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    Well done Jigsaw,...I just had a wee jig around the garden to that song...and I have got a grand old reason to be happy Got my Rosy back from Surgery,...everything went like dream,..she is a tad on the sore side,.but 100% free of the Big C... Happy days...
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    ok lads, im slowly getting back on my feet, a far cry from where I was years ago, and cannot ever see me back out in them fields up to my neck in cack doing what I loved , thing is, like my title says . I want the company of a dog now, it will help me tremendously get back on my feet, get me back into society , but ve got a problem, some while ago, strong winds clobbered my fencing, and left me with an opening of about 6x 4 next to my gate, what im asking is there anyone in my area Newcastle under lyme, could sort it for me, I don't expect it done for nowt, I will pay, I will even bung in egg n chips, cos that's all im living on at the moment, lol be nice to have a dog again, I need to be out, I don't wanna spend the rest of my days stuck in front of a telly, or computer, cheers lads
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    These are a couple of photos I’ve dug out from the old family albums. These were owned by my great grandad. Photos of both terriers were taken around 1910 in Derbyshire. Hope they are of interest.
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    Had to put the old lad to sleep last week .....what a dog and a decent producer .....he has given me some great me memories and I would love to do it all over again . over 13 year old and still doing a bit with the terriers and dog that put some amount of stuff to sleep and lived to graft plenty of stuff with his blood coursing through their veins and have 2 dogs in my yard that are breed from him and if they are half as good as he was I will be a happy man .
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    My old black dog is 14 now and as fat as a lab retired up in my old mans. I have him for the next week whilst he’s away on holiday, took him a wander today and the tail was still up and wagging away. Here’s a few pics from over the years
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    Been on second 500mileish round trip, this time to bring the pup home with me. Cracking little pup. Lovely wi kids and other dogs. Good day, let the fun begin! 1/2Grey 3/8Whip 1/8Beddy
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    Lads you can't image how chuffed I am. As some of you know I lost one lad and the other lad has been trying for a kid for ten years IVF false empty pregnancy and disappointments. My heart went out to them, thought I would never had a Grand child. Well five o'clock this morning a little girl was born and I'm now a Granddad. Cheers Arry
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    Well if someone told me at the start of this day I’d be hanging the old dog’s boots up I’d have smirked and said life in him yet. It started like our normal walk only I had had a shitty day An pushes further a field. I always let him bush he always has the bellman on so him An the wee man entered a small block of trees he flushed 4 roe an then Ewan appeared but no old timer. After 10-15 mins whistling I entered the strip not long went till I found him at ground . But my school boy error spade was over a mile away in the car. We sat for half hour hoping for a bolt, not to be an where he sat was showing 4.4 no way. I sent Ewan the long walk back to the spade and I sat I heard a rumble right thru the earth to the other side box on 1.4 well now we are talking!!! I started to clear some top layer with a stick the ground was ash so I made good the stick and got to 0.7 before the wee man got back , as I broke thru Zak still thinking he’s a young thing An giving it all he had but the old wounds don’t hold like they used to nor do the teeth, back home it was evident a few teeth missing a few holes reappeared and he was feeling it . Now some folk would say he will come good and try again but I’ve had some sport some excellent flushing days he’s found me more earths than I ever knew so tonight showering him down hit me like a ton of bricks it’s over and time to chill out
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    my young WBG bitch Teal,looking forward to some nights out on the lamp and days with the terriers this coming season....she pick up where we left it and i will be happy......she's keeping my ferret Kitts in fresh meat and catching rabbits local (not an easy task)she's around 25/26 tts and filled out nicely
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    Saturday saw me and my mate Alec traveling upto our mate Malcolm’s to do a spot of lamping the conditions weren’t favourable has it went still and the ground was very sodden but that’s lamping for you, I was very impressed with Alec’s bitch Luna she ran very well and didn’t miss much, Malcolm,s little bitch ran well to and for her size she does very well, I ran my dog Dan he has a different style of running to the other two dogs but he’s still has effective and he ran well to, we where fortunate to have a lad with us who’s pretty handy with a camera and he took a few pics of the dogs, cheers Rich you’re very talented at taking pics pal, cheers to Alec, Malcolm and Rich, good lads, great company and true gentleman. Regards Collie John.
