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    A really good bitch from 25years back.She was built better than most dogs and was tougher than a lot of dogs too.Always produced decent quality woekers whatever she was bred to.
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    Few pictures of a little walk last night
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    Another bitch we had down here in the late 80s early 90s that produced well.A Spartacus daughter that was one of the hardest terriers ive ever seen work.
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    Some right frustrated sexual predator saddos on here.... Lusting over a fat heifer, she does f**k all for me....... Id let her cook me my tea then tell the fat cnut 'see you round Nige like your belly.... Now f**k off!'
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    this spot here , you can spend all day rabbiting and get some good numbers with longnets and fast of the mark lurcher , beat score was 36 rabbits and a fox . And then you get spots like these high up no rabbits , proper hard days for bushers , they have to work hard and comb every bit of those spots ,
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    Ffs ive been rumbled
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    Is it ok to masterbate over her when shes on the telly? Asking for a friend.
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    You didn’t mention snorting coke off her huge tits
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    Everybody meet CLYDE bred out of my old dog TROY
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    I only had an hour to get the pups out for a mooch before it got dark so took them couple of fields up the road with very few rabbits had a walk around didn't see a thing and just as I was about to put them on the leads the two pups took off into the next field after about 30 seconds I hear that squeal and the black pup comes through the ditch with her first bunny and Carrys it across the field live to hand I was surprised at that she never once retrieved a dummy or a ball she wouldn't even look at them I'm chuffed my other bitch caught her first rabbit last week it's a good start to the season last year my season ended round this time so it's been a while.
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    yeh, 1st you fecked it up running it with another dog , 2nd when you took it lamping , you should have always put it on easy rabbits, (no) longslips , walk up to the bloody things , then drop the dog on'um . ok they all piss off with rabbits at 1st, but once the dog suss you going to keep putting it on rabbits , it bring back , to get the next run !! . i not a lover of saluki xs , but i know what they can offer any lurcher line, i would try to only have a 1/4 at most , it a strong gene water it down a bit, same as herding xs , bullxs 1/4 plenty in any lurcher to catch rabbits, plenty of good lurcher x lurcher out there .
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    Jean Claude Junker and Donald Tusk have already proved that she does !
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    Some lads seem to think a bitch will never be as good as a dog. Your standard should be the same wheather it’s a bitch or dog. No double standards
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    give it time Jiggy - pures are getting sold on facebook now "from working lines" - it seems like they are the latest in thing now bull x been saturated that and bull grey x deerhound - all the rage
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    In Romania, the wild animals are not the property of the land owner. The wild animals are the property of the state. The hunting associations will win the right to administer well delimited hunting areas (from min 3000 ha in the plain areas up to min 10.000 ha in the mountains). I'm a member in 2 different ones. This one has ~30 hunting areas with almost everything (from quail and ducks up to red stag, bears and chamois). You could also "hunt" in a fenced area. The animals from there are not under the hunting law and they are the property of the land owner. Both of them are wild animals, hunted in less populated areas. I will never hunt in a fenced area.
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    From what I have bred from my own and from what I've seen from the same line their is no difference in them work wise apart from the obvious bitchs tend to come smaller not always but they do.I myself have 4 bitchs here all sisters 2 are smallish not real small but not like their other sisters who are doggy type bitchs big and strong.as for wastage on the bitch side of things I would expect bitchs to work same as dogs no reason why they should not size or not as the old saying goes its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog. I've seen big terriers sit back well of their quarry where smaller terriers would be right up tight.the type I keep like to rough it up a bit no sitting back which I prefer but still not stupid .
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    Politics nowdays is terrible they act as if they on some shitty reality tv show . They need to get a grip and sort them selfs out and act according to their position and the job in hand .
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    Same dog when fit. He looks like a labradoodle in first picture. Nice and cuddly and doesn't draw attention to his intentions. I'd like to throw in some gamey saluki blood for gears in his off spring.
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    Surely this is a case of each to their own,I like to hunt what’s ever about which is mainly rabbits and game birds to me that’s bushing,the fact that I don’t go out purposely for Fox’s does not make my dogs inferior to dogs that just hunt fox does it? I find it laughable that on the bushing section that some frown on chasing rabbits.
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    It's probably not too hard to go back that far when your 400 yr old ancestors lived in the same villages we do now! LOL. We're like f***ing hobbits that never left the shire!