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  2. low plains drifter


    You'd be laughing on the other side of your face if stringfellow hawk appeared in the cockpit with owd Ernest riding shotgun, I mean air rifle
  3. low plains drifter


    Never underestimate the clout the 11.2 ft lb of pressure per square inch the open sighted Chinese break barrel carries
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  6. bird

    Staffy Bull

    spot on that , like a bull terrier with bit of leg to it , how was it bred pm if you want .
  7. dytkos

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Cheers, D.
  8. bird

    Finally picked my keeper!

    nice litter of pups , like your keeper, but all should make good pot fillers, lurcher x lurcher from proven parents, you cant go wrong .
  9. Sunday 21st JULY 19 Kildare Working Terrier, Lurcher, Whippet, and Gun Dog Show will take place Sunday 21st July 19, in the field opposite Mondello Race Track. Sunday 21st JULY 19 Cloyne Harriers Dog Show, Cloyne , Co Cork. Signposted from the lakeview roundabout ( N25) Midleton, Co Cork Margaret Mc Stay
  10. bird

    Kelpies as a stud,

    by what you said , regards the mating you got it spot on and good tie 30 mins , really hope there pups on the ground in 9 weeks. the above bitch looks to me like a acd , another great working dog,
  11. villaman

    Range board

    Yes I have but can’t get hold of one at the moment but a British company have started making slugs which works in the stx liner , which is the standard one in the x barrel impacts and crowns I have ordered a tin but at 30p a shot they will not be a plinking pellet
  12. Crackers

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Tell him keep his paki shit to himself
  13. Rez

    New uk slugs

    Nice v’man but that site is a dogs dinner shudder pm’d me. Would done you absolute mates rates and done it out of work. On an airgun note, you running those boulders through your ?
  14. Stoney100

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Efe ajagba fighting next on the link...watch this fight as he is one mean knut and defo going to be a world champion one day imo http://crackstreams.com/boxingstreams/watch-thurman-vs-pacquiao-ppv/
  15. Stoney100

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Link to the pac-man fight/undercard..... http://crackstreams.com/boxingstreams/watch-thurman-vs-pacquiao-ppv/
  16. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Rivas has fought and beat nobody as a pro and it showed tonight, Whyte holding him at bay with a basic double jab. Excellent finish from Chisora, him against Parker be a good match up .
  17. jigsaw

    Big Cat Sighting

    i reckon i know whos lost that,even though its been denied its theirs,i reckon i met that marsupial before lol
  18. low plains drifter

    ( celebrity trawler men at sea CH5 )

    The town I live in is a fishing port, apparently if rabbit is mentioned before a trawler sets sail the crew decide against heading out
  19. neil82

    New uk slugs

    cost more than rim fire ammo, think you need a serious look into your pricing if you want any remote possibility of making a go of it
  20. jigsaw

    Kelpies as a stud,

    if they were advertised a while back for sale ,i wouldnt even consider breeding a litter ,she is spot on ,any back ground info on her Phil,is she yours?
  21. two crows

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    he was a champion leak grower believe it or not, lol (he still may be)
  22. W. Katchum

    Staffy Bull

    Like that, could find some fun for that
  23. green lurchers

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Mates bitch in Pakistan
  24. BenBhoy

    Charity act for all those who....

    Yeah, then they'd see how those poor defenseless baby soya beans feel when they're ripped away from their mother land & introduced to the cruel industry that is Linda McCartney "sausages" (other bland pretend cardboard food substitutes are available. If your a twať)
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