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    a couple of pics I found in my shed from a few years back, I thought some might like to see, some of the lads are sadly gone, good craic back then.
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    Few of you might remember my old bedo/grey x saluki/grey from over the years on here.....she lives at my parents house and comes to mine whenever they go away in the caravan now as she doesn’t like the long journeys in the car, last time I had her I ran her up the vets for a check over and turns out she is 18 next April which is a good age! I’ve had her since I was 18 and I probably learned more about dogs and hunting with her than any other dog I’ll ever own! Countless miles day and night, good Lamper and ferreting dog and not bad on hares in the day either back when it was legal to course them, never really to keen on foxes but I never brought her for that so never been an issue to me. I’d give anything to see her run again but unfortunately her days of going out are long gone but she is still happy enough and goes out with my dad twice a day then just literally sleeps for hour after hour lol this is her now with my youngest busher vet was impressed how she’s still so switched on at her age and said she should see 20 easy enough and while she’s happy she’s more than earned her retirement! Anyone got or had an older dog??
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    I've spoken to Keith tonight and he is ok.
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    With plenty of rain forecast for tonight I decided to go and have a Trip out on the lamp. unfortunately the rain didn’t come as expected or even at all, up on arrival of my first spot I gazed on the temperature gauge in the car and it read 15 degrees so with that I decided I needed to take things steady. I made my way through the first field which was very long grass, next field had been planted but nothing was yet to start growing but that’s where the bunnies were and so my night started. I picked a few off and made my way round my route, every time the dog would make a catch I stopped to gut each rabbit to allow a little breath catching time for the dog. My night was steady with far too much cover in a lot of fields but me and the dog persevered finishing the spot on 13 which I was happy with as the temperature by then had rose too 18 degrees which was bloody warm I was sweating like a good un . On the way back home I done a quick couple of small fields where we got another 6 taking the tally upto 19 which I am more than happy with considering how bloody warm it was and how much cover there still is about. The dog still had some running left in him which was good to see.
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    My Collie bitch Liz has whelped 9 pups to my Collie Greyhound dog Dan, those that know me know I have been planning this cross for a while has I prefer more Collie than Greyhound in my dogs they suit my style of dog work which is mooching, ferreting and lamping and they don’t draw attention to themselves whilst I’m out with them, anyhow bitch and pups are doing well. Regards Collie John
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    Anytime pal, here's frank
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    One of my lads went to a local car boot looking for fishing tackle ,and came back with this for my man cave .good little find.
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    Not really news in the overall scheme of things but my daughter has just had a baby boy and I,ve just become a grandad
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    After a long wait for the bitch getting lined and the usual wait until I could pick her up, I finally got my new pup home yesterday. Bold as brass and settling in fine. Sire: Collie grey saluki grey collie whippet grey x bull grey Dam: along the lines of collie bull grey Hopefully she should make at least 24tts should have a summer of fun ahead of us!
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    Al's Kitchen is good,...I do love curry and as you so rightly say, his 'base gravy ' recipe helps out a lot... Mind you, when you have tasted the street food, in various areas of the Middle East,.nothing really compares... Just going for a bum burner now...really looking forward to it... It has been a traumatic year for me,.I nearly lost my Wife and best pal to Cancer, but Inshallah,..we have survived ... Been married, .45 years today; I would not have changed even one minute... All the best, Phil.
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    just got back from a little all nighter on the wye with my 3❤can't beat the outdoors with the little uns
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    Loch Eriboll north west Scotland 1939 Strong women these
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    Out trying a few spots today and came across 1st pair of the season. Walking down to check the holes and the lurcher bitch was marking already by time we got there. Blocked everything up, terrier away and dug the pair at 2ft. Had plenty of singles so far but this is the 1st pair we've bumped into.
