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    Inspired by Nathan,s success with his and F O D Redneck,s getting his lad 1 <cool dad or what > i made a trip to the nice peeps at Leics airguns and made a purchase .Well after a quick very foggy drive home out came the PR900W in .177 and some cardboard died an early death . Initial thoughts ,light as a feather ,simple design ,Chinese standard woodwork but works and a nice previous owner has fitted a PSI /Bar guage .And my first .177 air rifle so far so good ,pudding will be proofed when i go and see some pigeons and discuss how they like to be fried ,pied or diced . Now to get my dive bottle filled and a buddy bottle ordered but remember lads the mrs knows these only cost a tenner each
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    I accept these things get the emotions going but it isn't Maggies fault this child is injured, its the people who did its fault, and no manner of excuses will change that!
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    First two pics are G/sire then an uncle and then the sire
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    A brain ( thought thats what a lurcher was about)
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    It’s not just Collie blood, I think most Lurchers if worked enough on rabbits figure out what’s worth running and what’s not.
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    One of the Russell's I had about 12 years ago. Was hunting river bottoms with my daughter in this pic. Was just starting the pup in the pic but ended up a really nice terrier..
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    Personally, I think it's got f**k all to do with collie blood in a dog. Seen dogs of all sorts WITHOUT collie in em doing it over the years, even some pure sightounds. Pretty much the same when people keep saying about dogs opening up when in pursuit, 'oh it must be have whippet in it'. I've owned and worked a few whippets and NONE of them opened up. Worst dog I seen for opening up was a 1st x collie/grey x 1st x bull/grey. Point I'm making is, if a running dog of any type is started to work before it's ready ie, too young, unfit, still mentally immature, or slipped on unsuitable rabbits etc, chances are it's going to open up, start pulling up at hedges or whatever.
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    Pack up and move on, there's no future in terrier work
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    Just found these in a junk shop,and going a guy who sells nothing but crystals.
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    That's the bitch pup similar age in the pic... There 6 months old now starting to hunt and have been fired over and all... A brother to these has had a few pheasants over him so far seem to be showing good signs now
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    Picked up a pup today pat x cocker ......
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    It all looks fresher then the butcher
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    A 17 month old baby is critical after being beat up off 3 Adults. These Adults it seems where the poor mites caters ? Prob mother father and friend or other family member. This has happened not 10 mile from me in a little ex Colliery village called Dawdon. My Grandfather used to work down the Pit there . It as we're other mineing communities we're Exellent places to grow up. Maggie then devestated the areas' consecutive governments then used the cheap empty housing to ship in the dregs of society from every corner of GB and now further afield . Turning many areas into wastelands of crime and Filth . First of all Governments want to be ashamed this country has came to poor little 17 month old bairns getting beat up off those they should be most safe with . Secondly they need to start the process of rectifying the problem by bringing back Hanging for these Cnuts end of no iffs or butts. Same for the knife crime epidemic Hang the c**ts. My mates 15 year old son was robbed on Tuesday night at knife point in Peterlee . This never used to happen here' Ever. Last Saturday in Hartlepool there was not one policeman available in a town of 100k Not one' as they have closed the custody suite. These aggressive government cut backs are costing lives. We loosing our Morals' and loosing our streets. And it's down to Government cut backs and the left wing liberal wankers. Fooking Disgusting. Hopefully them c**ts up the road in Dawdon get ripped apart inside. Rant Over.
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    Just an FYI for those interested. Not interested in folks bragging about how poor they are or how their 400 yr old barbour is still better than harkila pish. Anyone after a some pro hunter stuff, this is a bargain. https://www.allcockscountry.co.uk/sale/harkila-pro-hunter-x-jacket-lake-green.html Jacket £ 300 https://www.allcockscountry.co.uk/sale/harkila-pro-hunter-active-trousers-lake-green.html Trousers £180
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    These people should be classed as vermin https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17241490.peta-wants-to-change-wools-name/
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    out of there heads on dope and or booze .,no rational sane human would ,damage a defenceless child .these animals need vapourizing !!
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    Donny is that fella C.H involved in the line? Over the years
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    Ive a coursing type x lurcher and id say hes a pretty quick killer run alot of small type land with him. Ive seen him have a just over 4 minute run i know how long it was as i started filming he was carrying an injury to his wrist and lacked a yard on the hare but done enough to keep on it this was on a couple grass paddocks and killed it eventually by wearing it down. Having a couple minutes in the tank and hanging in there is alot different to over running stuff in my opinion.
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    Nepal mate,land of rockslides and fine cuisine,just killing time.