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  2. Ted Newgent

    Bad day for hunting

    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hampshire-48050361 https://twitter.com/ChrisGPackham/status/1121369400437817344/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1121369400437817344&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.com%2Fnews%2Fuk-england-hampshire-48050361
  3. billhardy

    First cross bull whippets

    Both very nice penda but I do say I like the dark brindle, atbbill
  4. sandymere

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    The beddy whippets would be in their element then!!
  5. LuckOrJudgement

    Changes to the general license

    It's a sad day. Hopefully sense will prevail. It's not the f***ing rain forest. Our UK countryside is a managed environment and the people being penalised by Packham are the ones who care most about conserving it and keeping it balanced.
  6. Foxpack 2

    Bad day for hunting

  7. sid g

    damp advice

    concrete .. I`ve got laminate over it
  8. Daniel cain

    Introducing pup to rat

    chwis packam
  9. Caravan Monster

    damp advice

    What sort of floor is it in the hall? Renovations in old houses when they put dpc sheet and screed or concrete floor in cause ground water to travel up the wall because it's the only way it can escape. Often the wet patches are around doors and fireplace openings. If it's still got a suspended floor, it's well worth checking the air bricks and the void under the floor are clear.
  10. Daniel cain

    damp advice

    you could try filling any cracks and knocking out old mortar then repointing the brickwork mate,maybe paint it with some 'black jack',use it in work on blockwork thats under the damp course,will stop anything penetrating
  11. W. Katchum


    Really need to sort some rats out on a job I do. Folks don’t wanna use poison as lots wildlife, owls, an stoats an stuff about that don’t cause any harm an the folk like seeing them. Can use dogs on it now an again but 90%time we cant, it’s no great loss as the same folk give us plenty other land to use dogs so swings an roundabouts. anyways Iv never trapped a lot really so what’s me options, ideally wanna set a trap line that can be checked few tomes a day an easily reset hit me with it
  12. sid g

    damp advice

    got some water proof membrane is it worth putting some again the wall be before I back fill it ?
  13. Black neck

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    Had a fair few mammoth knocking about according to dy
  14. gnasher16

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Ive said for a while now it wont be long until this is all out in the open it was always going to end up where so many people get caught it would have to be legalised....i think theres a fair argument to be had now for legalising steroids in certain sports its only really the moral aspect thats stopping it.
  15. Themole


    Cracking head on that bitch
  16. tandors

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    I believe the new thinking is that Britain wasn't closed canopy forest but more woodland pasture/scrub as huge herds of herbivores moved through the landscape so I'm sure a sighthound would have been very useful.
  17. Daniel cain

    The Places Ye Get To See

    lurchers looking well mate
  18. Jonjon79

    Changes to the general license

    Chris Packham has taken a narrow lead from Diane Abbott as the UKs No 1 c**t
  19. bendrover

    Stud dog

    Show me a guarantee regarding breeding ????? All you can do is give yourself the best odds . Hence a proven stud . Go to a great runner that has poor lineage. Most likely can't reproduce himself . It's hard enough breeding a litter , at least give yourself better bet .
  20. kanny

    damp advice

    Just to add if you are getting damp where the soil is then obviously the damp proof course is failing so you might have to look at getting it injected...I live in in a old cottage thats not called old well cottage for nothing lol .. a bit of damp is part and parcel of living in a old place .
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  23. ChrisJones

    Sunderland lamper jailed.

    This is why we can't have nice things.
  24. kanny

    damp advice

    Its below the damp proof layer so should be fine ,some do dig the soil out replace it with just gravel for better drainage but I think you will be fine as it is.
  25. ChrisJones

    Title race

    Don't you think that's a generational thing, though? I agree with you but I don't think football is the common man's game anymore as much as we'd like it to be. The pride of pulling on the shirt ended when they became multi-million £ corporations, IMHO. I'm not saying there aren't those that do, only that the number is getting lower every season. Shearer going to Newcastle over Manchester is the immediate example that springs to mind... Remember the outrage that caused west of the Pennines? Walking past Nobby Stiles' house on the way to school in the morning and seeing what a nice approachable down to earth bloke he was. I don't see that happening anymore when most of these players are so far removed from the fans they literally live in gated fortresses.
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