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Words from Gale McMillan, the world famous barrel maker on breaking in barrels;


This is total hogwash! It all got started when a barrel maker that I

know started putting break in instructions in the box with each barrel

he shipped a few years ago. I asked him how he figured it would help

and his reply was If they shoot 100 rounds breaking in this barrel

that's total life is 3000 rounds and I make 1000 barrels a year just

figure how many more barrels I will get to make. He had a point it

defiantly will shorten the barrel life. I have been a barrel maker a

fair amount of time and my barrels have set and reset bench rest world

records so many times I quit keeping track (at one time they held 7 at

one time) along with HighPower,Silloett,smallbore national and world

records and my instructions were to clean as often as posable preferably

every 10 rounds. I inspect every barrel taken off and every new barrel

before it is shipped with a bore scope and I will tell you all that I

see far more barrels ruined by cleaning rods than I see worn out from

normal wear and tear.I am even reading about people recommending

breaking in pistols. As if it will help their shooting ability or the


Gale Mc.


If you are still not convinced, read the whole article here;


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