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  2. Nicepix

    Here we gao again ... Gender Neutral ships

    Does that mean that Chelsea fans won't be able to order their prawn sandwiches in case it offends vegans?
  3. Nicepix

    Title race

    It might take 3 or 4 seasons for ManU to recover from the calamitous last six or seven. Maybe longer if the likes of de Gea and Rashford force transfers away. OGS is on the right track when he says that the players he needs have to be of the ManU DNA. Too many of those bought by the last three managers were just quick-fix, sticking plaster attempts at shoring up weak positions. Mourinho bought Bailley and Lindelof for silly money and then wanted another £100m to replace them. That can't go on. Pogba is a world class player and inspirational leader if things are going his way. When they are not he undermines the team rather than grab it by the scruff of the neck and shake it back into life. Mou' tried, but things had gone too far. Mou's appointment was another quick-fix failure. With the financial fair play rules and under-achieving players on long contracts it will be difficult to turn it around quickly. Pep was effectively controlling City's transfers twelve months before he officially joined them and then took another year or so to settle in. Klopp went through two seasons of re-building before the quality began to show and he wasn't lumbered with the dead wood OGS has. Utd have to keep de Gea and Rashford, get rid of Sanchez even if it means another sweetener deal like they did with Rooney. Because whilever he is sitting on the bench and getting paid top wages it will unsettle those coming through the ranks just as Rooney's situation did. Pogba needs to go too despite his potential. More than anything else they need a Keane or Cantona; Someone who can put the fear of God into any player who doesn't pull his weight.
  4. tatsblisters

    Brexit party.

    You are right mate as far as the EU elections go though for local elections witch I doubt the Brexit party will have any candidates standing UKIP will get my vote as they are the only viable option for the corrupt Rotherham labour council.
  5. Aussie Whip

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    I'd imagine that to be true,I don't think the old boys asked for a pedigree.Even today you see pigdogs here labelled as wolfhound cross, the"pure" wolfhound parent looks like a hairy mastiff.For rabbits here though you can't go past a straight cross or 3/4 whippet/stag,tough feet and real fast for the hard ground here.
  6. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    Some people talk bollocks
  7. I would of thought people will just carry on as they are, there isn’t the resources to police this
  8. air rifles all to be licenced as scotland £100+, BPCA/RSPH2 certificates, £1000+ full pest control insurance not just BASC £300+ proof of working as a full time pest controller ie BPCA/NPTA approved and a Natural England licence £ ££££ Thats where this will go. Ive already got all this but get ready lads it will become expensive to shoot. iwm
  9. Rusty_terrier

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Kash farooq on tonight defending the British bantamweight. It's on BBC Scotland
  10. So has there been a response from the shooting trade, I’m sure once people stop buying cartridges for pest control they’ll feel it, if it’s going to take a couple of weeks to get the first licenses out, that’s a lot of cartridges not being fire across the country?
  11. Take me with you, and drop me off in the 70s
  12. Today
  13. Wonder where we will stand then if he doesn't apply for one or delays it but still says come on.. I'll sort it..carry on regardless?! Errrm..Can I see your licence please Mr farmer/ keeper/landowner?
  14. Balaur

    Bad day for hunting

    It's also a forged hatred of all things p***y after thefts and driving the land it is almost a symbol of it. I've tried plenty to represent the lurcher but except for a few close friends in shooting circles who enjoy it secretly there is mostly a prejudice towards them. My guns are long gone my mission now is to find a little shoot to take my kids and busher beating and I'll probably keep schtum about the runner. It's finding the right folk though and there are a few surprise supporters . The old guys and gals who don't give a monkeys are the best especially the ones that want certain pests gone haha.
  15. TOMO

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    lol....yeh for fecks sake don't show the cross fitters ....you know how they love the phrase "functional fitness "....2019 cross fit games....move a 200 kilo side of beef 50 meteres 150 kilo for the women....
  16. gaz

    Title race

    Totally agree with keane and Souness here all the same the Man United players attitude is guff just now,most of them would deserved to have their arses kicked if they were playing amateur football never mind representing a club like man utd.

    New Smoker

    https://www.proqsmokers.com/ https://www.macsbbq.com/hot-smokers They come up every now and then on eBay. I agree with Steve they do look like R2 D2 also when you break them down to just the bottom bit and lid it looks like a Sputnik
  18. gnipper

    Lung worm tablets

    Milbemax have got ivomectin in them. My vets tried to give me one for the lurcher till I pointed it out and the fact he was half collie.
  19. two crows

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    years ago dogs had to do a job, you would use the best dog available to you whatever that was, it would also have bean seen working, like you said no room for sentiment, the deerhounds years ago you speak of were more likely lurchers any way, like here when people talk about deerhound crosses being good dogs years ago, folk think of first crosses, when in reality the good ones would be deerhound lurchers, as apposed to longdogs.
  20. Jonjon79

    Changes to the general license

    I was just reading that .......... https://tinyurl.com/y6dow8eg Fair answer from that MP - it's just a shame that the 'government ministers' involved didn't kick it down the road and delay it (as we know they can when it suits them) so that we could crack on as normal while it's sorted.
  21. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Just got this in my e-mail europes first cannabis recruitment consultancy,a couple of UK based jobs in the CBD industry. https://www.blumejobs.com/
  22. mackem


    My missus spent easter in Norway visiting some of her family in Bergen,the equivalent of £5 for a red pepper in the supermarket?
  23. gaz

    Title race

    Roy Keane is priceless here,thought at one point he was going to slap that boy Neville lol
  24. Bosun11

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    Lynx, Deerhound/Greyhound x Whippet. Bout 1991. Game girl, would tackle anything. Pregnant in the photo. Only photo i now have of her.
  25. We will have to wait and see what happens all I know is that whatever is put in place needs to be under a GL it will be mayhem if you have to apply for a license
  26. two crows

    Stud dog

    it don't matter about that sort of thing once minds are made up.
  27. Greyman

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Proffesional ducker, in action
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