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    I did this just last year with Krawnden off this site ... at first the conversation was always about him getting better and what treatment he was having etc and I just followed suite ... but as time went on and he started fading when I visited him he would ask if I can sort the ferrets his guns take his youngster out Ferreting etc and of course you do because that's what mates do .... what I learned from that was to let them lead the conversation and just keep it as light hearted as possible .......
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    Lost a few good un's to this terrible disease and I've always made the effort unless they have specifically requested no visitors but I do find it difficult, more from my end trying not to say something Fcuk*n stupid so I keep the conversation lighthearted. They're the ones with little time left but they always make time for us and make us welcome.
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    regards cancer , from what ive been told , the cancer gene is in every one, its just something in the way your body makes that cancer gene active, the lucky people dont activate it , the unlucky do and its just look of the draw in life . seeing my old man dying with stomach cancer , was prob the worst thing ive had to deal with, i had look after him for the last 6 months before he died, he had few health probs in his life, and he was 85 when he died , yeh say good age which is true .But me dad was always fit strong bloke even at 75, when he got cancer of the gut, he tried to eat but kept feeling and was sick , so he couldnt get any food down proper, he went like a feckin skeleton in the end , no weight on him, but he fought right to the end , i hope i am as brave as him when its my time to die.
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    So after a **** day at work i called the wife on the way home and told her to get ready we are going out!! There was a few ferals knocking about the farm so i got the old ratcatcher out for her and filled the mrs's pockets with pellets and off we went. Half an hour later, 4 pigeons down and one happy wife back home we came.
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    Its difficult,i always thought dieing is a lonely road,a traveller mate was in hospital for a long time,he was a smart,upright respectable man,he didnt want any friend visitors,seeing him stick thin,no hair.broke me into bits at his funeral.lovely chap.cancers a awfull thing.
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    That one was sighted last year , 10 miles from where i live but it returned to Germany were it was killed in a RTA , another 2 were sighted , one 10 miles from were i live and the other 20 miles away both died in RTA , its reckoned that within 5 years time wolfs will be breeding again in the Netherlands .
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    from both words it rhymes with shite, bit of slang you Londoner should have known that lol
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    Thanks for the glowing feedback Jeff! The rifle is in exceptionally good condition and has been very well looked after. Testament to its previous owner. The action was a little dry and a few bit of dust and grit had entered the cocking slot, this is common but once cleaned out and the parts lightly lubricated it often makes a massive difference such as in this example. The brass part was left in place as it was in perfect order but I have changed others in the past due to damage and wear. The action on this is very similar to the Webley Raider only in that the breech block and magazine is the same sort of design, the Raider 10 was a bull barrel and had a higher block to accomodate. This RWS is pretty much the same as the webley FX2000, some Axsor models and some FX models. A lot of these were swedish built in the Axsor factory prior to them splitting up and Frederik starting the FX brand. Top quality parts and materials were always used.... shame some of the newer stuff has slightly dubious qa/qc issues eh? Regards Paul.
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    Fingers crossed jimmy - I honestly only paid 30 something pounds for the gun! it cost more for the sandpaper stain and oil! Ha ha it will fold and fit into my longnet basket too.
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    26 rabbits the hare was shot earlier on but was in the truck so ended up in the picture .......
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    Got to the field lads,- empty of pigeons except for the odd few. Typical ! The hide I built was redundant,- no pigeons, the loose beans are gone. Just the odd surface bean left amongst the decaying crop. Here`s the size of the field and just take in the amount of cover on offer to me ,- notice the growing young beans sprouting up/ nice fresh leaves. The pigeons were about in one`s and two`s but that tree in the distance is the only offer of cover about. Kaiser knows it too. I made a natural screen and hung the netting and camo hessian beneath behind us,- perfect cover. Three dead decoys on cradles out and now wait, no bucket seat, no primos sticks,- back to basics. Hard work but loved the challenge. T Rex 200 HC MK3 .177 and Kaiser.
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    The Head keeper was off on another shoot with the big boss today, so I snuck off the estate after feeding my birds. I arrived on some of my old permission about 2.15 so I was cutting things fine to say the least! But after I'd collared up the two jills and put the jack russel (in case we ran something cheekier to ground than a rabbit) on a lead I turned around and Jake, my lurcher was already marking the first burrow, both jills in (last years but pretty unexperienced) and quick bolt which jake caught within 8ft of the hole, and i'm thinking how the lurcher is still pretty handy despite a LONG lay off from ferreting. HOW WRONG I WAS. Next burrow he was keen so one jill in and she came out, I realised I should have read his body language better... next burrow he does the same kind of mark, like theres scent ON TOP of the burrow, and he stands back staring at the whole burrow instead of a single hole (hope that makes sense?). Anyway as I half turned from the burrow so he moves with me, I reckon he knew there was nowt in, just wishful thinking. Next burrow a proper mark, ferret in and as a long wrestling match unfolds I manage to grab the bunny from up the tube. Next burrow, two bolt after a strong mark and make it into a stone wall. I walk up and bring Jake back from the burrow, its a bad spot. Jake pushes the next rabbit from a braken bed into a tidy 5 holer, which bolts again straight after the jill enters and after a long run over rocks snow and whole field makes it save under an oak tree! Lights fading by now but what the hell I'm not at work so I'm making the most of it! With th wind picking up jake didn't hear the next bolt but after 30yd dash straight up a steep bank he nailed his rabbit so I thought Id start heading back to the van. He marked another in, resulting in a 5 foot dig through stones and shale, but worth it to get a first dig to my jills. Maybe its the wannabe terrierman in me but I don't think a days ferreting is complete without a dig. Or maybe after Ive carried the spade round the mountain its satisfying to use it? By now its dark so I headed for home, but I'm planning an early finish sunday and round two while theres a few rabbits on the ground! THANKS FOR READING
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    Looks well and is obviously performing well
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    Was that ferreting or lamping? Fine dog.how old?
