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  2. Our team

    Mini Ferrets

    Yes. Because if you know owt she on season early so I mated her.. So she didn't die on me... None of them are spades or nuted. Cos they young . OK not worked propper yet. But will be doing... This winter..
  3. W. Katchum


    Can deffo call in cukoo’s, same with nightjars
  4. The one


    Never seen one but heard one two weeks ago
  5. Apache...

    Not coming out.

    Don't hold back on my account spit it out, I'm not one of the sensitive souls on here.
  6. The one

    Bsa open day

    as usual bloody miles away
  7. sid g

    Gone for it...

    that was my problem fd got to be a grind , shifted some of my assets made enough to be comfortable and earn the odd bit when I wanted to if your happy with your lot then fair play if your not start making plans to do what you fancy I didn't want to get to old age and look back with regrets ..
  8. W. Katchum

    Mini Ferrets

    You said in here that your ferrets are unworked said as ye beddy said they all to Young a will start this year ffs. Breeding kitts out a ferrets that seen nowt
  9. Rimfireboy!

    .22lr ammo testing

    You are bang on with that walshie
  10. Greyman


    An old friend of mine runs fisherwick fisherie so I try to go up a couple of times a year, but will be sleeping outdoors mate not in a pub but thanks for the heads up, a few tinny,s and a smoke round the fire with old mates perfect, think the fox pub that had the sighting was near a river ? There is a woman local that deals with sightings and such in or around Tamworth
  11. You have to ask yourself how did, what is to all attempts and purposes, the worlds first ever nation state come to this?.......and how can people vote to keep doing it to themselves ? Have they pride in anything except their own right on, so called tolerant credentials ? Do they never feel that sense of history and historic pride or a duty to preserve something so special ? I can only conclude that millions and millions don’t and I’m afraid I have no affiliation or connection to people like that. Watching Britain (and my area of England) the last 40 odd years has been like watching the first girl you fell in love with and thought was the most beautiful thing in the world turn into a crack whore ! Its f***ing terrible....I certainly couldn’t look at it anymore.
  12. I grew up in Oldham went to school with the asians got Asian friends and there is definitely no go areas for whites I'm lucky in a sense because I know some of the Asian 'big lads' from the area, I never really got trouble used to regularly walk through the area's most wouldn't but still got surrounded a few times by groups of them ready to show me I shouldn't of been there .. and that was ten years ago , and I'm told it's only got worse since ..
  13. Our team

    Mini Ferrets

    Can't even fit a color on her I will have to make another hole.. On my mark 2
  14. Our team

    Mini Ferrets

    Just to had. Again. She a grey hound. Pole cat. They all polecats or whites. Even grey hounds. Some people on here just don't know or understand what a greyhound is??? * basicly they very skinny and don't put weight on. Even when they loaded with kits....
  15. Hello and welcome mate , is she a young jill first litter ?. She will come back in season if shes a good worker try her again then seperate her
  16. Greyman

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Personally I don’t think there was that much to judge him on there apart from his undoubted power, but I think a more technical fighter will be the undoing of him as would someone who can take a good punch and fire back harder, once he smells blood he throws everything in but leaves himself wide open to a counter, but he is always going to be dangerous as he does carry the power to the last bell as he showed against fury

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    Just to add fuel to the fire APT have refused to show a children’s cartoon showing a gay wedding. Seems alabama aren’t afraid. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48350023?ocid=socialflow_twitter
  18. micky

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    There is an estate in Leicester called St Matthews once it was full of life ,Pubs and Shops ,people born there loved it and no one wanted to leave then the Council said it was a Slum and pulled it all down and built flats then put 16 thousand Somali people there , they do no work and the Men hang around all day in Kish Shops , no woman in Her right mind will walk through there or Men on there own , these people will kill you and everyone knows it . By the way ! 16 thousand was what the Council owned up to about ten years ago lots of people think that is now double that .
  19. Today
  20. my ferret gave birth yesterday to 10 I checked on them today theres was nothin I automatically thought she had eaten them I got the bed out she had buried them im new to this im just wondering if she has suffocated them cuz there was 2 jills i
  21. Getting close now pal lol.

  22. jok


    2 X Fox Inn pubs around Tamworth pal. One at Hopwas near the woods that back onto Whittington Barracks and the other in the village of Warton, which, sadly is now closed. I'm guessing the former. If you feel it might be worth a whirl, I can highly recommend Coton and Hopwas Club for a bit of good banter and damned good beer. Jok.
  23. timmytree

    Bsa open day

    Have a go on the Boxer if you can Lee, it's come in at the right price point and after my experience with a Phox I wouldn't mind one.
  24. zx12edge


    Been doing it for years fella believe what you want
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