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  2. When you say a team how is that ties. I'm guessing it's more than one fly on the line. I'll give that a go then. On rivers just upstream isit let it drift down.
  3. Francie

    Gone for it...

    Good luck mate
  4. I’m guessing the odds are the same as any lurcher then it’s all down to luck if the cross gells and a shorts straws game
  5. ginger beard

    Does any one work a huntaway x greyhound

    I got a mate from huntaway in N.Z where the breed comes from.he hunts with dogs and has a sheep farm but you won't see a huntaway at his place.he keeps kelpies.
  6. Until someone tries the cross, you won't know how good, bad or indifferent they could be. And I don't know percentages etc, but I'd bet there'd be more heavy coated dogs that pull up etc on rabbits in number, due to overheating. Seen a few rough/heavy coated dogs over the years visibly wilting and being less keen after so many runs, than smooth coated dogs, fitness etc not being an issue
  7. Mate a lot of dogs will catch some rabbits but it takes a special dog to take a lot of rabbits a lot a times over its life, fcuk Iv seem some seriously driven animals kid on they cannae see the 50th 60th bunny if the night them huntaways offer no more than collie/kelpie or cattle dog crosses an I’d even go as far as saying they won’t even offer what the others do
  8. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    I have put a video on and without even having the decency to watch it you still think it’s acceptable to carry on your shite talk banter, would you like me to pop along and squeeze your lungs in and out for you so you can have a fag as well, if you have not got anything to add and just want a row go and piss someone else off I really don’t give a shit so yes I will be rude and if you don’t like it just f**k further off until you can’t hear me, very simple ffs
  9. Maybe mate but I don't think so most lurchers of all breeds and xs will be jackers if pushed if someone wanted a lurcher for rabbits in the main and odd bit of other stuff most dogs that are half greyhound will do that job
  10. WILF


    I suppose it comes to us all........but it’s still shocking when you EAR about it !
  11. Today
  12. Sausagedog

    Cwis Prickman changed his tune

    Oh well if cwissy says so it must be right. Bless.
  13. Sausagedog

    .22lr ammo testing

    Yeah, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one but when the arseholes start spouting their opinions....well then we are in an even bigger world of .......
  14. timmytree

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Natural England did that because too many people were breaking the terms of the old GL. There is plenty of proof out there. It's even written into the new GLs that if DEFRA/NE get evidence of more abuse it could be withdrawn again. It's all too easy to just blame someone else because we don't like him. WJ and Packham didn't want or expect the GLs to be withdrawn at such short notice, they asked for the GLs to stay in place until January next year to allow new GLs to be drawn up and put in place. The whole fiasco was started by shooters acting illegally, the law being unfit to start with and NE being totally unable and unfit to deal with the situation.
  15. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    You mean NO obviously! You just can't give up with the attitude can you!
  16. Welsh_red

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    The hypocrscy is he didnt mind throwing a spanner in on the general license even tho it would endanger animals
  17. W. Katchum


    Bubble float an fly is deadly mate, can even use a team a flies. An even get cracking results on a big ole res or loch, team a flies an wee bit water in float to get it to the fish an away ye go
  18. Here's a few I've had over the last week, small ones have gone back and kept two fish from different occasions. If they're there they do hit the spinner quickly In fairness, normbally where the water goes deep and slack. I am thinking of trying a bubble float with a fly or worm on it and letting it drift as much luck as I've had on the spinners there are still shallow clear waters where they are only taking flys. People are telling me off bags of 40 odd out of llandegfed res but I went there last year on the worm and not a bite, but apparently it has to. E suspended off the bottom which I did t do.
  19. ryaldinhio

    Gone for it...

    I am an MEP Project Manager but an electrician by trade and generally handy at most practical things. My business is electrical contracting and commercial property maintenance which has been doing ok on side had a few lads working for me but need to push it more now. The free lance role is a PM but through my company aswell.
  20. timmytree

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Can you explain that because I don't see culling a plentiful species to save an endangered one as hypocrisy.
  21. Your probably right again mate but hybrids have a way of surprising us all look at most the bulls bred to greyhounds never had a pit fight in there life’s nothing more than pets but produce dogs that can be Pretty handy at most jobs same goes with collie not everyone as assess to a farm working collie that actually works regularly most farmers wouldn’t pimp there collie out to someone that’s going to potentially poach there land so people use pets or trials collie with a degree of success at most jobs expected from a lurcher same goes to bedlingtons most ain’t worked to ground most are nothing more than pets or novelty dogs or dogs that are walked and catch the odd rabbit in cover when they do catch every one of fb knows how good a working dog it is and all about it but put any of the above to a greyhound magic happens all off the above have an can produce dogs for a bit of everything it’s proven fact magic happens
  22. Welsh_red

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Its the hypocracy
  23. timmytree

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Hang on a minute, we want to cull pigeons, crows and magpies to save crops, wildlife and lambs. That was stopped by Natural England. Because Packham calls for more deer culling to protect an endangered bird he is suddenly wrong? Deer are at the highest level for years, nightingales at the lowest.
  24. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    One of the problems is cross breeding, Bengal cats were the last fashionable hybrid and now we have the savannah cat, to make it legal to sell they have to be a second cross otherwise they still require a dangerous animal licence but I would imaging a chance meeting in the wild could take the cross back toward a more wild version, think you have probably seen this before, it’s definitely a cat it was almost 2ft at the shoulder so not a domestic but what it is I could not say with any certainty, the one in the cage is called a pumard a hybrid between a leopard and a mountain lion very fashionable as pets in the old days because they were much smaller than the parents, the one with the tracker on is a 100percent puma in the USA and the other one is wandering around in woodland in southern England, I do also no of one pei e of film taken near were I found the last hollowed out deer that contains an adult and juvenile which is holy grail footage if the people will ever share it, p s we are self funding but a couple of grands worth of cameras tons of battery,s, and SD cards and a few dna tests per year, the big cat tent at country shows and lectures to different groups of people adds up to an expensive hobby, add into that driving around the country talking to witness and we are spending a few quid for a hobby
  25. Black neck

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Good show the lad she was starting to look like our Robert
  26. LurcherLad94

    Hawke lrf 900 pro

  27. LurcherLad94

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Cheers bill she's making a nice pup got abit more weight on her now looks spot better I'll get some pics up after
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