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    Think his harris tweed investments take up most of his time these days
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    Good going socks pup must be in fine fettle mate.
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    I read somewhere that 600.000 wild boar are anually shot in Germany ,the city of Berlin has a population of 3000 animals that roam the suburbs of the city. https://www.thelocal.de/20171215/how-wild-boars-are-thriving-in-berlin
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    I wish mate,but everyone needs a holiday once in a while
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    A 26tts collie/greyhound xwhippet/greyhound with a small drop of deerhound in there and a pup out of this bitch that’s just over 6months old 21tts to a bedlington x greyhound
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    Slut would be the better word.
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    First wolf in over 100 years spotted in Holland,wandered over from Germany apparently,watch the video in the link,doesnt seem afraid. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/wolf-spotted-netherlands-first-time-over-100-years-video-1491768
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    Shiny and bright I don’t get it mate you gonna have to give me a bit more to go on lol
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    Byron. Hope your friend passes with love and peace..... And you're so right.... CANCER IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.
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    That's 30lbs well well spent she has a fine arse on her I walk behind her regular but it's a pity her make up looks like she's been shot with Homer Simpsons make up gun set on whore.
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    Has that singer had a dental anaesthetic .......
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    He was a good lad was Andrew
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    I got one today but it was a big black feral first card change for a while , i,ve caught the same one three times in two years makes me jump every time, but lots of young deer which is good and lots more fox,s than last winter
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    That' a park in the home counties mackem stop lying
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    Melpti why don't you get a slot on your ticket for both that way if you don't like one you can opt for the other they are both good calibres for small game but it's what you prefer, as said before you need to try them both out I did just that myself years ago and opted for the .17 but definitely wouldn't rule out a 22 I'm just extremely patient with my shots and always strive for a head shot other wise body shot and it looks like a burst settee rubbish for eating.
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    Yeah, never forget YOU are paying them.
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    your a brave man sitting it out in this crap weather mark.... its been a sh1t week 13 is a nice reward though no photos???dont worry about the slipping styrup you can always bung a wooly hat on!! lol atb si
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    you might find your once in a life time dog you might spend the rest of your life looking for it at this time of the year the hares are flying it takes a good dog to take them single handed hope your lucky and find what your after best of luck you just might need it
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    get a wheaten x deerhound over a grey.
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    Well guys, Hard work but thoroughly enjoyed the " chess game" at getting to these pigeons . The pigeon numbers were down considerably but for winter shooting we had a great 3 hrs or so. Loved the field craft involved. 13 very wild wood pigeons taken.
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    Had 2 a week ago and also my 1st ever douple on snipe which i rarely fire at but the chance came and i took it.Was out again on saturday last and had 2 good cocks for the hour or so i got out,main part being a brilliant retrieve by my old lab bitch.Put the cock up along the bank of a fairly big river and he flew to the far side but i got a gap in the hedge and firad and down he went but was back on his feet and running.The old bitch had marked him falling and was already scrambling up the oppisite bank and when she managed to get on top she spent a few minutes looking for the bird the nose to the ground and away.She was right on his trail as i could still see him running from the high bank on my side where he traveled the lenght of almost 2 fields before entering and old birch wood where i could no longer see him.The bitch trailed him though right down and into the wood where she also disapeared .I had a younger lab bitch [daughter to old bitch and the springer with me aswell and they were beating along the bank and again another cock rose and i knocked him for a nice retrieve for the young lab.I went back up on the high band and there was Nell about 4o yds away coming along with the runner in her jaws,down the bank across the river and straight to hand,best retrieve i have had with her in her 8 years,was happy out going for home.
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    " Proper date" Nice shooting guys
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    Been there done that Tom my dads old single barrel hammer action forget the name of it now i was ony 9 i think feck me how time fly,s any way pulled the trigger and landed on my ass did not know what to hold first my ass or my shoulder lol atvbjimmy
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    I sure am!! Even let her shoot ☺
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    Without looking at their vaccination certs I'd say one's ..........feckit! I've looked at the certs. Kippsy's 7 & and Sadie's 4and a 1/2. I do keep them fit and hard though and in the past I've had bitches that go sulky/lazy/wappy when in the heat. (They're around 3 weeks out of a heat right now and they'll be running tomorrow night or Sunday morning unless the forecast changes. They'd be out tonight but I've a hard day working tomorrow)
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    Some times the old ones are the best ones Tom just the fact there still around and going strong proves that I bet in 30,,40,,50,,years some of the new modern rifle will not be around but the old ones will . atvbjimmy
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