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    Ofc they were going to f**k us. They had to send a message to anyone else wanting to leave. In fairness she did the best she could. Gonna cost her the the pm job but I think she be f***ing glad . You got the Irish getting thinking they have the upper hand then that c**t sturgeon who was always going to say no despite whatever deal she brought to the table. It's been a huge f***ing shambles and lots of different folk using it to push Thier own agenda. Caring not one jot about the UK or how it's going to affect the British people. Once again it's the ordinary people who will bare the brunt.
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    And he was dressed like a postman! The magic piece of paper came at last. Took 15 weeks from start to finish but I was bouncing off the walls when it turned up and jumping for joy. Needless to say I was out the door and off to the RFD within minutes and sat in traffic for twenty minutes itching to get there! Had a good chat with the gent in the shop and explained I was after a semi auto for the mean time as my intention was to pick up a slightly nicer o/u in the new year. Sadly their choice of semi autos in my budget wasn't fantastic and despite his attempts to palm a 2 shot semi auto by the midland gun company off on me I decided against it. I had a look through their o/u range with the intention of getting a cheaper one to do me until I find a nice semi auto, and Then pick up another over and under next year. Came across a nice looking Akkar Churchill 206 12 bore. Immaculate condition, Turkish gun. I really liked the subtle design of the action, no engraving, just brushed steel which looked nice and clean cut, fitted me pretty well too which was a bonus. Apparently a fella brought it, shot a few rounds through it and then decided he wanted to go down the semi auto route 4 months later, so he part exchanged it for one. It was well within my price range, and as a gun to get me off the mark and decide what I want in the future it'll do perfectly! Plus I had enough change to put some cartridges in the boot with it so tomorrow I'm off out to get to know it a little better! So, to conclude, I'm now officially one of you shotgun lot and I'm absolutely over the bloody moon about it!
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    Sunday morning I let one of the dogs out in the yard and our local golden eagle was trying to figure out how to get to her. Looks like a f*ck*ng pterodactyl flying around but it's getting colder and the easy meals are now in people's yards. No pictures of it yet so THL rules imply that it never happened.
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    i have desided to put scouser over my pure bred bitch out of nero i had the chioce to use some of the top dog in the country but i made this choice because of his breeding and the agrssive runing style he leaves in his offspring and he has never been to a pure bred saluki and my bitch can run any where and kill any where so i have hi hopes for this litter and the pups out of this bitch now are 15 month old i no of 7 out of the 11 are doing very well and one my sister got and the others have gone to people i dont no
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    All my dogs are required to catch rats,... it's in their contract of employment...
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    To be fair to Teresa may and the government...... Yes leave won, but only just and it's split the country not just in half but in half a dozen directions. The government doesn't really have a majority and is held together by mps that have totally different views. Any bill needs to get through the house......and half the house wants brexit to fail, half the house wants the government to fail, and another half wants their own idea of brexit to succeed or they will throw a hissy fit...... ......and that's at least three half's! It OK wishing for a hard liner brexit leader but that wouldn't get through the various votes.....and with all honesty that's not what the country wants... It really has been the hardest job in the world. We sent someone to negotiate on our behalf while giving them no back up and no support from any angle. Yes I get not many people support may, but equally whoever we sent would have had zero support. Destroy may and we get corbyn. He's laughing his tits off! Let's just get something through so Labour can't fix it that we have to vote again.
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    It's been made to be a failure so they can say I told you so.
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    Few pics of a good day dog had squeezed in to a very tight pile... she had killes him within 10 mins of going in.. so aftet a couple of hours we decided to dig her as a rock had fallen behind her but we dident no till we got down..she would never have got out.. ... my finger tips were sore that day lol..
