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    All halfx wheaten/grey ATB
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    So My older bitch is getting on, she will be 8 in December, so this would be a nice chance to take a pup from her. She has 6 healthy pups, just a nightmare deciding which to keep but plenty of time for that. I'll have a better mind when they are up on their feet! The pups are a week old today.
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    Went for a quick look for a rabbit down behind the local surgery, no rabbits about but this is probably the reason why, heard a rat squealing then an owl landed in a tree with it !
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    Some cracking dogs on this thread
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    Spartacus at Kens place.Early 90s
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    A rifle-less Big Mac ?!? That's like Bonnie without Clyde..........Little without Large.........Rolls without Royce...........Marks without...........you get the idea. I'm sure the bunnies will only be out of peril for a very short while, mate ! What have you got coming ? Or is it a surprise ?
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    Sometimes there’s a couple of issues involved this one is learnt behavior if a dog feels the best use of its energy is booting round a field regardless of owner, that’s what he’ll do, though entering if he feels his movement causes rabbits to appear, that exactly what’s going to happen One dog one owner, nice and fuckjng quiet, I don’t give a shit if he don’t catch as long as he feels I had something to do with a rabbit appearing, on a slip beside me give him a heads up you’ve spotted a rabbit , walk nice and calm slip when seen , Theres no f***ing secret in lamping, when entered right the dog believes that whatever was in place when the rabbit appeared , is what made the f****r appear , so walking beside you listening to commands made what happened happen, its the only way it can process it too much emphasis on the catch rather than trying to control how a dog interprets the event , two dogs together is bullshit , it’s not about the catch at the start it’s getting it entered right in a social manner to build a foundation for how we mean to go on, the other issue is the bond, which is built through trust and time a lot of running dogs in shelters for the very same reason bud , best of luck with it
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    I personally would recommend spaniel x terriers for general moochin and bushin for the average lurcher man. My mate has a decent one she’s a very good little busher n will tap on scent and put plenty out for the lurchers. She works completely different to mine which are beagle spaniel terrier. Mine will carry on hunting and thrive off following scent for a considerable distance. I can cast mine up n out onto a banking or cover or over fields and head to the other side myself and leave them to do there work so works to my advantage at times like this. Where as a spaniel terrier will only go so far then come straight back. If you are contemplating getting a busher I would strongly advise goin to see beagle blooded dogs work before committing to one as can be an absolute headache at times when your in a rush or need to be somewhere. Mine suit me but you need a lot of patients and time.
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    No, though when one crops up we have to cull and then find an out cross.
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    Iv had a few from keepers asking where I beenthat’s why I don’t put land marks or big hills in me pics even tho I on permission these days it’s jist a habit
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    Please sign..............https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229694
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    The three kits my daughter wants to keep back from the litter of 5 hope they work as good as ther perants she gets them out every night after tea so they are very tame
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    Out tonight on the farm clearing a few more rabbits. The farmer is gradually giving me more and more land to cover which is great. Managed to clear seven more tonight but only managed to pick up four as couldn’t find the others, always annoying when that happens. As I was loading my gear back in the van I got speaking to one of the fellas who helps out on the farm, turned out to be really nice fella. As we are chatting he asked “what do I do with my rabbits?” I replied “would you like these four?” Any way long story short he took them for his ferrets. The chatting continues and it’s a good possibility I’ve just bagged myself another farm as he has not got time to clear foxes and rabbits on it due to other commitments. Foxes have been taking chickens in vast numbers. Gave him my number and he is passing it on Turned out to be a cracking night all round. ( apart from not finding 3 rabbits that is) Fingers crossed this new farm pays off
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    The bitch is in great condition considering she had pups 11 weeks ago, lovely looking pup as well, you can rightly be proud of them, they are a credit to you, atb pal.
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    Yes I’ve seen that not a pretty sight ... nor is your fence climbing lol .......
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    Take a bit of advice from this very popular rock band.
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    From what I recall they were talking of first hand experience.
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    To be honest i couldnt of put up with the crazy f****r but my pal liked her.My first proper dogs were out of her and were decent dogs and sensible enough.
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    When its comes to salukis it pays to know the line i think i have a dog here who from the moment i had him i drilled recall recall recall ! To be honest one of the most obedient dogs ive had will jump stay sit and recall is spot on,out and straight back. When it comes to the feathered fellas theres on thing to remeber patience they come good in time put the work in and make your bond without it you really wont get what you need ! This dog would not retrieve for love nor money but i put the work in with no rewards for one day 3 years later the bloody thing retrieved and not just retrieve but jump retrieve i couldnt believe may eyes.thankfully i had the lads who new the lineage who constantly said it will do it and it did. I dont necessarily agree with bird about not running them with another dog , run the dog with the right dog a dog doing its job in out in out retrieve etc i start all my dogs this way.what you dont want to do is run it with a dog with bad habbits they dont half pick them up faster than the good ones.however i do agree with bird on you dont need much saluki in a lamping dog i think a quarter is perfect all the benefits and none of the plodding or faults which is were i think this dogs falls, your really dont need dogs that can run for 3 minutes on the lamp but more good enough stamina to last a hard night( alot of sort runs fast recovery) imo. Work on your bond first mate thats the way forward with a saluki. Dont loose your rag and if you are going to bluff your way out of it they will stand off you if you loose your rag. Salukis push every button they test you all the time . Stay patient mate put the time in go back to basics and youll end up were you want. Find what makes the dog tick food ball or whatever it is and that will be the key found salukis to just like a fuss with no intrested to anything else but every dogs different. Good luck hope you figure it out. Ar
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    she has got some baps on her
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    That seems to be a common enough trait in certain lines,there’s many a dog never made the journey home for pissing about in empty holes,what they do in the occupied ones must make up for it,wouldn’t be for me tho,
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    id say big sam would get them sorted
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    I've got the bottom one on the CZ455 for the round extradition atb
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    It's fitting that Spartacus should crop up on this topic, by many accounts he was bitchy looking and not a great worker BUT many a good kennel has him in the pedigree of their present terriers, so does that throw all of our theories out of the window?
