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Gas, Gas, Gas.....



Here we go then......


The blog of a slightly eccentric molecatcher who enjoys making his own grog......


Now, I've thought long and hard about where to start off, and at the request of Hampshire Wasp, I was going to post a whole heap of information about barrels, but fate stepped forward this evening, and I thought we'd just mention gas for a minute.....


Now gas, the production and retention of, has caused me some trouble of late.


Just take a look at this:




What should be a perfectly good, clear pint of best bitter is utterly knackered because it's just too lively.


What's the cause?


Well, it could be any number of things.


Did I add too much sugar at the bottling stage (more of that another time)?


Is it the weather?


Or is it just a peculiarity of this brew?


Truth be told (I'm sounding like Mal now, lol), I can't remember what brew it is, which is something of a problem.....


If I knew, I could adjust things accordingly when I next do this brew, but sadly, old age, a fractured skull and other things mean I have the memory of a goldfish.


I know it's not a Hambledon Bard brew, but that's about as far as it goes!!!


Anyway, what to do if you find yourself in this situation:


The obvious, and sensible course of action is to carefully loosen the crown cap of each bottle to release the pressure, and then re-cap it.


Will I do that? I'm not sure at this stage. I'll try a few more and then decide.


I'll keep you updated on that brew, and my next post will be all about pressure barrels.


Thanks for reading!


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