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Most Hated Bird

Most Hated Bird?  

159 members have voted

  1. 1. Birds

    • Magpie
    • Crow
    • Jackdaw
    • Pigeon
    • Rook
    • Other

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I voted other, as the two I hate the most are not on the list. Seagulls because they're noisy scavaging b :censored: s and Cormorants because of the number of small fish they take out of the rivers.

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Being a Sunderland supporter it's the Magpie for me :gunsmilie: On a serious note it's too cocky,noisy & they seem to be everywhere.Main reason for dislike tho...nest robbing b:censored:s.Second on my list the feral pigeon or skem as we call them up here.... :bad:

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poor jackdaw with 1 vote (luke)


magpies look like we need a national kill magpie day.


Noooooooooooooooo, If you lived round here youd know why they are my number-one target ;).



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