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    Heard today that the former WBA forward had passed away after a short illness at the weekend. He was part the great team that Atkinson put together in the late 70s early 80s. A big, bustling, fast centre forward with a good peg on him, known as one of the Three Degrees, him, Cunningham and Batson. Aged into his late 50s, I enjoyed watching him
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    This bitch rarely turns any heads, but by christ can it hunt.
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    No. It's not you just read it on the previous page. I don't know why as i provided a story that's equally backed up by the article, but I had a feeling you wouldn't believe me. So as with the article here is some photographic evidence. Also just remember the next time there is a story brought up on here that makes national news that you should believe it rather than wait for more information.
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    But not mine but i can use it any time i want as its staying at mine I went and picked it up tonight from his lasses as she dose not like guns in the house . its my sons new rifle AA s310 177 and once again he only give £270 for it it needs an adapter for a mod so if any of you have one laying around gis a shout . atvbjimmy
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    For some reason that stare brought back memories of when Maggie found a young roe in the reeds I don't know if her maternal instinct kicked in but she went from a bitch that was use to seeing all sizes of deer to just short of mother in it never once did she show any sign of going for it but just looked memorised
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    The HW 100`s, in any format, will give you " pin point" accuracy out to 50 yds plus J, easily mate.
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    To be very honest lads the HW 100 KS .22 I use, is lethal to vermin etc at sub 12 ranges, they are pure tac drivers I`m using FAP these days and are proving even better than AA Fields.
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    If a farmer had thousands of rabbits on a farm and asked for them to be culled ASAP by whatever means possible there would be queue's around the block,this is just the next level,wild hogs cause $1.5 billion dollars worth of damage to crops a year stateside,the state of texas where hog-chopper hunts are most popular is several times larger than the UK,thats a lot of area to cover,choppers are just another tool in the pest-controllers armoury.
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    I remember one dog I had would mark rabbits with a stare and try and get to ground on fox and never falsed marked and good marking dog is a godsend when there's upteen holes about
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    That’s my type of ground for a good days walk out. Dog looks strong and Looks a perfect cross for those hills. Going to start doing a lot more of it and when I get more time I will head out with overnight kit and make a couple of days of it. You cant beat a solid mark. Either to ground or in cover.
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    One in the hand is worth two in the field
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    It’s half the fun when they mark, it’s marvellous to watch,
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    I use to go for 1" high @100.
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    Text book mark from mine, foot up and a hypnotic stare
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    Managed to get up to Edinburgh last year for a fantastic weekend and to watch Scotland Vs Ireland. Still fresh in the memory. Love the rugby
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    25p these days. Also gone are the days of 10p crisps
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    Still nursing a bug but yesterday it got even better! Chopping sticks for the shot some dirt into my left eye. In no time I had a swollen eye and more secretions of gunge from my body, the eye this time! Another day of work! Mrs marches me to the doctor's. Doctor sends me to get a chest x-ray and eye drops. The funny thing is since the x-ray I feel great! Stopped coughing, less snot but now I can't stop farting!! It seems just lately my body just has to come out with some vile substance! Anyhow, got the woodie meatloaf made and popped out to find a retiring cock bird before dark. This time I took my .63 trade gun with just an oz of 7n'arfs. U.
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    Nice one Mac. Wood works done perfect... is it original with just custom cheekpiece? Looks very AA.
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    Got a cocker bitch here that does the same the last time she did one was bolted and one was dug out of the same set
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    Your welcome mate take your time and get it the way you want it atb
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    I just made mine to suit the end of that shed mate, over all its 2m high by 2m wide and 550mm deep, and divide evenly into 3, since that I have added a large roofed run/play area with logs hammock tubes etc, and it's accessed by a couple of bits of tubing, hope it helps mate atb with your decisions
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    Nice shooting.its tempting .really inwant a ks .22 for close up and personal squirrel and rat control nice compact hide gun not the sporter,
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    Here’s the other dog pup out of the litter, coming on a treat!!
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    I’ve not even seen one as big as this one nor have any of my mates it’s ridiculous it can stand on concrete and put weight on that thing I’ll get some more pictures tomorrow so you can see how big and dark it is it won’t Evan go in My box and I’ve a large double it ends up all squished up inside
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    Moults????? keep the auld thing, I've changed my mind.
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    Like Neil said I think it will be a rare plate, however it's easy enough for people to say it's worth hundreds of pounds BUT finding someone that will pay that money is a different ballgame.
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    It isn't hunting it's pest control. I'm happy to walk round and pot the odd pigeon with the gun and dog but if the farmer wants me to decoy 100+ off his rape that's what I have to do and this is the same, it's the most efficient way.
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    It's beautiful. Strange thing is i was also looking at a verrry nice hw100 satday. A sporter in twenty two at a very good price, maybe it's a sign.
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    Walking the ground can make a hunting trip into a nature ramble or photography trip instead, especially now I'm older . but if I was over there an was offered the chance I would not hesitate ,as it's a form of pest control that I would not often be given opportunity to.
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    Cool , have a read of this What .308 powder alternative? and this http://www.vihtavuori.com/en/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/-308-winchester.html speak to your mate ask if he single loads or mag and measure a round oal the 180 is a long bullet looking at your QL its 31.14 mm to start with . In one of my old books H414 max load is 47.1 @ 2500 with 22" 1 in 12 . Cheers
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    Is your claim printed in the national press as the only explanation of how the animal was recaptured by the same paper that approached and got comments from both the council and police? They're obviously aware of his claim and yet have made no effort to debunk it. We can go round in circles on this forever but until more information is offered by the police or council the only explanation of how the animal was recaptured is the farmers claim and I see no reason to disbelieve it.
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    No idea. I do collect such things but only pay what I think they're worth to me.
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    Don't hold your breath with the weather pal. I've just seen the forecast for here and it's f#*@ng w#@k all week.....50mph winds. Not too much rain just bloody wind again and again. Good luck with the woodies when you get out though pal
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    We need to be adding bots to the pest control list
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    Good bag, well done big napper All the very best
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    Will you pass through Lincoln then? Think we're planning annual holidays, so will have to get them dates sorted. x
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    You will be on them that is for sure Mark. All the very best for you and yours
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    Your coming even if you want to or not me and si are going to kidnap you on the way down so your fecked and dont have a choice atvbjimmy
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    Best looking rifle you have that Marko I think. Funnily enough was looking at a 100 sporter in twenty two on Saturday... Nearly... nearly. Exactly like yours actually. Shooting mate. Top notch as always.
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    200 yards is good,easy can do 300 yards with confidence,but every lad is different,study your ballistics first,with your grain of bullet,range finder is a must for you as well
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    the problem was the shot was taken about 120 yards.smashed the front leg but it still went like f*** turning and jumping.each shot to try and stop it was getting further and further away on a windy night.just to clarify not six hits.as soon as that fox make 200 + on a windy night going like a train it made life hard.not a nice experience to witness.
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    Targets buddy, I use to use inch squares. Hope this helps. U.
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    Hopefully the wife was better this time ,Newkid
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    The helicopter shooting doesn't look sporting,but I think if offered we would all like to have a go.
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    I can understand that. My kids have the exact opposite. Religious fundamentalism and moral codes. While I think we can all learn something from all sides it's the parent's responsibility to bring balance. We are the first and foremost point of contact when kids want to learn. With great power comes great responsibility.
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    That' a nice looking place wales very similar to a place I do could even be but I can' make it it from the picture . I do like a dog to mark and a little terrier to knock them out the rocks nothing better than seeing a fox skipping across the stones
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