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  2. two crows

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    flashes father springbarn sandpiper, went to 10 known bitches and sired 70 offspring, so something's going to fit somwhare, he was born in 1957.
  3. shovel leaner

    Vihtavuori N140

    Cheers Gav This was just what I was after .
  4. Jobi

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    I strongly disagree, nobody in the division has a resume so deep. Liston, Frazier, Foreman, Norton, Holmes, Shavers, Patterson, Moore, etc..... That certainly trumps Louis who had Carnera, Schmeling, Baer, Braddock, Charles, Walcott, Marciano, etc.... And also tops Johnson who had Jeffries, Willard, Ketchel, Fitzsimmons, Langford, McVey, etc.... The fighters that run Ali the closest resume wise are probably Lewis and Holyfield IMO.
  5. Bearfoot

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Just google it u can buy most things online or good greyhound supplier next day delivery cleanest product on the market great fr pups no dust clean wee lungs
  6. jigsaw

    Kelpies as a stud,

    im on the case allready ,found a supplier of shavings not too far away...dont know if that can be got over here BF,,
  7. Jobi

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    I don't care what BoxRec says I've got every fight of his on film and I'm just about certain he's listed as 5'11 in every bout plus in every pic of them together Tyson is as tall if not taller. Tyson was the bigger fighter, to try and argue otherwise is plain silly.
  8. Bearfoot

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Cleaner than shavings good fr bigger pups jig
  9. Today
  10. ZacB

    3 maggies with decoy owl

    Have never decoyed like that before, quick question - artificial magpie decoy or dead’n that you had? Good result anyhow, far too many of the buggers about
  11. Good stuff. I saw my ghost fox on some cut grass I visited on the way home from a squirrel session. " I'll be back" before dusk!.
  12. shovel leaner

    Just the one tonight

    Have a good holiday ,
  13. Sausagedog

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    My probation was three years. I just asked the landowner at other locations if a rifle had been used there before. Pretty much all said yes so that was good to go how I understood the conditions.
  14. gazjon5

    UK first!!!

    Awesome achievement pal
  15. W. Katchum

    Interesting wolf tale from John Dudley

    Cowardly cnut
  16. MickC

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    5 Shortest Heavyweight Champions 1 Burns 1.7m 2 Tyson 1.78m 3 Sullivan 1.79 4 Marciano/Jones 1.8 5 Hart/Fitzsimmons/Frazier 1.82
  17. Stoney100

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Boxrec must have it wrong then
  18. Yesterday
  19. MickC

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Got to disagree there Ali was top drawer and arguably fought in the best era but Johnson and Louis had better resumes and then you have to take into account the times when they fought. Ffs when Johnson beat Jeffries blacks where killed all across America in rioting because of his win and then Congress passed the Sims act which banned the showing of the fight. Johnson came to the fore fighting in "dirty dozen" contests which was putting 12 black men into the ring and the last man standing got the purse. Johnson was champ for 7 years with 9 defences and World "coloured" Champion before that.Then you have Louis who was champ for nearly 12 years and 25 defences as well as also being recognised as the best combination puncher in Heavyweight History.
  20. Gilbey

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Most would be related one way or another, with numbers and going back to the same imports
  21. Gilbey


  22. How can they justify 5 years for an open certificate ? I would find loads of ground and get them to come and inspect every bit for clearance. Just to be a bloody pain to them. I'm just like that to them. You use their own system to harass them. You'd have it open quick. One time I sent the cert back three times for them to correct errors of their making. Take no prisioners and shoot to kill. Good hunting.
  23. Jobi

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Tyson was listed as 5'11 and as always looked taller than Frazier on every pic they have together.
  24. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Jigsaw, the best shavings I’ve found for pups are called bedmax, they come in a big yellow bale and are big flakes of shavings, you don’t want the small dusty ones, you can get them from the agriculture store chain called wynnstay stores, not sure if you get them in Ireland thow
  25. pav

    Whistling noise FX Royale 500

    Yep it's the reg
  26. Stoney100

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Instead of correcting me use the correct terminology lol by bigger I thought you meant height.......tyson 5,10......Frazier 5,11
  27. Jobi

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    Like to correct you he was not, Tyson was around 220lb and Frazier was around 205lb.
  28. Ted Newgent

    Facial recognition cameras.

    they had them at passport control when i came back in august,i was going to ask to be manually let back in lay down your passport photo and stare at the camera then if its good your in. what did they do with my pic????
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