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  2. Black neck

    Greyhound mag box

  3. Black neck

    My old dog and pup

    Nice brush Nice dogs 2 what x are they
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  5. liP

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Fair play to all that were involved. Kev, for lending me the kit so I didn't get the wooden spoon, Bob for giving me a lesson on fishing the day before, definitely worked, Staffs and Bob for putting me up in Staffs tent after the Mrs forgot to give me the tent poles ,cheers staffs Ken and Dan for the delicious grub Sat and Sunday night Kev again for feeding us Friday night and Dy for bringing the Burger's Johnny for doing the auction, top job getting the best prices for all the gear sold for the charity Great to meet the "newbies " Greyman, Waltjnr ,sorry for not having a proper natter to another fellow airgunner Walt. Well done to Daniel Cane on his win ,unlucky Waltjnr on a very close second. Well done on arry for popping in and dropping off a few beers, nice one All in all another great weekend and a good sum raised at a great venue, roll on next year

    Old dogs past or retired

    If I could build an ideally built lurcher for myself, that be about the stamp I’d make .
  7. hoosier

    Working Glens

    Thanks for the pic. Good looking glen. Is it safe to say that there’s not actually a working line of glen but instead people trying out glens here and there and they end up working?
  8. Meece

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    Hallelujah, , come on down there brother. Spread the word. Fixed power. I've got a reasonable zoom scope in the cupboard but it don't hold zero point of aim when the mag is changed. I also have one that does hold zero but it is a Zeiss which cost betwen, 7 to 800. The mag is always set on 6 or 8 Fixed power are better because of the simpler construction and fewer lenses.
  9. Floyd17586

    My old dog and pup

    my 5year old dog getting ready for season ahead and 6month old pup for to bring on next season
  10. Rez

    Game prep process...

    Your comments makes sense Marko. I get what your saying. In fact it makes perfect sense. A Fox is a creature of habit, and a superb predator... so why give it the tools to become the apex on the permission. However, do you think it effects the rabbits throughout the day? For example, and as my own example, i only shoot rabbits between 6 and 9.30, surely there more receptive to dogs throughout the night than worry about such predators through the day light... I get what your saying, no doubt. I suppose I’m on the line of thinking that the rabbits have to go above ground, with predator around or not. Be it fox, or pellet... If I was a rabbit, I’d prefer to risk it and no one be there with a clinical pcp, than I would at night with a fox. I can out run a fox, but there might not be no one around with a rifle.
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  12. Alsone

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    That's why it pays to buy a 1st focal plane scope. No shifting point of aim.
  13. mackay

    Shooting tonight

    It's got f**k all to do with austerity.
  14. peterhunter86

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Is it just resting in your account
  15. Scentfarrell

    I’ve seen it all now

    Obviously not if I asked the question
  16. low plains drifter


    Thought dogfox had gone quiet
  17. maxhardcore

    Shooting tonight

    It's happening all over. Just this last week within 5 miles of here by all accounts a lass had Acid threw at her and a bloke was shot with a shotgun. It ain't just happening in the inner city's. Our Government thru austerity is loosing control .
  18. maxhardcore

    Sunderland Has Got Its Soul Back

    Safc not Smack Lol
  19. bird

    Puppy wanted

    yeh very true , if small type fields then the x i said above , that type would be up at 'um quick whippet x grey x coursing dog fit the bill, that what i look for, and it make good lamping dog as well fast/ agile t with good wind soon fill the bag deff .
  20. Lurcherdog96

    Puppy wanted

    Think it all depends on what land the dogs are running mate
  21. bird

    Puppy wanted

    not sure if you get that type of dog with coursing type dogs, i always get the feeling when you hear or watch most vids of these type dogs, they course 3 or more mins on the quarry , where stamina seems bit more important than speed in these type dogs,thats what there renown for . not saying you dont get quick striking dogs, as you prob do, but on average wouldn't think you do . maybe get coursing dog x back to whippet x grey type dog, this be more quick killing type dog you be after. prob coursing lads know alot more than me lol, just a thought .!
  22. scothunter

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    Contribute f**k all world wouldn't miss Black's if they disappeared the morra
  23. NEWKID

    A big thank you

    Here's a link to the just giving page, all money from the comp will be paid in tomorrow...any other donations are appreciated https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kevin-mcguinness3 Cheers
  24. johnbaz

    original 45 .177

    Hi I've two and a half Original 45's (Two full guns and a stockless action!), Have to say I think they're fabulous rifles!, One is .177, t'uthers are .22.. This one is .177cal and was a Jubilee model but a former owner removed the forestock panels that depicted the factory at Rastatt in Germany along with the badge that was let in to the rear of the stock too I also like the underlever version, The model 50, I have these three and another in bits, Must get round to rebuilding it one day!! Cheers, John
  25. NEWKID

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Here's the link lads, the money will go in tomorrow https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kevin-mcguinness3
  26. ChrisJones

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    I don't think there is a great difference. I believe the majority get into it for the right reasons but the assumption that government is working for the good of anyone is a stretch. The less of it the better. The smaller the government is the less it can f*ck anyone over. The state seizing land and redistributing it is nothing new. The Land Act in South Africa started this trend back post WW1. The ANC are doing what they see as righting old wrongs. This is a compulsory purchase order on steroids. It'll become outright theft when they amend the constitution to make it legal and generally what happens when you let socialists run the place unchecked.
  27. fred90

    knockerbox collars

    do you always have to bid for them? last one made £57
  28. darbo

    knockerbox collars

    He does make them i had one off him about 2 years ago.
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