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Had an early start this morning... up at first light to walk the dog and check up on the local wildlife.


The last few months we've had a pair of Ospreys nesting on top of the pylon, at the local sub-station. They don't like people too close so we've always kept a respectful distance. Generally once you hear them call you're too close, and the female has a tendency to distract you away from the nest by circling.


The great news, this morning, is that the chicks seem to have fledged! We counted 3 in total. All perched on top of the pylons, with the parent birds there also. 5 ospreys in one location is a first for me. So has being able to watch them over the last few months as they've gone from nest to the new generation.


Here's some shitty pictures for you...




The above pic is one of the youngsters perched next to the nest.




The pic above left to right are the two parent birds. Far right is the second youngster.




The tiny outline above is the third youngster.


I'm going to head out again, tomorrow morning, while I'm still off work. Seeing if they're hanging around but that might be it for this year, before they migrate to avoid the cold. The good news is that they're highly likely to reuse the same nesting site so I'm hoping next year I'll be able to document them a little more closely.


YIS... Chris


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