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  2. fireman

    Another milk shake.

    Bless them,there so special they have their own mini bus windows to lick..
  3. big napper

    Out for a few hours

    Went to a garden permission for a few hours tonight and got 3 rabbits shot 2 straight away and waited an hour, another came out and i got it then left, missed 2 squirrels running across the garden and through a hedge but hopefully get them next time
  4. foxdropper

    Not coming out.

    Sorry Don ,won’t happen again mate .
  5. WILF

    The Specials

    Don’t feel bad mate, my dirty little secret is that I really like Billy Bragg and Paul Weller.......can’t stand the politics but like that distinctly London flavour to their voices and music. Anyway, I always have a wry smile about the fact that Billy the lefty lives in a million quid gaff in Devon ! Lol
  6. fred90

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    had it with chickens never heard of it in ferrets.
  7. Rusty_terrier

    Big Cat Sighting

  8. Furrosious ferreter

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    My mother in law had it with her chickens... i had to clean everything and she ended up getting a new run and coop in plastic. I mean i stripped every thing down and cleaned with bleech then treated with red mite powder but they still came back. With the ferrets id get a new hutch and move it away from infected spot... burn the old one get some red mite powder and put it down where ferrets can get to it... ie under doors. Or double sided tape around entances to the hutch. They are quite difficult to get rid of but keep cleaning. Move ferret before she drops or it might stress her. Hope this helps a little FF
  9. Here's one of the good ones, jevin
  10. WILF


    They can “Wild justice” my ball bag.....f**k em !
  11. lurcherman 887

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    There already here mate
  12. timmytree

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    For those who are determined to shoot, here's BASC response to DEFRA and what they make of the GLs so far. https://basc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2019/05/BASC-CFE-on-GL-130519-updated.pdf
  13. Baldcoot

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Dont forget you can shoot to scare so maybe you can scare 1 by shooting his mate
  14. delswal

    Another milk shake.

    Fair comment, I retract my previous statement lol
  15. fred90

    Mini Ferrets

    just a bog standard poley Jill. I have 2 here.
  16. Baldcoot

    For fox sake 🦊

    No room R/F Pecker Packham,s pockets are full of crows "donated" by the public and his mouth,s full of something else
  17. delswal

    Another milk shake.

    Guys got no dress sense at all, like who wears a Star Wars top to a Harry Potter photo shoot ffs, tramp
  18. WILF

    Another milk shake.

    I’m not really mate, I have met and know some cracking big girls.....many times more attractive when their personality shines through than some of these hatchet faced wanna be wags with bugles like builders elbows.! But I’m guessing that in this particular instance, any bird that finds this f***ing nerd a bit of alright is an annoying fat c**t. And I should know, I’m a bit of an annoying fat c**t myself !
  19. BenBhoy

    Wild chicks

    Aye, and I bloody married one! Growing up in north Wales, Notts women were a revelation!!
  20. Meece

    Another milk shake.

    What a clod ! Someone you'd really aspire to be impressed by. Still they should wheel the blighter in and check through his beard for insurgents hiding in there. I believe that they are looking at New charges for treason.
  21. liP

    Fox cubs

    Ran out of likes
  22. delswal

    Another milk shake.

    Never had you down for a sizeist Wilf............shameful
  23. WILF

    Another milk shake.

    I’d say he’s got problems, she would have to fart to give him a clue !
  24. maha87

    Hi guy's

    Hi everyone, First post here, so just a quick intro - I've been into shooting for a good few years now, but decided not to renew my shotgun licence at the beginning of the year. My shooting passion lies soley with air rifles nowadays, and am the proud owner of a lovely HW95K and a BSA Scorpion SE in its traditional beech stock (which I only just bought this afternoon!) both of which are in 177. Looking forward to joining in with the informative community on here - and receiving lots of tips, tricks and advice - and also sharing my own hunting pursuits with like minded people. Cheers, Mark.
  25. jiggy


    I was working in a rural area years ago and went to local hotel for dinner.Old guy 83 years old was drinking and told the barmaid he was taking viagra. She said to him what would an old Cnut like you be taking viagra for. He instantly replied it stops me rolling out of the bed. Quick wit and the old guy died 2 weeks later from old age. A good character .
  26. delswal

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Used to what? The asians of my generation are not a problem, but those of the age of 30,ish and younger are of a totally different attitudes, in certain areas tommy may be blowing it of proportion, but in other areas he's got it bang on, and the areas he's got bang will come to an area near you sooner or later. But for the people who's area does not have a problem don't see a problem.........................but they will in time
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