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    just had the community outlook team visit me from the hospital, they used to come every day in the beginning but now cos im doing ok they wont be coming until next Tuesday, they are the people concerned about your state of mind, I told em in the beginning that once id done my final bit for Ruthy that's me done, and that was my true thoughts of I suppose an irrational man, having lost my mate of nearly 30 years, then topped by a stroke, but 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with that awful disease which I cannot even bring myself to say, my way of life stopped that awful day. rehomed my dogs n ferrets. and looked after her the best I could. and believe you me I suffered mentally and emotionally, I never turned my back on the poor lady, nor was anything to much trouble for her, she wanted she got, heres 1 instance for you, one night she was in bed downstairs, I brought a double bed down stairs for her, cos I could no longer carry her up, anyway she wanted a glass of water, she spilled the water onto the bed,. and she panicked, don't worry I says, its only water. picks her up, puts her on my chair changed the bedding, and put her back, there you go I says job done, I put so much into looking after Ruth, without thinking, I neglected my own health. and I know that's how come I ended up in a stroke ward, I did my all and more for that lady, but now theres nowt else I can do, so I can at least hold my head high, now then, I promised myself, no way on gods earth will I waken up Christmas morning, to an empty house, and deffo wont be listening to auld langs eyne on my own, why should I when there is a way out, and im only thinking what any man or woman would be thinking in my situation, but now, because of what folk have done for me, doggie mac, and you guys listening to me, and now I have a pup on the way for Christmas.im starting to feel happy again, I can see a future if I pull my finger out, thanks black dog, and thanks to the hunting life for listening to me, 1 wrong word from any 1 of you would have sent me over edge im sure
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    I got 3 lads, eldest been out since he could walk, now he a teen he just does his own thing with the dogs an ferrets an stuff, next lad after me daughter no interest really, an that leaves me youngest, just turned 4 An is dog ferret an gun mad. Got him a new training shotgun for his birthday an he been on me case since to get out bit early in season tbh but day off so asked what they wanted to do. Youngest already had his gun in hand an asked if he could try Steve, his new jill kitt, kitt never been out an neither had he so it was an experience for them both, couple An misfires with his wee gun but getting the safety side, few rabbits bolted to the net, Young Steve did very well am switched on straight away an bolted first rabbit if day an followed it right into net ( cheers whwt ) the wee man is over moon, got to get out with his gun an kitt an caught his first ever rabbit I got a new apprentice for next few years anyways proud as punch
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    Leading on from a thread in the country crafts section. A link was put up of a bird in America selling farrier file knives made for chefs and charging $800 so I decided to ha e a go at knocking one up today to see if I matched hers. Well I think their pretty similar so £620 is the equivalent of $800 ... don’t all rush at once I will take orders hers. mine ......
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    Some of the sealyhams I bred years ago .
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    pip would sit there till she nearly caught fire then go and sit near the door to cool off then come back lol
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    I enjoy nothing more than been out with my young Collie/Greyhound
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    Went today with a mate and picked up the bitch pup from a mating to 1 of my old dogs, the mate even managed to get a cracking pup himself, cheers to the fella! Didn’t have to do it! Real genuine guy, very few about! We will be down this season and ur always welcome uo! Cheers mate! Meet Betty.......
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    A true gent indeed. and little does he know it, but the offer of that pup has completely changed my outlook on life, what would you folks rather waken up to Christmas morning, an empty house, or a true pal,
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    12months old just starting him off
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    All my kids and grandkids have been fetched up around dogs .they all adore them .this is my 6 year old granddaughter skipping away with our lurcher.
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    I gave a pup to a lad who didn’t have 2 copper coins to rub together, poor fcuker was goin throo a hard time an I knew he wanted one but wouldn’t ask, so o offered on the condition that the dog got took to me own vet if anything ever went wrong. 3 weeks later the lad asked me to take pup to vet for jab an when I picked him up I told him the jabs were free Cos he had some left over gear But he refused an paid the full cost, lad started dry stone wallong few weeks after an pup had the life a Riley out all day with him, seen lad few days ago with the ole bitch still riding shotgun in his new truck with his wee lassie in back moral of the story is money comes an goes pal, being a decent guy an Dogman is always in ye, there’s pdsa vets an all sorts out there these days an it don’t take a lot to feed a dog, if rathwr give a pup to a skint guy I know will do it the justice it deserves than some fcuker who is well off as that don’t mean shit to me
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    Had a call from a keeper who had a keeper pal who had a problem on a wild bird shoot,the problem was solved today,but as my season is now over and the old girl is well getting old this was almost certainly her last fox and a nice hassle free bolt for her to end her working days was just right .
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    Another good dig to this fella yesterday
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    3rd seasoned dog, had a few belters with him, 8 hours in the ground start of the season and a 5 hour to end with plenty in between
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