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  2. sandymere

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Lol know he to busy hiding. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/tommy-robinson-admits-he-shared-fake-news-about-muslims-attacking-boy-at-school-was-syrian-refugee-a4005301.html But funny none the less
  3. Dunno about cat decoys, but in my youth I was a pussy magnet...!!
  4. David.evans

    Fox culling

    some of them mate yove made a right mess what were you using a basooka . lol great shooting atb
  5. joe ox

    collie stud

    Is this the same bitch you have put the kelpie over? what changed your mind about using the collie?
  6. Fake news sandy, yet again... Sandy reads The Star
  7. Try having a look at this thread and see if it helps solve your problem
  8. Today
  9. lanesra

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    He's in solitary confinement , more fake news from gutter journalists , we should hang our heads in shame he's in jail for reporting on Mass Child Rape . . Something the establishment has admitted to covering up , until the likes of TR exposed them to the general public .
  10. gaz

    Scotland camping

    I think the fella above means The Caledonian Canal? Anyway back to a bit of camping in Gods Country,you can head just about anywhere here whether it be south,north,east or west you will find what you are after,sure the highlands get a lot of the publicity for obvious reasons but I wouldn't overlook the Borders or Dumfries and Galloway if you don't want the the long drive...plus it wont be as busy with the tourists at this time of the year. The famous midge can be a bit of the pain in the arse but a mossie face net if their bad combined with one of the products over the counter like Smidge or the like will keep them at bay and shouldn't put that much of a dampener on your time up here,anyway its a small price to pay as you will prob agree when you get home,another thing to keep in mind depending where you end up the weather can turn in a blink of a eye pissing one minute and the sun beating down the next..,.infact theres a auld saying up here "if you don't like the weather in Scotland just hang around for half n hour" lol
  11. nothernlite

    Scotland camping

    Glencoe fish loch ba plenty hill lochs about if you want to walk and camp where you want
  12. Sausagedog

    Fox culling

    Chuffin spiders! Keep calm and crack on.....
  13. So where can I get some cat decoys for when the barley comes off?
  14. Sausagedog

    Help! Crows, CO2 emissions?

    Is that near the Baltic's?
  15. David.evans

    which one

    N870lrf pard 007 pard 008 n870 lrf on the 17hmr 007 on the 223 great for the quick change to nite vision on the back of a winder or pard 008 as a dedicated NV and loose the 870 lrf ? and the big question is the 008 better than the 870 , lighter , defo. distance ? not sure ! accurace ? atb
  16. bobza

    Fur and feather

    Whippets don't do to bad,
  17. David.evans

    New Scope Suggestions

    And in reply Deker isnt that the name of the game after all atb
  18. walshie

    Fox culling

    Good going FD. I thought a place I go to had fox problems when I got 8 on 200 acres.
  19. Greyman

    Scotland camping

    My daughter just returned a week or so ago from a trip on a sailing ship down the Californian canal, scenery was pretty impressive but she was constantly spitting out midges while we had our evening FaceTime, would not let it put you off though plenty of deet or skin so soft, and some damp leaves on your fire at bedtime, reward is worth the payment
  20. David.evans

    A few woodies on flattened wheat

    great shooting lez and great numbers ive got the new ff6 but to be truthfull i like the old ff6 better , simpley because i think the flap time is to short IE 3 seconds in not long enough , but hey it worked for you no doubt about that atb
  21. Daniel cain

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    had a few up to 22 lb ,on another beat
  22. Shortstraw

    Fur and feather

    Try a gundog lurcher.....mine loves feather.....although she’s only done day.
  23. Rimfireboy!

    New uk slugs

    Do they have any advantage over .22 rimfire for example? If not, I can’t see the point in them for anyone who has a rimfire.
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