one in the bag no,1 it started to rain hard so we called it a night and headed home rifles BSA ULTRA single shot 22 scope is a vantage mod is an a&m marksman FX IMPACT 177 scope MTC MAMBA it was good to get out with my grandson again been a long long time but i think he has the bug again lol few pics lads atvbjimmy
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    I bet half of you would suck off dave courtney just for a selfie with him.
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    100mm blade from 14c28n sandvik stainless steel 58,,59rc after cyro treatement and temper .anciant fenland bog oak handle over blue g10 liners saddle stitched leather sheath .
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    It’s definitely pantomime season now.
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    Despite the fact the UK seems to have a reputation for riots and worker dissent the French have always been a league above us in that area!
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    Funny enough, was a fella from Northampton way that done one of those. & another 'dodgy' character made it into a Ralph Fiennes book, fiction no doubt, but a few lads on here knew him & im sure have the odd tale. Theirs that many back stories to the RR murders, it'll maybe never be unravelled. The people looking after the grass who's on the witness protection were up on conspiracy to supply charges and suspended for years (allegedly)! Ive never read a book about it, but theirs been maybe half a dozen films that I know of at least.
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    It's the dog you ordered from Guide Dogs For The Blind.
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    Unless you witnessed it, I would take what Martin Riley says with a pinch of salt
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    Fair play tek some doing that I nearly got trod on be a fallow buck when it panic and crashed Thru the beating line today And I pood a bit
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    Acquired some of the above today and went rabbiting tonight. Man I couldn't shoot tonight, a blustery wind, cold too and my brain and trigger finger had lost all connections! I missed several, fluked a couple then pulled myself together! The Winnie subs shot to zero at 50yds with a good group shot off hand and proceeded (eventually) fill the bag for an order of six. Beautiful rabbits in thick lush winter coats. I have to say, so far this Brno shoots anything it stuffs in its chamber! Jess behaved and was rewarded when the bag was full with a run at a squatter. She didn't catch it but had a good 100yd run. U.
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    sorry mate was taking the piss I'm sure that Jim's dog was a collie x
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    The one I remember from my younger years was Frank Bruno. I'd wait up to watch the fights with such hope - I can't even describe how much I wanted to see him put Tyson down ....... Alas, he had the tools to do it but, he lacked the mental toughness to carry it through - just one lucky punch or, a little more 'f**k you' from Bruno would have had me jumping round the living room. But, it never happened (god bless you Frank) ................. I can still hear the crowd now - Bruuuuuuuuuuno, Bruuuuuuuuuuno
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    Interesting And a lovely knife
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    Great post as per bigman. "Little hunter"... The lads a unit. All the best mac.
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    A bit strong sir? May god have mercy on your soul , you c**t
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    Carroll vs fenios been a decent fight
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    Shaaark.... Not one of mine mate, but a very nice bitch tho
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    Lol I'm hoping to get out with the ferrets at the start of the week i saw a few go down some nice warrens on a little new spot last night, good luck tomorrow mate.
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    Salt for 3 days then flesh, in the tan for 3 days, then dry for as long as it takes, if you want the hide soft you need to break it, the timing has to be [BANNED TEXT] for breaking if it gets too dry or your too soon it won't work, this one was done with the white tan kit
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    Nice one good when it finally comes together. Very few rabbits around my neck of the woods at the moment
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    Don't use any vices but exactly as you with shotguns and rifles on Bipod!
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    Also worked as an investment banker for the rothchilds
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    Whatever the breeding is it's some going The bloke must ave shoulders like Garth
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    I had a call from one of my contract just over a month ago over a mink. First one for me. This mink was entering a flour mill and traveling to the third floor of the building and taking Feral pigeons. To be honest It was helping me to control them from a area I was struggling to get access to and there hasn’t been any rat issues. Ha. But it was shitting every where around the building and the smell was eye watering. I caught it in a live trap using sardines.
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    Very classy indeed!
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    Mine was line bred from proper bull x stuff from late 80s early 90s then n 98 put to a good saluki grey bitch the pups of that litter were real good then put the dog we had left over a saluki grey saluki bull grey bitch we kept 4 pups of that litter one did her cruciate ligament tendon one died in the field the best of em all a bitch I had to get pts at 6 and old man still has the other dog and bitch. The bitch who was pts was the only one I've had that took all species of deer 3 of em regular she was 26tts and built with it she was a freak not wired up right suicidal most times. I'll try find an old phone with pics on
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    No worries pal, just had a look of a litter bred near me ,all the best with your pup
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    “Macrons a cntbag “
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    Only way I’d own a border was if I seen parents work to it and that the only papers it came with were the ones for it to piss on while traveling in terrier box
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    He’s worth over 30 mill so he’s just one of the lads who works for s living
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    That's my lab bitch
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    You could always send Trevor cook a message ,he might know of a litter from his stud dog
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    Don't run foxes anymore had to get bitch pts with arthiritis in her front wrist at 6 year old since then only had snipey faced saluki cos I know I won't get a dog as good as she was too much shite about. But salukis have had em when they've got up outta drainage dykes or bits of cover when spaniel running through won't do 2 3 and 4 but I know they'd handle em when bumped into.
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    Had problems with mice eating the bait. I am using some old frying oil and pouring plenty on the bait pan and letting it run under the traps. Seems to be working a treat.
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    Let's see yr fox dogs Flynn
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    Ended up.in a scottish larder I wouldn't worry to much
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    Yeah but not murderers and selling pills to school kids.
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    Nice Job! Also a great piece of history and story.
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    Big overgrown beddy whippet looks a nice thing with red collar on
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