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    He means early for next year lol.Good idea though ,I'd buy it .Plummers son is WM, thought that was commen knowledge lol.
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    few art pics my wife painted , from a photo , but not to bad i think , like the deer ones
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    “If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”
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    that's a good age bt still young for a hare dog , now if ones crap its crap and its easy too see usually , heart breaking for the owner more so if the efforts gone in, deffo worse for the dog eh, but lets take another look at this , hares are top top class quarry even more so when run fair law and its very hard for young dogs to learn this game, more so these days cos runs hard to come by, due tooo various reasons, , now its been a fair clout colder all over this year, and the hares go a fair bit better when the cold comes, thnk there deffo been more cold days than the last few years out together, maybe the hares stepped up a little before the pups have learned consistency and too deal with the real stingers, , a lot can change form one day killing two easily and then comes shot cold weather for couple days then you out again and dog no match for what getting up, think its possible your over matching your youngsters? I'm not saying you definitely are but its a possibility maybe? I know myself if I'm not 100 percent consistent with my own dogs the misses creep in , sometimes when you see a young dog miss one n get dragged around a bit its time too put them away , two missed and you deff don't want to be running a third, try again another day , but if you know in your heart of hearts its gash then PTS as its no good owning a dog you have n confidence in at all, they cant all come good , breeding has a lot to do with it imho same way the man and luck play their parts
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    Oh my god.......call the United Nations!! Im Sorry, I don’t recognise any of the above senarios because I was actually born a man !
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    A few more bedy crosses
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    Serious question, they are obviously going to f**k us out of Brexit......who will ever bother to vote again ? I decided against it a good few years back when I saw it was pointless and it was my only way of some pathetic protest.
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    I found some bitches run fine don't effect them atall some go nuts and run like pigs the 1 I got now is 5 and was ok when younger but now if I don't lay her off for a couple of weeks she teks forever to get fit again nice if they break down in june
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    Early days but this is where it all begins
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    Had some cracking 'micro' relationships with a few chunkies, they are easily cured of their self consciousness then its like you've lit the blue touch paper. Curing my self consciousness about being see with one though aint as easy
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    Don't get attached to the cats
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    Went ferreting this morning with a mate and his son , my beddy whippet worked great again marking was spot on and caught 1 on the run that came from a sneaky bolt hole, did great around the sheep again so i think thats sorted now , both ferrets worked great again aswell, ended up with 8 rabbits from 6 small warrens, not loads i know but well happy with the dog again.
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    My pup dam beddy type sire black dog if all works out would go back to the beddy type
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    here you go phil 325mm cylinder fully airtech tuned drops of reg at 75 bar i get 100 shots from 200 bar but ive never take it as low so it drops off reg so probably get more. using 16 aa fields . got these last week in straw bales got six but couldnt get to the other two.
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    Id say AJ has proven himself a little more than Tyson has to be fair too him, I didn't see him come apart mentally after winning the title, nor use cocaine to deal with mental illness or pressure, he also managed to defend it as well and add to it, nor has he been accused of cheating or taking banned substances or served any bans for it, so I cant really see just how they still on the same level. Fury aint out of the woods quite yet, he still has to convince the authorities that he is fit to fight, you don't suddenly loose bi polar disorder nor depression or drug addiction etc all issues he himself citied as blighting his life at the lowest points even today heading back towards the ring after using a somewhat shady excuse to blag his way out of it , he shows himself up singing silly songs on the internet mentioning BBBoC and hearn, why wtf has hearn got to do with his down fall? maybe its easier to blame him and everyone else than himself or those around him, shows he learning nothing, the whole world is never going to dance to his tune nor is boxing itself, he now has yet another chance to do the business but unless he can first beat himself then he truly Donald ducked imho, he wants too get as far as possible away from those whom where around him before the klitschko fight witht he exception of his trainer, the rest are an utter waste of space and will only hold him back from getting where he can His body will never be the same again after the huge weight gains, time stands still for no man, othes have continued to improve and move up the ranks and some have come through he will fit in again no chew he has got massive talent as a boxer, he maybe not fan friendly but hey its boxing not unadulterated violence resulting in ko or death its sport and theres far more ways to win than the average casual fan likes to see, I hope he lied about all the metal illness etc as Id hate to think he really suffered that and is going to be allowed to fight again, cos its not really a sport for unstable people, especially when those around him live off his back which tends to be the way with fighters, he is lucky in the respect that he has talent and pedigree and the markets wide open three fights and he be weathy beyond his wildest dreams, but he has to get through the first training cam and climb in the ring before I even start too take notice, his mouth has written more cheques than his body is currently capable of cashing and nobody for certain really knows what he will do next do they, even he admits that much the UKAD wants disbanding they have failed to get cheats out of the sport, settling for a draw, that is some lame excuse, I was always under the impression the athlete himself and his team where responsible for ensuring all food stuffs etc where approved sources and clean, way I see it is they saying they guilty and allowing ime srved in Tyson case, what about huhies ban he was charged with same offence but never served a ban is he getying one issued like? its beena massive balls up disgrace when you think its peoples lives at stake, if Fury was not guilty at all he would of sued, imho its all a farce and he has goteen very lucky barring two years out which if he aint no liar he needed anyhow as he was ill
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    An ex-girlfriend of mine at Uni did a particular "photo shoot". She said it was a shoot, but wouldn't tell me what kind of shoot. We'd just met each other at the time, but I read between the lines and through deduction worked-out it was something she didn't want me to know about. Something saucy. When I eventually found it what it was, saucy was a massive understatement. You're talking whips, chains, latex, gags, all sorts of deviance. It was like the cellar scene from Pulp Fiction. Only with women. She got £800 for a morning of dressing in latex and a few "fake" lesbian scenes. At least I think they were fake, I only saw snippets. What cracks me up is that there are millions of porn videos on the internet. Someone, somewhere, must recognise some of the participants. They could be someone's Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle. Even Grandma or Grandad to the extreme. Plus there are thousands of young girls (like my ex) who want to make a quick few quid. They do it once, and they're on the internet for eternity. They could be settled down with a respectable job, husband and kids. The repercussions of a video coming back to haunt them would be devastating.
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    it was andy kellys new business store
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    I paid £100 for 4 haunches is that to dear
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    Looks like the one with the white cross on her chest is heading my way this friday
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    When I was a lad my ole man fed us on stuff he caught with a wolfhound/deer/grey an you could have called us chubby kids dog was 13 when ole man died he was 28, an dog lay down an refused to get back up an after a couple weeks force feeding and forcing water into dog by my ma it geed up the ghost an followed me ole man, true story that, I’d not have one as it would be too big for what I do but if I was around quarry suitable an allowed to run it I’d have a couple a brace worst that could happen is they shite
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    they'll live with your cats just the same as the terrier does