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Sg Police Interview, Well Timmed!



This is a first for myself joining a BLOG! Just created a profile yesterday. Not that tecno minded so I thought I'd give it a try.


I submitted my SG application to our Licencing Dept at Northern Constabulary, and was delighted at the speed of the response!

Two days after submitting the application my referee was on the phone to say that he'd been contacted and he'd done the nesscary. Working offshore i was shocked when the wife told me that later that week they had being on the phone to arrange an interview and inspect me storeage facilities. With the cabnet still in the garage, it was strait home to get it fitted in position the week before christmas. Quite chuffed with my efforts, I settled into what I thought would be a relaxing family christmas when to my suprise on boxing day night, there was a knock at the door. Anwsering it with a housefull of guests and a large dram in hand there stood to of the constabularys finest. Inviting them in, the interview was progressing nicely through the officers check list until the question arose, "So Mr Bisset, do you drink?" with a bottle on the table and a glass in hand, "Sociably" was the anwser, all the time thinking - "dont pop your head into the kitchen." Well within a week, and two days after i arrived back at work the cretificate arrived. I've now got days to go before i can get along to our local shop in Inverness to pick up the Bettinsoli i left a deposit on.

More about that one soon.


I am a very impatiant person....... Think a compasionate leave might be in order???

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