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Just been looking at a few new lamps that have been made recently..


Theres a few using PAR56 reflectors and bulbs modfied to fit custom mags etc etc


Then theres few new aspheric lenses even bigger than the Tiablo and the mag 52" aspherical lens kit that i have now.


so don't think its over yet chaps.


here's some pics i found of a few new designs.


all the best





post-11815-029062100 1283969619_thumb.jpg


post-11815-067744400 1283969641_thumb.jpg


post-11815-046764700 1283969752_thumb.jpg

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the lightforse striker 170 has an excelent beam , this is what you should be aiming for.


but this lamp could be vastly improved on , if the wireing/workmanship inside was better.


and if it had an extra small bulb like the lazer lite, for opening gates ect. that would be very handy.


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anybody used the lifesystems mountain leader?



how good is 210 lumens?





not as good as the tiablo or old mag with cree drop in and aspherical lens.no where near.its not just lumens its beam and spread etc etc.ive heard quotes of 1200 lumens in the past.

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the first 2 questions what makes your perfect lamp ant then how would you improove it well i wouldnt if it was perfect lol oj mate good luck wif ya endevour atb stew

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Just read the whole topic, great work youve done vin, ive got a maglite and want the upgrade kit anyone know weres selling them, ta.

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