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Davy T


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Well whatever the amount it is dealt with now.


That large and perhaps "excessive" bags are taken all over orkney just now due to the shortstopping behaviour is one thing, the overall kill of the geese in the UK may be falling as the greys are not moving on from Orkney to the mainland.


Not sure I have heard of Canada's being on Orkney in any great numbers at all?


Anyway. Thankyou warmbarrells for for correcting that error


Bets wishes



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Warmbarrells has PM'd me to say that was a typo and he meant to say 400, still 0.5% of the entire icelandic greylags, assuming that is what they were.


Nott nearly as grotesque though.


Still I wonder what one party does with 400 geese?



The total was 400 geese mixed graylag, canada, and some pinkfoot. The Duck quoted is correct according to the book

SORRY for the typing error and to clarify the geese were all used by the shots/relatives/locals etc. As they were shot due to dammaged caused to crops. I am no expert on the fact that 400 is 0.5% of the total Icelandic greylag population but some of those shot are local resident population.And they are seen in their hundreds in (skiens) up there.Anyway sorry for the mistake. Incidentally an Italian Organisation came with the authority of the Island Council and the Scottish Executive to make a cull and they seemed to not make any impact on the numbers by all accounts.


Take everything warm barrels says with a pinch of salt. He's a proven bullshitter on another forum. Tell them about your 347 Zuikis and secondly the baffling Remmington .247. He also go's by the name 'orkney gun' :clapper:

And he spends a lot of time correcting typo,s when he is found out.


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