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  2. Arry


    Vote for the Brexit Party is are only hope now. Cheers Arry
  3. sid g

    Oldest dog on thl??

    just lost a Russell bitch 15 year old and her mum last year 19 yr old .. the bitch was the last of a line I`ve had for over 30 year , be strange not having a terrier about the place for the first time in 49 year I wont have another one now I couldn't do one justice and I wouldn't want one just as a pet ... my lurcher will do me for getting me out the door ..
  4. Greyman

    Oldest dog on thl??

    15 yo
  5. Greyman

    Oldest dog on thl??

    Gave me a fright for a second there mate
  6. belucky

    New addition to the team

    its a setter mate , she wouldn't suit a short tail
  7. David.evans

    First time out with the maxus

    Not to ugly now with butt extended it’s fits great
  8. Daniel cain

    Good read

    send my kids to school with rabbit sandwiches..they tuck into squirrel,wood pidgeon,venison and get stuck in with helping me butcher stuff
  9. David.evans

    On the off chance!

    Great shooting and one bang on write up atb
  10. socks

    Oldest dog on thl??

    Fukc me you look like greymans twin brother
  11. Daniel cain

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    sorry to hear this..rip Geoff condolences to his family at this difficult time.
  12. shaaark

    Hot weather exercise.

    Bin warned? BEAN there and done it!! lol
  13. Daniel cain

    Oldest dog on thl??

    I'm not looking forward to growing old
  14. Greyman


    You forgot they are racist as well I no a lad who’s mum taught in South Africa and brought one home with her had a very real hatred for the darker types
  15. Daniel cain

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    hi-tech magnum?used to wear them to schoolromper stomper style got a pair of dunop safety trainers from sports direct,less than 20 quid,set of gel insoles sorted
  16. tomburras

    Running salmon

    What an amazing thing to watch MIK can I ask, what river is this filmed on?
  17. Today
  18. Out yesterday morning with a guest and plenty of salmon and grilse running ...amazing sight and right place at right time beter wathced in HD
  19. Daniel cain

    Working dogs as pets

    same here,depending on the time of yr,mine normally go outside full time around 8 months old ,they get free run of the garden and allowed in the house when someones there....they come in and chill in the evenings ,then sleep In kennels at night, if they make old bones they get the sofa
  20. Big Ron

    Hot weather exercise.

    Make you mind up Bill, one min I haven't got a dog your saying then next your agreeing and liking what blacky says I have 6 weeks without a cider I've found a place where I can get Orchards Thieves Cider in UK now after falling in love in Dublin
  21. Sausagedog

    On the off chance!

    Fox basher connoisseur.
  22. Black neck

    Hot weather exercise.

    Seen blud
  23. Daniel cain

    Kits Doncaster

    I'm few miles from Cardiff ,South wales
  24. fred90

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    Cheers tomo. I did my training at Bolsover pit, then went to Markham colliery in 83.can remember the name from back then
  25. TOMO

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    think he was mate.... my first lurcher was off him when I was a kid......beddi..whipp..grey type thing
  26. bird

    Working dogs as pets

    seen few working labs, and some lines are more head strong, and high energy type dogs, i was quite surprised by them . as long as they get plenty of exercise and bit of dummy work there ok.
  27. Born Hunter

    Starting to think dogs and go-pros don’t mix

    I've got half a mind to get into this go pro lark. I'd need a laptop too but it looks quite fun little hobby knocking together short recreational videos/vlogs.
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