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    Last year I got myself an icotec 350 , and I’ve had some success with it but mostly on cubs . After reading some of Jarvis posts he is an advocate of the distressed pheasant call . Well I’m useless on computers and don’t have a computer that can accept an SD card to load the calls . So I was at the midland game fair and called in to have a chat to the guys on the “best fox call “ stand , I explained my predicament and they handed me an SD card loaded with calls and no9 was the distressed Pheasant on the house . They seem a nice bunch of guys and very helpful . I’ve noticed some puffs of feathers in a couple of places on the shoot over the last couple of days so last night I decided to change tactics and give the caller a good go and give it a chance . Set it out in the first field I’ve had killing in and waited . It was just getting dark and I could hear a magpie chatter . A look through the thermal and one was trotting straight towards the caller . My rifle was already in position , I quickly found him with the scope and by now he was almost at the caller , he stopped about 3 meters off it and I think his last thought were “f@ck it , he’s tricked me “!!! He was a good sized dog fox in excellent condition. Feeling confident and impressed with the pheasant distress call , I went to the next place I had problems, I set it up and I’d no sooner got to my vantage point and turned it on and got my gun up and Charlie showed up looking for a free dinner. Well the free dinners are over for him as well . Got to say I’m impressed. It almost doesn’t seem fair , but really I don’t care , all I want is less foxes , so any edge I can get the better . Thanks to Jarvis for the heads up and thanks to best fox call for their help .
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    Wheaten/bull/grey ... 6ish months old
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    TBH I think its the best book ever written on the subject and every pit village and town in working class areas had people like the author back in the day.
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    She prob see the end of this season but next season be perfect for her
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    My boy,s sneaked in a crafty over nighter and managed this one before dark 33.02 think he said, it's his 8th fish over the 30lb mark this season, proud dad gloating alert
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    Well me and viz(Sean) went off to si,s this week end gone and as all ways the lad went out of his way to put us up and make sure we had a cracking week end , time was set to leave ours at 1 but ended setting off at just before 12 . DAY ONE Got to Si,s just after 2ish unloaded the tank had a cuppa a bit of a chin wag then set off for some fish and chips WELL it would not be right to go to Scarborough and NOT have fish and chips lol Now i must say i had took the mick out of si earlier in the week as he had that cold bug that was going around but turned out i had it on the friday when at his so si got pay back on me lol back to his another cuppa sorted the gear and the rifles out and the time was set for us to hit the paddocks (my fav perm of si,s ) loads of rabbits time was set for around 8 ,,,830pm time was close so we loaded the tank up and off we set got to the perm and set our selfs away now this was the first time Sean had been down to si,s and his perms but i did tell him about the electric fences (after the last time he came across them on our perm lol as i was feeling off i only walked one field and got two one at 40 and one at 42 laser,d with the nv range finder i should say,d rifles were Si,,fx impact .25 fac,,,scope and lamp Sean fx stream line 177,,, scope and lamp me hw100ks 177 photon nv and nv range finder Now some of the perms had long grass and weeds so a few were lost in the long grass but ended up with 12 in the bag Sean was having bother with his fx one min it would be on the next off now he had had this rifle to bits as some one had been in side of it prier to him getting it why o why do people think they have to go inside i rifle that is only three months old and a pcp at that i could understand if it was a spring rifle and had to be de,greased and re,greased any way ended up he ordered a new reg for it and sorted it but then it turned out the pellets were clipping the mod as well so once back at si,s si set about sorting the mod out for him Top shot on day one was me two sean ,,two SI ,,8 top shot and a good few lost in the grass food for mr fox DAY 2 Up early cuppa then jumped into the car and off we went to the shooting show stopping off on the way for our breakfast full English mug of coffee just the way to start the day got to the show and i rang philpot up to see where he was 15mins away so we went in side and started to look around Sean was taken aback with the n355 nv and what a unit this is iv not seen a nv scope that clear before then the phone go,s and it was phil and Trish now for those of you that has not met them yet there one of the nicest couples you could meet and iv a lot of respect for them both . any way i handed the hw97 177 blue over to them for phils mate we had a bit banter and a few laughs and off we went Now what phil has forgotten about shot guns is more than most of us will ever know and you can tell this in the way he talks about them you just know he knows his stuff by the passion he has for them. any way it was not nice walking around with a pocket full of money at the show but i did good only bought a hw 100 air cylinder am custom one for my hw100 some best