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Lurchers & Running Dogs

Discuss working lurchers, running dogs & hounds out in the field.

Important Info (UK)

Please note UK Members as of February 2005 hunting with dogs within (England, Scotland & Wales) is banned with the exception of RATS & RABBITS which are still legal quarry. Flushing to gun is still legal using dogs. Any future posts/topics containing images contravening these laws will be removed by the moderators, unless shown to be dispatched using the correct means..

The main exemptions under the act are ratting and rabbiting, stalking and flushing out with no more than two dogs, and the use of a dog below ground to protect birds kept for shooting. LINK.

  • Anyone adding images to the site, will carry the sole responsibility for them.
  • Images should only be shown if they are legal within your country of origin OR they were taken in conjunction with a legal humane method i.e shooting.
  • Anyone posting illegal coursing, hare, fox, deer or poaching topics/images that are post 2004 hunting act will be removed.