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Rabbiting season ?

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I hunt all year round, its all down to the individual what they choose to do...

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I once made a big mistake on a piece of land that no one had been allowed to shoot over for years. It was the best bit of rabbiting ground in the county. When the farm eventually changed hands and was split up I was at the auction and got the owners details and their permissions within a few days. I was the only person given permission

I shot probably 20 a day for the 1st few months, shooting on average 6 evenings a week. This was spring. The mistake I made was "saving a few" for later. They decimated all the crop fields of the farmer who bought the main farm and after defra, or whatever the relevant authority was, were called in he allowed all and sundry on.


Shoot as many as you can easily shoot, when it gets harder ease off :gunsmilie:

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