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Local Wildlife

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Living in the mountains is very enjoyable. It's extremely peaceful but not exactly quiet. There's more deer than people in this part of the world and the road leading into the city is known as 'Venison Alley.'


Earlier this year I installed a trail cam, on my property. On my way out to work, one weekend, I saw a bobcat among the trees. I decided that I had to document what wanders through so I bought and installed one the same weekend. Now I haven't been able to document the bobcat since, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened. A lot of the birds fly through and trip the motion sensor and I'm greeted with pictures like this when I download the onboard SD card...




The unit also has an IR camera with it. After being lulled to sleep by the coyotes, one night, I was pleased to find this on next download...




That coyote was about 20ft from my bedroom when that pic was taken. IMHO that camera paid for itself with that picture!


I'll add trail cam pics, to this blog, as and when I get something of note. Checking the LCD display to see 30 pictures on it, is like Christmas! Even if most of the pictures are blurred collared doves! :laugh:





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