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  2. 3175darren

    Game prep process...

    I gut all mine in the field, only takes a few seconds, go back next night or so, and wait for the fox,
  3. 3175darren

    BSA lightning barrel issue

    Cheers that’s the same model as well, just need to get some resin glue tomorrow, and I can sort it thanks,
  4. billhardy


    There yas go eBay
  5. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    It's an interesting swerve as we head into November's mid-term elections.
  6. ChrisJones


    More than 41000 cases of measles have been reported in Europe during the first six months of this year, according to the WHO via an article from Global News. That's up from 23,927 in 2017 which was a whopping increase from the 5273 cases reported in 2016. 23,000 of these cases are said to come from the Ukraine while France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Russia and Serbia have all reported more than a thousand cases each so far this year. Removing war-torn Ukraine from the statistics specialists are blaming the increase partly on vaccine scepticism in Europe. Several countries are against vaccination based on some shady figures on autism that internet crackpots have run with over the last few years. It probably won't help that Indonesia's top islamic body have issued a 'fatwa' on the measles vaccine declaring it 'haram' as it contains pork and human cells. Which will probably go global once the warring factions find that it's a common enemy. Ironically Europe could have a growing problem as measles enjoys a resurgence. Religious fundamentalists not allowing the vaccination meeting European conspiracy advocates not allowing the vaccination as migration moves from the Middle East into Eastern Europe... Sounds like the plot for a Hollywood thriller.
  7. maxhardcore


    Maybe McLaren ?
  8. maxhardcore


  9. ianm

    Happy chap. 204 Ruger

    I only shoot homeloaded 32grn bullets out of both my 204s. I have managed to shoot many, many hundreds of foxes and haven't seen or had any of these so called splash incidents . I sometimes have to kill foxes at 300+ yds and do so without any drama or problems, but what do i know.
  10. Kimbo

    Quads for sale

    Any quads for sale 500cc up must be Honda Kawasaki etc no Chinese rubbish.
  11. Daniel cain

    View From Your Swim

    Yes mate,thinking about having it at the same place. We had everything we needed on site, beats a shitty feild on the side of the wyetheres caravans to rent on site, electric hook ups on every tent pitch. Well stocked shop, cafe(hot food delivery to your peg) the owners were brilliant in fairness 5 wellstocked lakes, pristine carp to 27 lb, real good runs wateryou coming down to the next one? Plenty to do offsite down there, beach, rivers some lovely ground to have a wander
  12. VOON

    Trump Under Fire

    Entrepreneurs: Set the example and you'll be a magnet for the right people. Great leaders determine the teams they assemble. 9:12 PM - Jan 6, 2014 477 629 people are talking about this
  13. Shapiro's Abuse Hotline has seen 300 calls since the release of the report into Catholic grooming gangs. "We're answering every call and following up every lead," Joe Grace, spokesman for state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, told USA TODAY on Sunday.
  14. VOON

    Trump Under Fire

    Some set-up, lad......
  15. Today
  16. Stavross

    Bunny city

    Got asked to go up to my mates sheep farm to thin the rabbits out, managed 27 for 31 shots and I would of thought if I walked it again I could of shot the same again, no pics this time as I’ve been told to leave them for the foxes as this is just a pest control exercise and to get up and sort the foxes out before lambing
  17. All-terrain

    View From Your Swim

    Do you get to host next year's DC? Atb At
  18. shropshire dan

    New photon xt 6.5x50s

    Or part ex for a decent electronic fox called
  19. ChrisJones

    Total whitewash

    What we need is a radical outspoken journalist to highlight this and draw attention to the scandal via alternative media platforms...
  20. shropshire dan

    New photon xt 6.5x50s

    View Advert New photon xt 6.5x50s Hi all selling a new photon xt 6.5x50s. Collected Saturday and mounted to a air rifle and just don't like it. Brand new (other than being mounted) paperwork and box with it. £320 posted recorded delivery Advertiser shropshire dan Date 21/08/18 Price £320.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  21. shropshire dan

    New photon xt 6.5x50s

    Time Left: 27 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Hi all selling a new photon xt 6.5x50s. Collected Saturday and mounted to a air rifle and just don't like it. Brand new (other than being mounted) paperwork and box with it. £320 posted recorded delivery


  22. Mixedgrill

    I’ve seen it all now

    You'd think he wouldn't be worried lol..... all your at here is waiting for the bite toasty to see who's who.... Ali wasn't a good dog we both know that.all the lad was worried about was his two bitches in the yard at the time
  23. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Don's former campaign manager Paul Manafort has been found guilty of eight charges relating to bank and tax fraud. The question now is will he sing like a canary in exchange for favourable sentencing? Don's former attorney and personal fixer, Michael Cohen, has pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion, one count of falsifying submissions to a bank and two counts involving unlawful campaign contributions. He stated that "the candidate" directed him to pay hush money to two women to avoid stories which would have negative publicity on the election campaign. Cohen claimed, "I participated in the conduct for the purposes of influencing the election" as part of his plea deal with the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. He's already hinted that he will co-operate with federal prosecutors.
  24. Daniel cain

    Let’s see your Pups

    Hows yours doing mud?
  25. mud

    Let’s see your Pups

    Big strong bitch d/c looking well mate
  26. DIDO.1

    Question ?

    The Mrs keeps trying to book me a massage to 'de stress' me after work.....i keep saying no..... as soon as the young piece in the local salon place touches me it will be more than a lazy lob.....then I'll have a whole lot more stress
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