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    Not everyone is in it for coin chesney like yourself we like to work our dogs as often as allowed as in everytime their fit to dig to their dug.all of my dogs have seen a lot of digging in their lives so far and will continue to for aslong as their able.like yourself chesney I or my digging mates don't sell pups or dogs we keep them amongst ourselves when ever we breed which is only when we need to.I know their is bitchs been bred from that has seen little or no work but that's down to the individuals that own them and the clowns then that part with big money for them after been told everything they wanted to hear. And aslong as their is people out their to part with their cash their will always be peddlers,
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    The recommended muzzle-energy punch for FAC .177 air rifle tuning is about 16 to 18 foot pounds of energy, as a general rule of thumb, if you are to combine increased power with effective accuracy. So, your average .177 pellets would not withstand the blast of 100ft/lbs of energy blasting into the thin skirts of your average diablo waisted pellet. Probably, these will shatter and just get spat out in fragments. Certainly they would just skid over the rifling grooves without properly spiralling along them and lose all gyroscopic spin stability. The pellet would just exit the barrel and zip wildly off to the left or right at near right angles. You need a really heavy caliber pellet to hit with precision accuracy at ranges of over 100 yards. Something like .303, .357 calibre, and only from a pre charged PCP rifle. Long story short. He's talking cack!
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    I just mentioned this to there rep. There’s a charge of between £2 and £8 per bulb if you leave them within 2 years. That had slipped her mind until I mentioned it
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    Yes Simon you are right about regret , I have only sold two guns in the past 10 years ,HW80 .22 and recently HW 100k .22 and regret selling both
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    Nice mix man same sort of mix I keep
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    Mate you crack me up love seeing your replies to stuff on here makes me chuckle
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    Thanks she is a collie deer greyhound 25 inch The sire is a beddy whippet grey 22 inch. Both broken/rough
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    Blimey Sean, do you really need to sell it? If you can keep it alongside these two new ones coming, you could have an incredible trio. Selling a superb rifle ultimately leads to a bit of heartbreak and regret. More than the money you get back. Best regards mate. Simon.
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    I agree with you 100%. Those are the type of dog's I would never give up and seem to put a little more into there work.
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    All most anybody would be better than that cabbage head , thank god he has gone Villa are a big club and to see them struggling in this league is a crying shame , all this is Thanks to learner
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    Bloody Hell Jimmy, you have some fluctuations in your fortunes my dear pal. You won't be long without a gun mate I'm sure. Sounds like you have something nice and special coming in anyway. God bless and fondest love and best wishes to you and Nicola. Simon and Helen.
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    Had his brother in a short drain that hounds had put in, got a shock to start with never having seen one alive in front of him but went back and it bolted......fecker backed out sharpish and slipped the net though, wanted him to have a chew on it
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    Whatever it is mate you bloody well enjoy it ! " You deserve it". atb Mark.
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    Thanks she a Lakeland Russel only a busher and ratter but I like having her around
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    It isnt easy to track your lineage. The ancestral computer packages have a very steep learning curve. Back when most people were fairly illiterate and the scribe entered family names similar to what it sounded like rather than accurately. So the name blogg could suddenly change to blaggs or bogs or boxs. So thats one problem. Another is that people were named after their mother or father so a father could be fred and so could the son. This makes for the potential to marry off on paper the grandmother with a grandson and then move to cornwall whereas that would be rubbish. On about the second time of using the ancestry package I latched onto another person's research and found that my grans history on my father's side went back to the 1500s in the Birmingham area but I didn't know how to stear the package and attach this tree onto mine. Always assuming that the data was true and checked. Something else was that things that an old aunt had said and which had been discounted turned out to be true and were sort of good anchor points. It isnt easy and every point needs to be proven.
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    nice looking dogs you have there... the little terrier looks king of the hill
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    What is it x with flacko?? atb cbx
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    "Black Irish" mate for example. We're not common but we're not necessarily exotic either, as most people seem to think. I had a splash of Mediterranean but like 90% scandi/west euro/celt so im not sure i can claim these traits are from the med etc.
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    Does she do her eggs fertilised or unfertilised
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    Fair play piere get a few more we could chip in for them rizlas
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