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Post Pics Of your Guns

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Heres my setup the AA S410 Carbine with 3-9x50 g/r mildot AGS scopes, im also currently waiting for a delivery for the BSA Ultra multishot

which for the price i payed for it i cant go wrong and if i dont get on with it i can sell it and make a little profit.


The BSA Lightning went to lad on here.


Ive also got 3-9x50 IR Hawke nite-eyes up for sale :thumbs:




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here you go lads. best rifle ive ever had shoots groups the size of a finger nail at 50 yards

running 28 to 30 ftlb :whistling::yes:



what rifle is it you got there mate ?


how much did it cost you?


im looking at getting a new air rifle and want one in you power range ;)


hi mate the rifle is was a bsa s10 but the stalker version.


the rifle was also tuned by john bokett who is the just that done the design for bsa.


for around £170 pound he blueprinted the action fitted his own alloy reg made the carbon over barrel mod for it

and set it up to around 28 to 30 ftlb it was super consistant and got around 45 fullpower shots with 200cc bottle.


and come with test group 10 shots at 50 yards in a hole the size of a 5 pence piece ! the rifle was super silent for a fac rifle and was as silent as my 12 ftlb air arms s410k !.


i have sold it now as i didnt use it as much as i would like. i allways reach for the hmr if anything but as air rifles go

i have had all the top makes apart from ripley and none was as accuracte as that stalker rifle.


more so if anything ever went wrong even 3 years down the line john would fix it free of charge ! the man is sound and no's his stuff trust me.


i have his number here if you want to speak to him. he even sells the odd rifle from time to time. i no he had one for sale just like that one of mine. i dont no if he has now. like i said pm me if you need anything else :thumbs:

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am i the only fool with an air arms tx200???? maybe you poofs arent built like me... a human power house :laugh:


feinwerbaue (spelling) model127... i got this as a xmas box, it my first gun when i was little and i used to sleep with the bloody thing... i remeber being able to knock the tops off bottles from 25 yards with open sights... shot alot of rabbits and starlings with it... i had to glue it back together again after my bro borrowed it and managed to leave it back in f*****g pieces but what can you do... just bought a cheap scope and mounts for it off ebay there now because i dont reckon i'll be able to shoot with it half as good as before...


here is the 2 of them






ive got one :) is me first gun!

would post a pic.

cant seem to get picture the right size tho :|?

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