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    No drawings of pigeon heads lol iv been having a play with the impact 177 only out to 18yrds (as far as i can go in my yard ) but feck is she accurate got to say mind the other night when i was out she was good out to 30yrds when zeroing her in and hitting knots in fence posts out to 30,,,40yrds cant wait until im out again with her scopes are falcon ffp 4x24x44 there nice and clear the only fault i can find with them is may be the turrets are to big there a nice scope i think and i like the fact that you can move the ret and the point of impact dose not change you can have the cross hairs as small as you want or as big as you want and the point of impact stays the same O..and the fact that in sub 12 the rifle gives you 500+shots a fill lol the rifle shoulders nice and is good to carry round but after a while it dose become heavy lol trigger feels nice not heavy or to light mag is a bit of a pain to load the pellets into at first but clips into the rifle no problem The shroud dose make the rifle quiet but could be quieter with a mod but to do this the shroud dose have to come off and a hw or twink or a marksman could be screwed strait onto the barrel but i like the look of the shroud so ill put up with it the way it is lol the cocking arm is in a nice place not right back like some so you can keep the ret on the target with out dropping the rifle down to load the next pellet into the chamber . safety is just above the trigger and is easy to put on or off with just a flick of the thumb with out having to move the rifle to do so mag is 19 shots in 177 so plenty to go round the perms on a night (unless your with pav lol) chances are your not going to shoot 19 shots off . Balance of the rifle is good its not front end heavy or back end heavy all the wait is in the middle of the rifle and as the air bottle is carbon fiber this adds no wait to the front end any way over all the FX IMPACT 177 looks like it could be my keeper but at £1600 it has to be lol atvbjimmy
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    Imo this is what will happen. She will be forced to resign. Then we will get one of the other c**ts in the top job. Few months later with a very insignificant change in the Brexit deal with the bullshit excuse "this is better" We will be no further forward and end up with a deal which will hurt us and the politicians jobs will be secure and will probably benefit and make themselves even richer. They all need put against a wall and shot. Out democracy has always been flawed but the divide these days hasn't been wider.
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    I forgot to mention the Gypsy saying his Dad would sleep with his pup for a week lol. More like he went on a bender for a week and returned with a pup and that was his feeble excuse lmao.
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    She is a half cross and it was erm a small greyhound ........
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    The man was indeed,.. a stranger to the truth
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    Yea he told a tall tale and maybe dramatised the truth,but let's be honest I haven't read a book that wasn't. Say what you like he lived the way he wanted and I suspect like me as a kid most got into it after reading his books I was the usual kid with an air rifle going out shooting at anything that moved song birds etc even the arse of mates lol So it showed me the error of doing such things and found a new respect to wildlife and hunting Was given a loan of one of his books and was hooked on them. They were funny and yea educational to a degree. Got my first ferret and lurcher of the back of reading his books. He even replied to a letter I sent him when I was 16 still have it. Many years later I met the man and he was approachable and polite. .
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    Sat down for a cuppa while at work today on my tod in a wooded area and heard a couple of birds going at it in a tree next thing a sparrow hawk nailed a black bird to the ground no more then 8ft away from me and flew off with the thing it really was amazing to see nature taking it's cause I'm sure I wont see anything like that again or that close. Have also seen alot of buzzards this year up close. Anyone else got experiences like this?
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    They have used every trick in the book since GB voted to leave the EU to demonise that democratic decision. Everything and everything has been blamed on Brexit for two years to programme the Sheeple ready for the second vote. If there is a second vote we staying in the EU imo because all this negative fake news Brexit is bad propeganda will swing voters to remain and those staunch enough will just not bother voteing at all. We living in a dictatorship nowdays it seems. Last week we Remembered all those Brave Men and Women who laid down their life's for Great Britain. For What ? Would they do it again if they could see how things have panned out? My guess is the def would Not.
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    Imagine going to a show and Plummer an Burrell were having a conversation
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    A second referendum worries me the eu would insist on all kinds of shit like taking the Euro etc it would be game over if they don’t vote this out I’d be happy to take to the streets
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    Typical Tories turning on each other and being treacherous. Not for the benefit of the people but for a leader ship bid. Done it numerous times and all they managed was to banish the party into political wilderness.. I trust none of them from any side of the house.
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    Not me then I managed to fail at both
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    My hunch is that the narrative is being engineered for a second referendum...will may last a week ,I'm not sure I'd like to think not.
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    I watched the documentary, lol what an egotistical con man.. ive never read or even heard of him or his books until about 10 years ago, and im working terriers 30 years.. it is clear from that documentary he was making SHIT up as he went along.. lol anyone can see that that fox was dropped in that hole it wasnt even a foot in ffs the dog stuck its head in and got rattled..it was also obvious he wasnt sure of handling live foxes...lmao that clip of him judging a show..what a sap. It also looked as he was feared of the dark he walked about with lamp on the whole time on a full moon ffs where any men who is used to lamping could walk in the moon light...what a prick of a man and the old gypsy who said his da would sleep way the pups for a week to decide which one to pick...and folk on here are saying that he got them into hunting...well if I were yous Id forget every single word that goose would have said.
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    If a well bred pup gets plenty of time out in the country running about and hunting up and learning to use its nose it should ne able to enter on its own without needing to ne tied up on an earth listening to another dog working. ive had and seen plenty do it Ive even had them surprise me and do it before i thought they would.
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    Wrong thread, fuji’s Thread is the other one