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no such thing as best air rifle on the market. its the one that suites you best.


no point having the most dear rifle on the market if you dont like it when shooting it.


ive had a good amount of air rifles.


bsa lighting

air arms tx 200

webley eclipse

sharp invnova

3x air arms 410k

rapid mk 1

rapid mk 2 in 177 and 22


all where nice in there own right but my fav was a bas s10 stalker rifle.

tuned and fac by john bowkett. 28 ftlb screwcut with carbon over barrel mod.

pellet on pellet at 50 yards super consistant to.


lovely rifles

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mine would have to be tha bsa hornet slightly older gun have owned the single shot 22 and am now on the 22 10 shot cracking little gun deadly acurate imo but its more down to what suits your budget and how much fun you have while out with it. thats what makes the best gun on the market the 1 that is suited to you .

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My mates got a styer(spelling) but thats too much money for me i will stick to my trusty air arms

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I had an air arms S410 TDR which was very accurate and even better for covert ops, had some brilliant hunting trips with this, wish i had never sold it but boys will be boys.

i have a daystate now and that is a nice rifle.

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I have a Titan Manitou and an AA S410 both .22 i havent really used the titan much but the S410 is so accurate only problem iv foun with it was when i played with the 2 stages on the trigger :icon_redface: F****D it right up and took me about 2-3 hours to sort it out. Anyone else had the same problem? or was it just me lol.


Im thinking about getting a rapid 7 mk 1 beacuse il be getting it for a good price



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