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your kills

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These were shot with a rapid7 on a new bit of ground a couple of months back...........in all there were 82 killed....... post-28130-1240515989_thumb.jpg

nice pic



what kind of range can you get with a theoben rapid 7? and what ft/lbs does it produce? and what calibre?


i know its a supposed to be a very good airgun :)




ATB :thumbs:

it is on about 16 ft/lb and the rabbitts were all between 20 to 60 yards......cheers......

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Latest at the top.


I bought an AA S410 in .177 a few weeks back and gave up my webley exocet in .22, I haven't looked back since.












First things first a new paint job.





All the best



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Nice shooting holdaway. All seem to be pretty much spot on headshots aswell so nicely done. Glad you are enjoying the new gun. It certainly looks like a nice piece of kit.





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tested my sights on this last night


that rabbit looks all of 6 weeks old did you shot it or hit it with your gun but

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Guest Scuba1

Just clearing up my laptop and found these two old ones from Spain.






Happy hunting



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Good shooting michael. Looking forward to the day when I can contribute some new pics to the thread. I will do as soon as I get back home and find somewhere to shoot.





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Yes i see your point, i think it is ok for that type of controll.


Although i hate to see people lamping phessies up trees shooting them off trees.

when there is no skill or no chance of the phesant moving because it is roosting.


rant over :)

got to dissagree about no skill involved in shooting roosting pheasants and not with a lamp shineing on them [can bring unwanted attention] . more feild craft needed than [bANNED TEXT] shooting from a 4x4imo

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