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Most Hated Bird

Most Hated Bird?  

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  1. 1. Birds

    • Magpie
    • Crow
    • Jackdaw
    • Pigeon
    • Rook
    • Other

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stupid starlings, why are they not legal...red status my arse.


You can shoot them over here in Wales!


(And Jackdaws ;))

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magpie's arn't to bad i had a pet one when i was a kid,pigeon's i hate the damn things smelly horrible poop all over every where you go from work to shopping kill all the pigeon's DIE DIE DIE

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Magpie for me, hate the evil barstewards, my blood boils at the sound they make when raiding a nest, even if it's a pidgeons nest, the evil sods just tear the fledglings apart, evil. I would gladly shoot the last magpie on the Earth.


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magpie i hate them coz they never stay still haha well they dont were i live anyway

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Any I miss when out shooting :whistling:



Did have both Jackdaw and Magpies as 'pets' when I was a kid.

Both were clever feckers!

You can get em to talk!

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