fittings for my air bottle and three mods had a look at a few shot guns and air rifles but was taking with a little 410 shoty £195 if i had my tickets id of bought it there and then any way we had a good few hours there and off we went back to Si,s called into MacDonald.s for a bite to eat on the way back once back at si,s we sorted the gear out and set off back to the perms hit the big estate first and took out 7 from there then moved on to the paddocks again . me and Sean blanked at this perm but si took out a good few but once again lost a few in the long grass and seans rifle was playing up again turned out his scopes were fecked as well he has been well and truly stitched up on this rifle but its all sorted now i gave his a vantage sf to try and its spot on . si was using the fx impact with the new photon on and you that use nv know if you shoot one then move to shoot another its hard to find the first one you shot even with a lamp lol. any way we headed back to si,s and called in to a take away for some grub and called it a night . DAY 3 up early again and off we went this time with the shot guns what a day lol and i mean lol me and Sean found out that we are shit with shot guns and all we did was laugh all day long shot 50+ cartridges and only hit one pigeon Si was off with his impact and left me and Sean to our selfs honest lads it looks easy but feck its not we laughed at each other and at our selfs at one point i thought Sean was going to wet him self he was laughing that much at his self . even when they landed we missed them i was the one that got one in the end just as si was coming back and it was a nice head shot even i was amazed at it mind i never got another lol and dont ask me to do it again . any way by this time it was getting on and me and viz had to head back to our homes . iv met some good lads on hear and yet to meet a few in person but si is like viz a brother from another mother to me nothing i would not do for this lad he made our week end as all ways had a cracking week end and it was just what i needed after all the shit iv gone through in the last few weeks . Once again my friend THANK YOU SO MUCH SI until next time mate atvbjimmy /sean
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    the great game by harold wyman is a very good read ....
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    dave harcombe gave me a signed copy of the great game for something I wrote in the earth dog running dog, it is a decent read but written by someone that spent a lifetime doing the job, not ten minuets.
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    My fecking jaw is still hurting
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    Just bought j.darcys book 'scooby' should be here next week so hopefully its a good read... johnny blucks book the terriers and terriermen of ireland has some interesting pics in them, however i dont think some of the stuff thats in them terrier books should ever have been published to the public. Its only Educating the ignorant ...
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    As I always say check the tail, it looks like a large domestic to me, here,s a real one, should make 20" -22" at the shoulder and 3ft body length without the tail, for the lads that are into the lamping the eye shine is worth a note as most things light up red cats are big and greenie yellow
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    Falling over and getting lost will be a good read And written by a genuine idiot
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    Seen a bit end of last season but this season is hers
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    Not my dog but a fine animal to ground. ...I bred his Dam
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    Fcukin hell. I wonder who will read out your obituary when your gone it will read something like. RIP SOCKS found killed in action by security who found him creeping around old celebrity's and actors homes with evil intentions. I bet your last post on here will be your last will and testemant and you will still get in ahead of the boys before the last breath.
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    Id rather have a good working bitch than good working dog if I had to start from scratch, having been to quite a few lads kennels over the years I'd say working dogs outweigh working bitches maybe 3 or 4 to 1.
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    I thought they only ate frogs and snails and worms ?
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    Cheers mate hears a few more of him
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    a mouchers tale good read mainly as I remember the time well myself expcially giro day being like Appleby fair ? lol lurchers n longdogs and of pedigree unknown by drabble, the old ones are usually always the best ? but if it a fairy tale yam after plummers are a dead cert lol
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    Pic maybe 27 years ago. No world beater but a honest dog who tried his best.Half cross beardy greyhound.
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    Books are there mainly for "entertainment". Whilst some have more fiction in than others, I wouldn't knock folk for writing them until Id tried putting one together myself.
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    Just put your best working bitches to the best working dogs available and get out and test the offspring.There really cant be too much science behind when you consider some of the brain dead,thick c**ts that are regularly breeding decent workers.